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Arrrr, i can't change can I??! Ra ra raaaa. So yesterday I read my little book that suggests ways that you can overcome shyness... Vowed that I would try. But its haaaaaard man (yes, I know, no one said its easy) ... But today agaiin I end up hating myslef for being such an idiot and making awkward mistakes. Its not nice everyone thinking you're a weirdo when inside you're screaming "I'm normal! I'm normal! I just get nervous around you" - the 'you' there is pretty much everybody, even my grandparents I am painfully shy around. So grr fucking grr (this rant will be meaningless one day but I need it for now). So cmon me, cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon, fucking do this. I can do this.

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Frankie, Crusader of the Wildlands,

Sounds like you know that it helps knowing am not the only one., so ty for your replies, means a lot x