By the people, for the people.

We live in uncertain times and those times could become even more uncertain yet if the Far Right gets into the White House in 2012.

I can almost hear some of them frothing at the mouth at the prospect of using the reins of power in Washington to raid the social safety net programs in order to grant their millionaire and billionaire buddies even more millions of dollars in tax breaks and incentives on top of the obscene wealth many of them have already accumulated at the expense of the Middle Class and everyone else who isn't filthy rich.

Can you imagine the horrors that could be unleashed on the American Consumer if Conservatism gets it's way and gets all government regulation out of the way of the Big Financial Centers and their operatives and allies again? How would it be if big banks, big lenders, mortgage brokers and stock brokers and their allies could write their own rules again and do whatever they want to do with their commodities and their customer base? Can you trust them to do the right thing by the consumer on their own, without any government oversight? I believe that is what we are looking at if The Far Right gets the White House and the Congress in 2012.

What if the "Hawks" of Conservatism are unleashed and given control of our Military? Is there any question as to whether or not our troops would be going back to Iraq or into other venues and foreign excursions at the behest of Conservatism's war mongers?

Now there is some good news in the prognostications that I am doing here. The recently completed Iowa Caucuses have shown the true face of contemporary Conservatism to the "Reasoning" Public and if these candidate performances are any indication of the level of responsible leadership Conservatism is posing, I can say one thing about all of it: "The Republicans, in my opinion, have done one heck of a good job of making sure that there is a sweeping Democrat victory in Washington in 2012!" I do believe the Conservative Clown Wagon has done more for the Democrat cause this time around than in all the times I can remember and, for that anyway, I guess I owe Conservatism at least one round of applause.

Now this brings me to the question about "Gawd" speaking to a handful of these pretenders to sanity in relation to their candidacy for the highest office in the land.

If I am reading God right, then either He was "Playing" with some Republican candidate's heads, or somehow they missed His Message.

I am of the opinion that if it were truly God telling candidates to throw their hats into the ring for the primaries, then there is no way that all the "Faithful" could have failed to succeed in their announced ambitions. God would be a formidable ally in a cause (As Scripture has often demonstrated). If God had indeed spoken to some of the candidates proposed by Conservatism, we would surely have had the first occasion in recorded History where there were a handful of assured finalists (Instead of one single winner) headed for New Hampshire.

So, something obviously went wrong for a majority of those candidates who played the "God" card in their bid for public approval. Either God wasn't listening when they spoke His tacit approval and intervention into their campaigns or He had nothing to do with their campaigns in the first place or somewhere along the line, someone lost communication with the Divine Being and either angered Him mightily or He is enjoying one of the best pranks He ever played on gullible Humanity.

Or then there is the other possibility-- the "John Liming" possibility: Just maybe The American People are so tired of hearing the Far Right Wing Radical Religious Bible Thumper Nut Cases please for "Family and Moral Values" in connection with political campaigns that they just turned off and closed their ears to the hypocritical nonsense.

I am more inclined to go with that explanation. I call it "Voter God Fatigue."

At any rate, I guess we now have a winner on the side of Conservatism-- a narrow winner to be sure (Eight votes if I recall correctly). I guess Conservatism has finally selected their choice for the "Chosen One" who will, somehow, meet and defeat Obama for the Presidency in 2012. (Or maybe things can still change as we go to New Hampshire and beyond to complete all the necessary prerequisites to the campaign). Heck! Who knows? Maybe Gawd will even change His mind and get back into the fray and crown a winner--- a sure thing... a true blue champion of the cause of destroying the social safety net and making the rich even richer than even they ever hoped to become!

Whatever the outcome, I am pretty sure of one thing: If Conservatism gets control of the White House and the majority of our government, those who are dependent on the Affordable Health Care Act can start making arrangements for willing friends, neighbors and relatives to provide their needed health care because, as I see it, that will be one of the first things the new Repuglican administration would attack.

I can even see a repeat of that scenario surrounding the raising of the national debt limit ceiling. I am sure my readers remember that nightmare where the Far Right Wing obstructionists were so willing to allow the American Economy to be flushed down the toilet for the sake of some vague principle of Conservatism. I can, in my own mind, see the same obstructionists and their cohorts trying the same thing all over again, but this time for the purpose of shutting down the health care legislation that our President got passed into Law a few months back.

When it comes to the political aims of Conservatism, I am convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that the poor and the needy and the Middle Class and the Elderly are the first targets for oppression.

There is a bright spot that I would like to mention in regards to all this political stuff! I thank God that the Occupy Wall Street People are still out there holding up the torch of Truth, Justice and The American Way to all who will listen and all who can still reason.

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Blaine, Sheriff of Arts and Crafts,

Conservative and progressive both are idiots. One seeks to turn America into a theocratic state, the other a socialist state. Paine and Jefferson would be ashamed though Hamilton would be proud.

Andy, Bright King of the Irredeemably Moist,

Why do you enjoy spending other people's money?