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Do you feel like idiots yet? The dude is losing it. It's time for the guys with the white coats, the butterfly nets and straight jackets to take him for a little ride. You conservatives look ridiculous right now and I am enjoying every minute of it. He is proving my every suspicion about conservatives to be correct. You guys deserve to be deported. Fucking up my country. Back to your counties of origin, you lunatics!

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Max, Samurai of the Unimaginable Terror,

If this is not a troll post - seems you really don't get it. Some of those people will NEVER see him as crazy. The ones that do - say they picked him because he was a better choice than Hillary. NONE of them will ever feel they did the wrong thing.

Blaine, Clerk of the craft table,

Just wait until he gets impeached. If they don't get it then, they can be voluntarily sterilized to prevent from spreading the stupid.

Harper, Bard of the Wicked,

You want to see a Sasquatch up close and personal ? badin lake campground and he is aggressive . if you get to close to his home .

Colin, Priest of the Unimaginable Terror,

Wow, coming from a 40 yr Democrat, this is why so many are leaving our party, stupid people like you. Enjoying every minute of what, how the Democratic Party is showing how much lies & trouble they want to make for the new president? The Democratic Party is a disgrace & Do Not Stand for everyone, only if your Black or Muslim & you know it. Are you white, if you are, shame on you. Are you enjoying the fact that the citizens of the US are the ones that are suffering due to the fact that the Democratic Party wants to act like & look like infantile, immature brats at their ages. Look everyone needs to get a grip on reality, every 4 to 8 years we get a different president. Also, just about every president coming into office DOES get rid of the AG's from the previous president, just so you know. When I started voting in the 70"s, I was proud of my Democratic Party, but that all changed right around 2008. I have continued to vote for democratic members in other offices, but did not vote for our last president & will never vote for Hilary. I want you to do me a favor, actually I want all of you on here to do this. Go back & research the Democratic Party's history & you will finally see how they have gotten so lost they really can't call their selves the Democratic Party anymore. If people don't stand up to the Democratic Party & help them find their way back to what they were, well I hope you like being a Socialist because that is what the Democratic Party is & has changed to. Haven't you heard the recent interviews where a couple of the female democrats actually slipped & let it out that the party is a Socialist party. It's time for all of you whiners out there to realize, every 4 to 8 yrs one party or the other does not win. Believe me, all the people out here have hated the fact we got stuck w/our last president, but you didn't see any of the rioting, protesting, attacks or the other party going to the extreme like the Democrats are. You know why, because that is how adults do things. You have all turned into a bunch of whinny ass, democrat snowflakes, way to join the snowflake millennial's. Also, just so you realize, there are way more conservative democrats out here than you think. Blaine, what are you 12, the only people messing up your country is people with your attitude. If you hate the way things are done in an election, do me a favor & how about you deport yourself for 1 year to another country. I bet you won't last 60 days, infantile, immature brat. From a really disappointed 40+ yr democrat who blames people like you for the mess we are in. Your stupidity is greatly showing, you name title says it all. Come out from behind your games & learn the real world.

Blaine, Clerk of the craft table,

Hey when the US falls to Putin, I am holding you personally responsible.

Blaine, Clerk of the craft table,

How's it feel to have elected a traitor? If you like his policies, you will love Russia. Don't worry. They will grant you political asylum after we deport you for treason. I think all Republicans should be deported for treason. Get your Russian flags ready and hang your heads in shame.

Andy, Shepherd of Generosity,

Hmmm. this chap likes snowflakes. Methinks he lies. Methinks this sundering twat is in fact an impostor. With a snowflake fetish. And I thought I had seen everything.
Hey, sometimes madness can be fun though. Scary fun. hehehehehehe. Trump fun. hehehehehehe.

Blaine, Clerk of the craft table,

Sure, I'll go to Norway and enjoy every minute of it while Trump, Bannon and Sessions destroy this country. Enjoy.