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On March 29, 2013, Reid Fliehr was found dead in bed at a Residence Inn in the South Park hotel room in Charlotte, North Carolina Fliehr's autopsy revealed it was an accidental overdose . Was it ? No he got a hot shot . a lethally large amount of heroin, usually given to troublemakers to make them appear to be a random overdose.I told him to keep his mouth shut about The Lightning Kid . Ashley you're next

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Frankie, Dark King of the Idealistic,

Since , certain people-- Friends of Rick Flehr think i threatened Ashley, I have to say this, Mike Von Erich died of drug Overdose, it is common among , fans that David Von Erich committed Suicide , Rick you know better . actual report says Unknown !! Chyna goes to Japan got her life together , she comes back working her 12 steps . She was in recovery .within months of her being back in the states, she dies of an overdose !! other names fans should know, and should investigate, Andrew “Test” Martin , Gino Hernandez , Buzz Sawyer, Axle Rotten , Anthony Durante , , Andre Baker , Jeremy Bradburn Sumpter ,Michal J. Lockwood , no I did not threaten Ashley , but I am glad that some one is wondering who wrote this. How about You sit down with Alex Jones , the Journalist and talk with him , about this. I love you Amigo and I saw your kids grow up. I'm trying to protect them.