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After posting The Scapegoat of America I realized that I did not even get close to talking about everything. So I feel that it needs a sequel. Let’s begin! George Zimmerman has been arrested for a second time and charged with 2nd degree murder. So his guilt or innocence will be decided in a court as it should be. With 45 days of racist back and forth bullshit how is a proper trial going to happen. The majority of the black community has already decided that George Zimmerman is guilty. How did they come to this decision? They were not present when the shooting happened. They have not seen the evidence that will be used in trial. What could possibly be their reasoning for already having a guilty verdict without a trial? They have no reasoning other than that George Zimmerman is not black. That's about the sum of it. And if they think this is wrong, change the way you are treating this case. If guilt and punishment can be decided without a trial by jury, then Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are guilty of inciting racism and hatred. I sentence them to 45 years in federal prison. They shouldn't worry though the prison they are going to will be populated with people just like them. The New Black Panther Party has been sentenced to 40 years for conspiracy to commit murder (Oh come on what else were they going to do if somebody took them up on their bounty). Spike Lee has been sentenced to life just for achieving a level of stupidity that was thought to have been impossible. The KKK has been sentenced to life for inciting racism and hatred while wearing bed sheets (at least Jesse and Al don't cover their faces and they wear expensive suits). And the rest of you Neo-Nazi skinheads you get life (one look at you and everybody will understand). What do we know so far? There were many witnesses who either heard or saw what was happening. Hopefully they testify to what they seen or heard as truthfully as they can and not be swayed by outside opinions, fear of retribution, or because of race. Same for the jurors if this goes to trial. The only thing that should sway your decision is the cold hard facts, nothing more, nothing less. And when you get to that point to make your decision remember it’s only about race if you let it be. The special prosecutor has said that George Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon Martin and that is what led to the shooting. When there are burglaries in that same neighborhood and the suspects are said to be black, how is it racial profiling. If there are reports of a white man raping women in a black neighborhood what do you think they are going to say about the first white they see walking. They are going to say he looks suspicious. If the police are looking for somebody who is black are they suppose to just let it go so they won't be called racist or say they are profiling. Quit acting like you were the only people that has ever suffered persecution. Every race, religion, and type of person known to man has been subject to racism. Over10 million Jews, Romani, Slavic, Mentally Ill, and many more were murdered and butchered during The Holocaust. That was racism in its most savage and brutal form. Native Americans experienced racism from European colonist. Jews have been persecuted for over 5000 years. People are capable of racism toward their own. And contrary to popular belief white people are not the only ones to have had slaves. Every type of race in the world has owned slaves at one point or another. So don't try to use that either. If white people are racist then why did Colonel Robert G Shaw die? For those of you who don't know who that is Colonel Shaw was the first commander of 54th Massachusetts Regiment. The 54th was the first all black regiment during the Civil War. They are most famous for the attack on Fort Wagner July 18, 1863. During the attack on Fort Wagner the 54th spearheaded the assault. During the battle the 54th sustained 272 casualties including Shaw himself. What was intended to be an insult the confederate troops buried Shaw with the rest of his men in a mass grave, when the other union officers were returned. He fought, died, and was buried with his men. How was that an insult? If all whites are racist then why did Sergeant William Harvey Carney grab the US flag and push on after the flag bearer went down. An action that earned him The Medal of Honor the nation’s highest military decoration. Even though it took 37 years for him to receive it after Robert Blake. He is still the first African American to receive it. On December 23, 1862 Jefferson Davis proclamated that any black soldiers and the white officers leading them would be given a death sentence if captured. So regardless of if they died in battle or were captured they were dead anyway. But they stayed, fought, served and died with honor, not a white man’s honor, or a black man’s honor but with the honor of an American Soldier. That is why the 54th will be remembered. So think about racism, nobody is immune to it, nobody is safe from it. It is how we confront it that gives us our humanity and our future. Don't believe that because there is one that all are like that. Don't try to lecture people about their prejudice if you have not cured your own. To everybody that reads this give me feedback, I want to hear it. If you agree post this everywhere or write your own. Make people hear you out. And if you get time read about the 54th.
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tl;dr... I"m sorry.... =___= I couldn't keep it up... I only barely went through the first sentence and scrolled down to see that it was scary... <3
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America is unique. Every race and nationality, tribe and culture resides there. Therefore racial friction will always be there!