By the people, for the people.

Both World War III and another civil war in the U.S. I voted for Trump to prevent such things, but it looks like the Deep State has done enough sabotaging already to let it happen regardless. We still have millions of idiots who keep blaming Russia and accusing Trump of working with them. Where's their fucking proof? There's so much leftist rot in the media, colleges, Hollywood, etc. and none of it is being rooted out. I predict an unprecedented amount of bloodshed by the end of the decade, nukes going off, civilizations being wiped out, terrorism everywhere... Trump's not going to be enough to stop it all. We've become to lazy and complacent to help turn back the leftist tide. The world is doomed, people. WE'RE FUCKING DOOMED.

posted to society by Ari, Student of the Wildlands (3 comments)

Frankie, Crusader of the Hungry,

You believe in this Deep State shit?!? Don't you know it is a ruse that the Russians are using to get you to look the other way while they take over.

Harper, Rockstar of Evil,

you voted for a reality TV star and now the country is acting like reality TV. What's your point?

Dakota, Alchemist of the Rich,

purge purge purge blood blood blood purge purge purge see you in Disney land .