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Homosexuality is an abomination. It's beyond wicked and should have never been legalized all across America.

Quick side note: you're either straight or homosexual, there is no in between. The LBGT movement is ridiculous.

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Max, Ninja of the Poor,

Yah know being a Christian myself I'm going to have to disagree with you on this topic. If we were given free will and the power to love like christ then why is it wrong. It's love in the many possible forms it can take in terms of sexuality. Even if you want to boil down all sexuality to homo or hetero you can't make the statement your making without saying that some forms of it are wrong, which is said to be the most important feeling to us. Some of it is lust, I'm not going to lie to you and say it isn't. But then you need to also understand you put ever single person under one blanket completely taking away what they've been through. If you really want to get into it we know that sexuality isn't something that's taught, but rather it seems to be be linked to our biological development. Men can develop more feminine traits based on how invasive their mothers body is on theirs. There are also instants where people who are intersex, a genetic abnormalitie(s) that bridge the gap between male and female sex chromosomes. How do you explain them. Their parents are forced to make that call, but what if that's now what they develop into as an adult. There are so many ways that sexuality can be deferred from the norm. So I believe that God has given them the tools to stand up for themselves just like he always has. I'd do some research if I were you into how sexuality can be changed before making that kind of comment.

Addison, Janitor of Time,

Goofy Christian. You need everything to be in black and white terms. You can't deal with the messiness of life, so you run to your Bible to do your thinking for you.

Max, Ninja of the Poor,

Not all Christians are the same, so please don't lump us up and poke fun. It really hurts those of us who don't believe in what this person is saying.

Addison, Janitor of Time,

[deleted by user]

Charlie, Hunter of Imagination,

I understand that the bible says this I do. I'm straight and I love liking guys. I'm happy when I date them. A guy liking a guy is NO ONES business but their own. So what if you think they're going to hell? We don't even no if such place exists! Death is an unanswered question and you should enjoy your life while your still alive! If that means being gay, bi, lesbian, then be it and be happy! You trying to destroy someone else's happiness is also an abomination. I get what you're saying I really do. But times are different now. We have to adapt

Charlie, Sniper of Darkness,

Don't be fooled by terms like "heterosexual". That's just a 19th century term, invented to confuse the public, making them believe you're not a sodomite if you practrice sodomy with a woman. But we all know what the bible says. When you put your manhood into a Jezebels mouth, you make angels cry. Each time you masturbate, an angels loses his wings. You're going to burn in hell along with all those other a-b-c sexuals. You wicked, delusional boy. You think the almighty can be fooled by your disapproval of homosexuals? Think again. He knows what's on your mind. All you think about is lips, tits and butts, while you lie alone in your room, wanking away precious semen. Thousands of souls wiped away on a tissue, unbaptised. Haven't you read the tale of Onan? Sperm should only be used to create life. Babies. But you don't think about babies when you spill your seed, don't you, you abomination. You are just as bad as all the homos and impotens, and you shall burn with them in the same pit as it is said in the holy bible.

Addison, Janitor of Time,

"you make angels cry" LOL!!

Max, Chronographer of Good,

OH YES! Probably the best comment yet! Bullseye!

Frankie, Scout of the Rich,

So how cum almost every species practice same sex relationships?????????

Andy, Administrator of Imagination,

Umm, where'd you get that concept from?

Alice, Janitor of the Unimaginable Terror,

Have you ever seen a male German Shepherd mount and mate another male dog in the ass?

I haven't.....but I have seen some hot young girls bend over and let some German Shepherds mount them! That was HOT!!!!!

But, I digress.....

Dana, Embalmer of Space,

Right there is no in between, there are other choices. Asexuality is one set. No regular sexual attraction to either sex. Romantic asexuality - able to fall in love but will little interest in sexual intercourse.

Bisexuality is another - people who are regularly sexually attracted to both genders.

Andy, Administrator of Imagination,

Your point is duly noted, and I agree with the fact that such "forms" of sexuality have been established globally. However, terms such as "asexual" have been established well after the beginning of sodomy. In fact, like bisexual (as I informed the individual before you about), asexual wasn't a word until the 19th century (meaning the 1800s). Asexuality is merely another term used to trick the public into believing that there are other forms of sexual orientation outside of homosexuality. I acknowledge that the term "asexual" means "without sexual feelings or associations", but that is something I believe is a myth. Everyone has sexual attraction to someone, even if it is theirselves, which would then be considered a form of homosexuality.

Dana, Embalmer of Space,

I know what you mean - unless a word was in the bible the concept isn't real.

Here I sit typing on my imaginary computer - oh wait - does the King James bible mention those too? That must be where my thinking is wrong.

Andy, Administrator of Imagination,, that's not what I mean at all. Once again, you've missed the entire point. Am I dealing with a non-believer in the bible?

Dana, Embalmer of Space,

NO, EVERYONE does NOT have sexual feelings towards someone. You're just one of those people who has decided what is true. You have decided what Everyone else's story is. And if it does not fit your world view then you have decided that it does not happen and that those like me who report otherwise are LYING.

Andy, Administrator of Imagination,

Where is your proof that there's people who literally have love for absolutely no one or thing on a sexual level? No, I'm not one of those people who decide what everyone else's story is; I'm the guy that thinks sensibly and realistically. Youve missed the entire point of what I said. I'm not calling anyone a liar, I'm saying that the concept of the existence of different forms of sexuality outside of "the straight man" and "homosexuality" is in fact a lie established to fool people into believing that you can have sex with the same sex/have no interest in the sex opposite of you, and still not be a homosexual.

Alice, Janitor of the Unimaginable Terror,

So what would you say about a guy who enjoys sex with both genders? But is married to a woman still.

Andy, Administrator of Imagination,

That man is a sodomite. The minute a guy takes interest in another man on a more intimate level, he is a homosexual, regardless of whether or not hes married to a woman. The term "Bisexual" wasn't established until 1850, and it was established in order to confuse the public and make them believe that there is a way to be "straight and gay" at the same time. However, sodomy in itself, which according to the dictionary means "anal or oral copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex", was established during biblical times. (Now if you reject the king James holy bible, then youre most likely gonna ignore that comment), but nonetheless the word sodomy in itself was around before bisexual. In other words, there was no such thing as bisexuality until the 1850s, only sodomy.

Aubrey, Garçon of the Rich,

So let me get this straight (pun intended). You base your ethic and morals on texts from the bronze age? And you never had oral sex? :(

Reggie, Fashion Designer of the Hungry,

In a way, yes. Along with present day information, common sense, and the bible. And if you must now, Ive had oral sex, with a woman though. (I am a male)