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Australian aboriginals as such are heading for extinction. They are incapable of change after 50000 years without any major advances in technology or culture. They see no reason for change so they are refusing to change. The main driver of aboriginal activism at the moment is all of the main players are basically Europeans with an aboriginal background. The only reason they are interested at all in aboriginal activism is to get on the gravy train. There is untold millions millions of dollars in mining royalties, rent for various national parks and other crown land and eventually we will have to pay rent for Australia. Even the idiot judges that invented MABO realized that for the ongoing stability of Australia all freehold title has to be sacrosanct. I have retired in in South East Asia and every day I see people with nothing get up in the morning and attempt to improve their lot. Sweep their dirt floors, repair there houses they basically built with there own hands, tend there vegetable gardens send there clean children to school, the children do well at school because they realize that it is a way out. These people are polite, well spoken, and happy. Now after 40 years living in aboriginal community's all over Australia I have noticed It is the complete opposite in aboriginal community's. No one gets up in the morning and does anything, no cleaning, no repairing the houses that the government has given them, no tending the gardens to feed there children, the children don't go to school whats the point. They are only interested in sit down money from the Government that they can spend on grog, ganga and gambling. I met a drunken Australian archeologist in New Zealand who tried to tell me the Australian aboriginals were physic and had special abilities and then basically explained in a semi coherent drunken rant why the Australian aboriginal is superior to almost every other race on the planet. Why does this obviously well educated man subscribe to these crazy theory's, because he to is on the gravy train he has started believing his own waffle . And basically any respect I had for archeologists in particular and scientists in general has evaporated. So in The aboriginal people and there culture are rapidly disappearing because they aren't coping with the harsh realities of the 21st century they are being replaced by people aboriginal or islander backgrounds that have enough European heritage to take advantage of the current situation, this is Darwins " natural selection" in action it is basically there European heritage that is driving change in aboriginal Australia. 50000 years of internecine warfare in aboriginal Australia before the arrival of Europeans prevented any sort of change in aboriginal technology or culture

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