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I was watching a video called Incendiary Bombs . O.K. from a plane , they used incendiary bombs , by placing a flammable liquid in a tube , with a weighted detonator in the bottom so it would blow on impact. Would this work ? Put gas inside a P.V.C drain pipe, with Chlorine blocks inside a glass jar. as weight. when YOU see the Black lives matter people come by drop it on them from a 5 story building ? Would that work ?

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Hazel, Fashionista of the Wildlands,

First off that mixture won't work, and second how about you start trying to be apart of society. You people are so close minded that it makes us true Americans who want to make America great again sick with the idea that we have to include you in it.

Max, Samurai of Time,

Hmmm....Noone is "tired" of this post.

Rook, Apprentice of Musclebeasts,

No what we're tired of is , NIGGERISM. .Incendiary Bombs might work better , because a Noose can't kill you fast enough.

Max, Samurai of Time,

But nothing was wrong with the Fashionista's reply to you? Way to be consistent.