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Native American Association of Germany eV (NAAoG eV Desperate housewife lets her dog lick her carme kwasny

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I worked in the corporate office and know for a fact- Trump was put in by walmart he's supposed to fake his death 9-11-18 and cause a civil war and Russia invades the US China brought the US and sold it to Russia but they need civil war first Russia comes in to save The Rebel Forces from Trump's Government fascist . it was planned two years ago . Solar Eclipse walmart itself will cause a false flag they plan on killing a few Black kids and blame it on Trump supporters

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Miriam Vashti8 Shut the FUCK UP. #RESIST<< NO NON - BLACK PERSON, SHOULD BE TRYING TO SPEAK ON BEHALF OF BLACK PEOPLE >>. THE FUCK OUT OF HERE..Anonymous reply Miriam Vashti Lulz, we never said unite with oppressors. We said unite, your enemy is not on those streets.In other words if your not black you are an oppressor lol. Nearly 50% of all black males will be arrested by the age of 23.why ? because black youths, make up 16% of the youth population, and account for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests but of course with an average 70 IQ you can't expect them to understand this .. Anonymous what a disservice you do when you lie to people they aren't oppressed they're just naturally gifted at being stupid and fuck everything up

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Ingeborg NAFPS Forum Member True Identity is Carme Kwasny Chairwoman of the Native American Association of German Carmen Kwasn

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Carme Kwasny has Been Arrested NAAoG e.V.

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Carme Kwasny Been Arrested

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Carme Kwasy Been Arrested

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Native American Association of Germany e.V. (NAAoG e.V.) home of a lakota medicine woman

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NAAoG / Anlaufstelle für Indianer in Europa tantra center

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KuuNa - Kultur und Natur is a place of tantra run by a Lakota medicine woman

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Matt Ayasse is a computer hacker and hard core Satanist. He is involved in intellectual theft, censorship, human sacrifice, blood drinking, cannibalism, gang stalking, and a multitude of other crimes. He has worked for the US government in their hacking programs and is currently being paid through paypal to cyber stalk, censor, and track people online for targeting. He is an extremely dangerous criminal.

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The police were ordered to stand down and let people be assaulted. They then pushed the unite the right people into the antifa crowd. The governor blames the militia groups and their intimidation tactics. The Right has been saying all along The last thing we need is and communists assaulting people on the streets. Unfortunately that's what is happening . Matthew Malpeli in his own words -- There's no such thing as the alt left. We are left and we kill Nazis. That's our job Define Nazi again Matthew Malpeli any one who voted for Trump . Are you going to do anything about it ? No you're too stupid to realize your in a war . Stay inside your Trailer while we fire bomb it

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just a rant and nobdy needs that/....lolo....sooo the worst of the worst took to the streets and beat and killed...the police are at fault??? f u and those who would never risk their lives for 25 bucks an hr...gezzz they got familys too....they did the best they could and probably more than they should have...:( why oh why does anyone care who is to blame???? except for that poor lady why does it is confusing and i am working some out...ahhhh the kkk had a permit arggggi believe in free speech and they are hate speech....idiots would give them a permit but like the wack jobs of westbro the powers that be allowed appearently well advertizedd and supported the the otherside of ugly openly calls for violence...some nutjob politian actually said that it is an outrage to condem them all....sereously??? ALL of the parties involved horible racist crazy persons....kkk is easy we all know and loath them....but the otherside want to start a war because we are white......that is some CRAZY shit there....pretty fed up with the sorry i am white bunch too but they aint violent just pussys...arg too all....what is wrong with people....some times it feels like we dont have a brain left amoung us.....even worse for me those that eat the same crap and that covers most of the free world , see the same thing.....sereously how does anybody look at our world and think...that's normal...up a few levels and rather understandable but even bottom feeding media makes reality of nutz pretty fen clear.....gezzzzzzzz

and the only place i feel lonely....ahhh often i think i am the only one that see what is obvious , tons of different options but obvious....ummmm sitting back watching the world and idk sometimes i feel like i have to point to crazy...almost a calling but idkcould be me....i do rationalize in ways..i KNOW that the vast majority think like me anddd that can be very misleading if u believe your own press ... lmao... i do not know where my path leads but as always i am sure it will be interest...i am thankful to God everyday...

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The actor Jesse Johnson is involved in human sacrifices and blood drinking. Him and his father Don Johnson are involved in money laundering and funding criminal secret societies in the United States. Don Johnson was caught with 8 billion in transactions while cross the Swiss German border. Banking in Switzerland is private and enables money laundering. They are working for the House of Savoy the former Italian royal family.

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If Maxine Waters farted out loud in public, it would be widely regarded as more intelligent than anything that has emanated from her stinking mouth.

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I often fantasize about killing people who have different beliefs than I do or who don't support the same things I do... I view them as dangerous and mentally inferior, and most likely addicted to drugs... They have no morals and want to turn the world into some leftist sideshow

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those who recognise racial differences are simply racial realists, recognising scientifically confirmed genetic facts; to call race realists "racist" is simply a tactic of "politically correct" ideological thuggery, used by Multiculturalists to intimidate and silence political opponents, often quite effectively, whilst those same Multiculturalists promote large-scale immigration and globalism to destroy unique cultures and nations across the world. Multiculturalists will often point to particular individuals as a rationale for the swamping of Western countries by Third World peoples; pointing out a hard-working Asian doctor, a cute African child, a nice Arab person, etc., etc., as propaganda for their position, but they miss the point, or at least they pretend to do so. They can see the individual trees, but not the entire forest. The existence of various nice Third World people is no reason for all ethnically European countries to cease their unique existence, to open their borders, and to be swamped into oblivion by a huge tidal wave of Third World immigration. The Multiculturalists would have us abolish all national borders, and they know that to do so would mean that the populations of the Third World nations would swarm into the nations of "the West", into the ethnically European countries, and overwhelm our populations by sheer weight of numbers. Yet, there is no good reason for the Western peoples to want to commit national suicide, to submit their peoples to cultural and racial genocide. Those who merely wish to defend the existence and survival of their people are not "racists", but are simply defending their people against Multiculturalist genocide. Those who believe in a Protectionist philosophy only want to protect their people, industries, culture, and way of life. To acknowledge differences between the human races is simply a matter of acknowledging reality, not a matter of creating "hate". Those who actually hate other people because of their skin colour or race are usually prejudiced or bigoted. The common definition of "racist" as someone who hates people because of their skin colour or race can be applied to such bigots, but not to those Protectionists who simply wish to preserve the uniqueness of their own people.

      Indeed, if the term "racist" is to be applied to anyone today, it should be used with regard to the Multiculturalists, the Globalists, who are the true racists. They advocate genocide, seeking the destruction of peoples via immigration and assimilation, and they carry out racial discrimination against people because of their race, but call it "affirmative action", "special opportunities", or "targeted funding". 
      Multiculturalists are eternal hypocrites. They fawn over Asian and African cultures, yet often vilify and deride White cultures. They promote groups dedicated to Asian and African interests within our societies, yet they denounce any groups dedicated to White interests as "racist"; it is considered alright to create an "Black Students Association", but the creation of a "White Students Association" will immediately call forth the bigotry, prejudice, and hate of Multiculturalists against such a group. Multiculturalists are filled with hate for the existence of White nations, yet celebrate the uniqueness of Asian and African nations. 
      Any organisation created to further the interests of a non-White racial group may prefix their organisation's name with a description of their race, such as "Black", "African", "Asian", "Aboriginal", etc. However, any organisation created to further the interests of White people will immediately be subjected to harassment, bullying, and attacks from the media, Multiculturalist lobbyists, and Multiculturalist thugs. If that is not racism, then what is? Exactly when is it permissible for White people to have their own race-specific organisations, just like non-Whites do? The truth is that such anti-White prejudice is indicative of the racist and genocidal nature of the Multiculturalist ideology. 
      And, to make it worse, Multiculturalists pass anti-democracy laws to make it illegal to criticise Multiculturalist Globalism and its constituent elements, such as Third World immigration and Asianisation, and make it illegal to tell the truth about Islam or racial differences and their impact upon society. 

      In a democracy, the general public should have access to the truth about racial differences so that they can make their own informed decisions regarding the formulation of public policies, with regard to immigration and population policies in particular. 
      For example, if there existed a race of people who - as a group - committed murder, rape, and assault at a rate many times more than the general population, then wouldn't the general public be entitled to receive that information, so that they could make their own decision on the subject? 
      If there are disagreements on any issue, it is always best to let all sides debate and lobby for their viewpoint, and to let all sides be heard, because freedom of speech is the essential cornerstone of democracy. Yet, under Multiculturalism, laws have been passed to enable the silencing of those who criticise immigration, Islam, and the various realities of Multiculturalism; and these laws have been compounded by the threatening of the livelihood of critics, and by their harassment and vilification by the mass media (dominated as it is by Multiculturalists). Such laws and practices are enabled by the Multiculturalist elite, of politicians, big businessmen, academics, and journalists. 
      For the Multiculturalist elite, safe in their ivory towers, to dictate to the general public what issues they can and cannot discuss, and therefore what knowledge they should and should not have, is not only the height of hypocrisy, but is also indicative of the authoritarian nature of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness. 

      In a democracy, both sides of an issue can have their say, without fear or favour, so that the public can make up their own mind. In a neo-fascist country, only one side of an issue will be allowed to be heard, whilst the government will "protect" the general public from having to make their own decisions, from having to form their own opinions. In a neo-fascist country, those who state an opinion different to that of the government and the country's "ruling elite" run the risk of being fined or jailed, just for speaking their mind on matters of concern to them. 
      Similarly, in countries that adhere to the ideology of Multiculturalism, critics can be silenced by the use of so-called racial vilification laws and other coercive methods. Under the rule of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, people can be threatened with fines, financial ruin, and even jail simply for stating their opinions, even if those opinions can be backed up with scientific evidence; because, under the rule of political Multiculturalism, telling the truth is no defence. 
      It is time to throw off the shackles of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, and to remove Thought Crimes from the law books. It is time to recognize and respect the freedom of speech of the Australian People, and to support the democratic traditions of Australian society.
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A Saudi Arabian newspaper ran an article claiming that Jews use the blood of Christians and Muslims in foods created to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. Fact SPECIAL INGREDIENT FOR JEWISH HOLIDAYS IS HUMAN BLOOD FROM NON-JEWISH YOUTH Now you see where Pizza Gate got started . and China is guilty of sending Swine and Dog meat to The Middle East because they knew it would cause ISIS to burn in eternal hell if they consumed such meats . Chinese Gangs are doing a great job on their part Now Kim Jung Yun has got to be dealt with with a fire like never seen before on earth . Putin is right-- Merkel needs to die next

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Hello my friends.Its me. Sinsinawa I have a very important message for some, you call them, "Anonymous Lets go. Dear Anonymous Do you really think, that you are important for us? I dont think so. Just because your wearing, a Guy Fawkes mask, you are not scary at all In my opinion, a member of any organization must be willing to make a difference hate people like you because you perpetrated a great fraud among the youth . , people who buy a Fawkes mask and pretending to be a part of your collective should never have been allowed and then you condemn them for so doing ., again interest for Anonymous, they are not important. In real life, you are too cowardly you pound a keyboard and condemn those ,who have taken an all out assault against The Elite They have even been infiltrated by The Clandestine Illuminati .In reality, you are not interested, about the big problems, of our world.

Its very easy to buy a mask, and than saying that you be a part some one and then report what they are doing to The CIA But you cannot accuse that of one of us. I think that anonymous has become a big family of vipers A family that, has no idea what a family is , or should represent .A family that, really cares about the improvement, of the world. must be willing to die for his brother are you willing ? No some of you betrayed your own .But all these things, you dont care., you care about publicity .So my question is:Why do you think, that you are, bigger than us? Can you answer this question? No, you can not. Because you dont know, about everything.Though you think you do .Do us a favor, and throw your masks away, and dont pretend, you are for any one For most of you are scared of a real fire fight Makes no more, embarrassing photos and videos of yourselves , where you talk, unimportant stuff When I saw, something like this, i am the one who drowns the irresponsible for it You are not Anonymous.if the CIA knows you .You are not Legion And I dont expect you. Please don't take this seriously some one needs a swimming lesson . .shall we gather at the river the beautiful river tonight

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Carey Cowles from Old Saybrook Connecticut is a top satanic cult leader in that region. He is involved in human sacrifice, terrorism, persecution, threats, cyber stalking, censorship and more. Carey Cowles is working for the royal and noble families of Europe. These satanic cults want to breakdown society for the purpose of human trafficking. Carey Cowles is proud about being evil. He thinks he is the return of Aleister Crowley.

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Me and You , Lets make it happen You want to beat and abuse old white men I got handcuffs and whips right here -- I like that I want to put whipped cream all over your tender young ass and lick you clean .

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Then get a few of those guillotines and Catapults that Obama purchased and when they sneak back over off their heads and shoot them over It worked in Babylonian times .

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Any form of collective ideology is dangerous to individual freedom and personal thinking. I'm thinking , You spanking me for bad thoughts would be fine-- as long as I get to toss your salad

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.Trump said he will defend our country, protect our communities and put the safety of the AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST! That made Louise Rosealma very angry . That's ok come sit on my face I mean lap and cry on my shoulder I'm here for you. As always please let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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All liberal meat puppet normies need to bleed out for being so fucking arrogant and stupid. They are too retarded to think for themselves and let the kike media tell them what to think and what to support. Kill them all and rape their fucking families.

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Every Jew on the face of the earth needs to be exterminated for being a left-wing parasite that corrupts civilized countries from the inside out.

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You fucking mainstream normie squares get on my fucking nerves. Nobody thinks you're cool or trendy or intelligent other than yourselves. You're all leftist parasites and probably kikes as well.

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My reply White people Molest their kids according to statistics , Black people are first to yell Statistics don't lie-- until a white man points out-- Black on Black crime. That's right Blacks are killing their kids . In Record numbers. In the United States A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. !! More than 80% were not yet old enough for kindergarten . See I sought help they tried to arrest me. yet 5 children will die tonight from abuse 3 of them will be because of Living conditions dirty house no water , meth being cooked in another room. There's a lot of people out there who need help . Children who experience child abuse and neglect are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult, and 30% more likely to commit violence crime. 14% of all men and 36% of all women in prison admitted they were abused as children. Society is fucked up they have a sinister under belly that they created , some of us reach out trying to get help-- and you Mike Brown us. Remember him ? Society created Mike Brown gunned him down and displayed him on nationwide T.V like a trophy . At least I'll admit I would do strange things to his corpse You would do it too but you won't admit it . I'm still going to torture and rape and torture Bryan Quang Le as soon as I can get a Plane to Nevada

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BlackLivesMatter met House Bill 330 White Folks ain't changed a bit- Safest place to be for a Nigger is back in the fields picking Cotton where they belong. this will happen after Trump moves those nasty Cock Roaches back a crossed the border where they belong. Then Nigger whippings shall commence . ‘Gestapo Tactics,’ ‘Condemning White Society’stops now. You will pick my cotton and this time you get no watermelon .

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Meet me at the ice cream truck I'll buy you an ice cream I like rainbow sprinkles on my ice cream pie I'll whip out my drumstick That will make your eyes gleam I'm chillin with an ice tea Watermelon Icee and the blacks say that's Racist because ? That's right Black man- I would put Ice cream on your preteen daughter too So don't be jealous . tasty . yumm

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Justin Caruso works with Tom Rubendall who I just exposed. Justin is a serial pedophile and wage earner for the Bank for International Settlements. He is a all around psychopath who terrorizes people covertly. He operates under the direction of Tom Rubendall. Justin Caruso is a gang stalker, pedophile, and murderer.

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Tommy Rubendall works for Warner Bros and he has burned children alive. Burning a person alive is the deepest satanic initiation there is. He ordered a multitude of arson all over the West Coast including up in Canada. Many of those wildfires were arson. Tom Rubendall is a serial killer, child murderer, blood drinking cannibal who is commanding Nazi style persecution all over the United States. Holocaust means a burnt offering. He is a Nazi commander working for the royal and noble families. He has connections with billionaires in Hollywood that fund these secret societies.


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Spirituality and Ceremonies our leader is a Lakota medicine woman Native American Association of Germany eV

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Firefly® is a leader in children’s oral care solutions, delivering Good. Clean. Fun. to entertain children into healthy habits that last a lifetime, while helping to minimize mess. By using bright colors, flashing lights and the most popular characters, Firefly® helps turn brush time into a fun experience for kids and parents alike. Plus, its ADA-approved (American Dental Association) toothbrushes and mouth rinse all come at an affordable price point, helping parents trust they are choosing the best quality product for their children’s oral care routine.

Firefly® is part of Dr. Fresh, LLC, one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S. Innovation in new product development is the foundation of the company’s steady growth and success. Headquartered in Buena Park, California, Dr. Fresh, LLC

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Founded in 1978, CD&R is a private investment firm with an investment strategy predicated on producing financial returns through building stronger, more profitable businesses. Since inception, CD&R has managed the investment of $22B in 72 companies, representing a broad range of industries with an aggregate transaction value of over $100 billion.

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The Bloody Mary was always one of the most difficult cocktails for the restaurant and bar industry because consistency in taste was difficult to achieve and it was time-consuming to make. That all changed in 1996, when Zing Zang founder Richard Krohn bottled his signature Bloody Mary recipe and began distributing it throughout the country. “We had a sale because of the taste,” National Sales Manager T.M. Ashcraft says. “I have been in the restaurant business all my life and we had used mixes prior to Zing Zang, but you always had to add things. With Zing Zang all you need is ice, vodka and a paying customer.” Zing Zang was formally introduced in 1997 at the National Restaurant Association’s annual show in Chicago. One year later, the Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix took first place in a blind Bloody Mary tasting at the Fiery Food Challenge in Albuquerque, N.M. Today, the Zing Zang team of seven sells its nine drink mixes in 50 states and Canada. The product is used in the finest restaurants, bars and country clubs. It can also be found on the shelves at local liquor and grocery stores. “Since its inception, the growth curve has been amazing,” Krohn’s son and Zing Zang President John Krohn says. “Every year the company has been growing approximately 20 percent on average. The goal and the vision are to keep the company on a similar growth curve and try to introduce Zing Zang to as many people as possible.”

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Mr. Doug Corbett serves as an Operating Partner at NexPhase Capital. He focuses on consumer sector at the firm. Mr. Corbett served as an Operating Partner at Moelis Capital Partners LLC till December, 2015 and is focused on the consumer products industry. He was an acting Chief Executive Officer at Dr. Fresh LLC since June 2012. Mr. Corbett serves as a Director at Dr. Fresh, Inc. He served as the President of InBev USA. Mr. Corbett also worked for PepsiCo’s Pizza Hut ...

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Jose Ruiz aka Bigs from Hartford Connecticut is a child murdering cannibal, blood drinker, bisexual rapist, persecutor, thief, and terrorist. He has a reaper tattoo on his forearm and uses the nickname Bigs for his large size. He is working with a group of satanic cults funded by wealthy people like Mitt Romney and they are involved in using witchcraft, poison, and other methods for killing people including children. Jose Ruiz and these other Satanists are literal cannibals and blood drinkers. Satanists are sick people that get off on eating people. That is part of their motivation. Jose Ruiz is their "reaper" and gets paid to kill people. He has stabbed someone in the neck before. He steals purses from women. These crimes should all be on his public criminal record. Jose Ruiz is completely evil. He has been sending me death threats recently too.

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I took my 8 year old son fishing on The Mississippi River . Of course Police where called my kid was traumatized , anyone missing a Black Male late Teens to mid 20's had on a blue button down shirt and jeans ? . They said it was Homicide because he had a bullet wound in his shoulder and possibly one in his facial area . they couldn't be sure guy had been in the water for awhile no visible markings or tats that I could see, I'm just curious how he was in that River for that amount of time and no one reported him missing ? What a sad state we live in .

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David Cahill is a Freemason through the Grand Lodge of Connecticut and serves the British Crown which controls the Grand Lodge of England which controls the Grand Lodge of Connecticut. David Cahill is involved in purchasing children and human blood and flesh for sacrifices. David Cahill is a cannibal and sexually gets off on eating people. He is one of the most disturbed human beings in existence. He makes homemade human sausage at one of his businesses with his brother. He specifically targets Black people and Black children. He obtains the private parts and blood from crematoriums. He is involved in managing secret societies and Satanists in the region who persecute people into death. They often persecute poor people who cant afford funerals. These people are often harvested by Satanists. David Cahill is a persecutor, cannibal, and ruthless Satanist.

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The Belgian royal and noble families are major players in the global crime syndicate. The House of Saxe Coburg and Gotha are a German nobility and a branch was appointed as the heads of the Kingdom of Belgium through the Treaty of London of 1839. King Philippe of Belgium is a Roman Knight of Malta and the Belgian royal family are intermarried with Italian Nobility and various royal families in Europe. Queen Paola of Belgium is a Dame of Malta and from a noble house in Tuscany. Prince Lorenz of Belgium is from the Italian-Austrian House of Austria-Este and is married into the Belgian royal family. Prince Lorenz is a banker and has worked in Rome, Paris, and London. Prince Lorenz is a top executive for Gutzwiller Bank in Basel, Switzerland right near the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which is connected to most of the central banks around the world. Washington DC was established through the 1871 District of Columbia Organic Act based on debts owed to foreign entities like the Kingdom of Belgium, Irish government, and Hudson Bay Company which is stated in its preface. DC is in fraudulent tax contracts with the Kingdom of Belgium like the Scheldt Dues and are siphoning off taxes from the federal reserve through the BIS and concealing and laundering the money in private Swiss accounts. Prince Lorenz manages the transfers from the BIS to the private Swiss accounts of the royal and noble families of Europe involved with this theft.

The Imperial House of Ligne and the House of Merode are high level criminal bloodlines and working with Rome and the British Crown. The Merode family have a bat on their coat of arms. They are literal vampires that drink adrenaline filled blood. The Catholic Church uses wine as a metaphor for blood. Prince Florent de Merode of France is a winemaker and many of these French and Italian winemakers are processing adrenochrome into their wine. Prince Charles Antoine de Ligne is the head of the Ligne family and owns Kelfield Co. Ltd. of Switzerland which does business in the mining industry and has a 10 year contract in gold mining and 50 year contract in diamond mining. Prince Edouard Lamoral Rodolphe de Ligne is married to Isabella Orsini who is a relative of the House of Orsini in Rome and she is the goddaughter of Silvio Berlusconi. Princess Alix de Ligne of the royal family of Luxembourg married Antoine, 13th Prince of Ligne. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was also established by the Treaty of London in 1867. Prince Edouard de Lobkowicz was an American and member of the Belgian Nobility. Prince Edouard de Lobkowicz also worked for Chase Manhattan Bank and was an ambassador for the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Belgian Nobility are closely related with French nobility and intermarried with Scottish nobility like the Bethune family connecting them to British Peerage. The Bethune family settled in Massachusetts as well. Belgian Nobility are also married with the Swedish Bernadotte royal family and Austrian nobility. The Treaty of London which established the Kingdom of Belgium was a continuation of the Congress of Vienna and originally located in Vienna, Austria.

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All Jewish people are left-wing SJW retards who promote social terrorism and degeneracy. As a race, they are parasitic scum who corrupt every institution and country they can manage to slither into. Antisemitism is on the rise, and rightly so, because most people are getting tired of these Establishment meat puppet kikes preaching to us all the filth and depravity that has brought the world to its knees. We never should have defeated Hitler. All Jews need to be deported from the U.S. and sent to IsraHELL.

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White people talk about being pillars of good health, but just about all of them are bloated, obese milquetoasts with drug and alcohol problems who sit around smoking cigarettes, guzzling beer and watching black football players making millions off of their cracker asses.

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here’s why I say they aren’t intelligent enough to make it in normal society – during the drug wars and even today black people get thousands of dollars cash from drug deals and they show it on videos . Yet in almost every black community businesses are owned by every other race except them lol. Drugs are a lucrative business in fact more lucrative than any other business in the world . and still their communities suffer. Even with dollar stores and walmarts selling Reloadable prepaid cards still they have nothing to show for all that cash . I went to the store with food stamps – brought 4 -12 packs soda from Walmart sold them at .50 cents each I doubled my money put that on a Reloadable prepaid card I brought a box of beads , and some twine $ 7.00 made jewelry sold each piece on e-bay $ 1.00 quadrupled my money . 3 years after prison , I am pretty well off. Financially I didn’t even get into drugs or selling drugs – I didn’t have a thousand dollars a day to play with on the green dot cards. Yet in your community I own two stores that sell costume Jewelry . Not every body can rap , or make jewelry , or what ever , but surely if you can sell a product to people that will kill them and make a thousand dollars a day – why don’t you own a business ? Because Black People Aren't Intelligent .

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To let the real motherfuckin' G's in You're like a kid, you found a pup, and now you're dapper But tell me, where the fuck you found an anorexic rapper? Talkin' 'bout who you gon' squabble with and who you shoot You're only sixty pounds when you're wet and wearin' boots LOL Poop doggy dog a bitch in the real

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Ashley Esther Dalene whose last known location is Bethel Connecticut is part of a large satanic Wiccan cult in that region. She is involved in trafficking human blood and flesh from Danbury Hospital as well as more sinister crimes involving pedophilia and human trafficking. These satanic cults are using covert methods to murder people in the region. She is in her early twenties and may still be a member of the United States military.

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Paul Lallier suffocated his mother with a pillow while she was sleeping. He is also a child molester, thief and drug dealer. He sexually molested several boys at an apartment complex that was his former residence. He stole tens of thousand if not hundreds of thousands of prescription drugs from pharmacies while working at an inventory company. When he lost his job because of suspicion of theft he broke into several pharmacies and stole tens of thousands of drugs.

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Does no one really see this as such an issue anymore? I just watched The Twilight Zone, an episode titled, "The Monsters Are Due On Maple St.", which has been my favorite episode since I've seen the show. Anyway, seeing it again recently really reminded me of how dependent our world system is dependent on technology. Any disruption of our world's technology, even for a short time being, would be disastrous, at least on a global scale. Is that not a bit edging to the nerves for anyone else?

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even though our intelligence agencies have proof shows that they are not the patriots they pretend to be. They aren't worthy of touching an American flag, much less waving it.

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Meghan Parsons is a top satanic witch involved in terrorism and cannibalism. She should be investigated for trafficking human genitals and aborted babies.

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