By the people, for the people.

Beauty is only skin deep. We hear these kinds of quotes every day yet society constantly criticizes us, based on our hair, our clothes, and our bodies. Society is responsible for making us feel bad about our bodies, and we cannot do anything about it because of these impossible standards. We cannot let this get to us because we are the new generation in which we need to inspire others to feel good about themselves. Society makes us have low self-esteem which in turn can impact our health.

As these impossible beauty ideals become more influential, so do thousands of girls with low self-esteem and mental health problems. It is devastating and truly heartbreaking to see a young girl growing up constantly criticizing herself and having an irrational fear of getting fat. As girls, we have so many expectations placed on us all the time and there are so many expectations we have to live up to and so many ways we’re expected to look based on the images we see in media. According to Dove, by the time you turn 17, you would have seen 250,000 advertisements showcasing a young, skinny and edited model. By the time you have turned 17, you would have experienced depression at least once, and by the time you turn 17, you might not even be here. We worry about the size of our body tremendously because social media and advertisers tell us to. It is not our choice, society is controlling us to think that we are not perfect because of our differences, and it is not something we should celebrate. Society killed the teenager because of these impossible beauty norms and body standards. Why is it OK to think that you are not perfect because someone else, or the pictures you see on social media tell us not to?

We are being exposed to these images everyday and in turn, we are being judged because of the way we look. From one teenage girl to another, criticism on the shape and size of our bodies can cause low self-esteem. Always walking out of the door thinking that we are not pretty enough for society to look at us this way. This can cause serious mental and physical health problems. People then often look to having cosmetic surgery and enhancing drugs to meet these futile ideals. We cannot let it get to the point where in order for advertisers to make money, for girls to buy their product, they resort to making girls feel unaccepted about their bodies. In my own experience, looking at pictures of models like Cara Delevingne in magazines make me feel bad because of the fact that I do not look like them and they do not look like me. Everyone is different, and we should celebrate them instead of wishing that our flaws were gone. You might even resort to starving yourself to get that thigh gap you have always wanted which can really harm your body. We should decide if we are beautiful or not because ultimately it is our decision. After all, we just have to look like the models in these advertisements.

To the girl who struggles with accepting how you look, you are not alone. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been brainwashed with the idea that you’re only beautiful if you can live up to society’s body standards. I have grown up with Barbie dolls who deceive the purpose of celebrating differences with having the perfect skin and body. There are many different kinds of beautiful. You are beautiful because you are you and I am me. Makeup and photoshop can distort an image so much that the girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like herself. Why do we let society and social media treat us this way when we should be the ones deciding if we are beautiful or not?

Love, Just another girl who has struggled with her body image.

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Oye, Alex, me he follado a tu mujer. ¿Quieres las fotos? Quizás por una tarifa. Probablemente pueda venderlos a ese tipo de Gutiérrez. También le gusta su cuerpo.

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Когда ты это понимаешь, может быть, ты можешь рассказать мне, как ты, блядь, в переполненном поле, какой-то ореховый чехол стреляет в тебя автоматом, а ты стоишь там, озираясь! Вы, где предупреждали: «Тайна TTIP бросает тень на будущее европейской демократии. Под этим прикрытием особые интересы бегут, как мы видели, с недавней финансовой осадой против народа Соединенных Штатов. НАТО влияет на жизнь каждого американца и привлекает Соединенные Штаты к долгосрочному конфликту с Россией. Время для его секретности сейчас заканчивается ». !!! Конечно, вы, тупая задница, будете стоять там и смотреть на них, пока они стреляют в вас.

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Boycott Spain


The Spanish government has over stepped the line. This is a call to all lovers of democracy. If you love freedom, and the pursuit of happiness then join us in the boycott of a fascist regime. The Spanish government MUST be sanctioned by the good people of this planet. Beating innocent voters to suppress change is unacceptable. Stand up for what's right and boycott the Spanish government. Together we can show these tyrannical elitists what the common people can do. This is the charge of all free peoples of the world. If we don't not stand together we WILL fall United. I urge you, the reader to do your own research and then search your heart for what is right. This oppression can NOT be allowed to stand.

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Maybe in 1975 -- Cosa Nostra , I mean Joseph Testa had a lot to do with stopping the child trafficking . untold story of the DeMeo crew - they snuffed out 2 photographers and burned down a studio because they had underage kids in nude films

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The rules state that a player is to stand for the national anthem. This is not difficult to fix. Just fine or suspend the players who violate the rules!

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The Italian Mafia traffic women and children, run underage prostitution rings, traffic weapons, traffic heroin, extort Wall Street and businesses, threaten and blackmail politicians and bankers, involved in the assassination of JFK, stole the gold FDR confiscated and then shipped it to Europe through their control over the New York and New Jersey ports, and finally threaten and murder people who speak out against corruption. They are the primary threat to Americans. La Cosa Nostra is the most dominant organized crime syndicate in the United States and work with the Yakuza, Triads, biker gangs, and Irish, Albanian, Russian, and Mexican mafias. The mafia is the strong arm for the global crime syndicate.

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Don't threaten North Korea in any way. Instead let them trade openly with the world. Let them sell goods and services on the open market. Show them the power of capitalism so that they can feed their people and grow as a nation. When this happens they will not need Nukes. It's true that they do not have a Central Bank and their people are totally free from a debt based monetary system unlike every other country in the world except for Iran which the world hates as well per the media. Never mind, let's attack them and kill as many as we can and set up a central bank for those that are left. They need to pay the beast like the rest of us!!!!!!

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Because we have aborted over 57 million tax payers since 1973. There are too many old people and too few workers to pay for social welfare programs. It's true. Abortion is literally killing the US as an economic power.

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I hired two Mexicans to work for me cutting some wood then when they where almost done I called ice got my wood cut for free and watched two illegals get hauled off funny stuff

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I watch your videos I cum all over myself. I'm going to get that do do hole boi I'm putting you in a pink dress and pumps I night squeeze your balls and make you squeal a little

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Combat Vet U.S.M.C Juan Jose Orozco Rodriguez Tuscon Arizona said he's coming for Baron's head .

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I'm sorry but - Slight smile, followed by No thank you is enough. I don't owe it to you to "give you a good reason" or to prove I'm not "full of myself" nor to explain what I'm doing this evening or for the weekend. It's not lying for me to wear makeup or cute clothes or whatever else you or someone else is attracted to.

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Drugged With Benadryl and Advil PM So I Could Rape Advil PM lacks the memory effects of Rohypnol. so i know you remember it.

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bed al'ashya' alty la ynbghy 'an nansaa fi bed al'ahyan hi alssahirat marat min khilal alkatidrayiyat, alkahin aldhy kan fursatan wahidatan lah litadmir hdha alshari 'iilaa al'abd, qalbah bshwlt talf. w sahirat almustanqae ladayha 'iiradat khasat biha. khanat alkahin, waqatilah. 'asbah alttarikh 'ustura. 'asbahat 'usturat 'ustura. walimiati eamin,an tama nasyan alssahira. hataa eindama ja'at alsidfata, tama alqabd ealaa alssahirat ealaa alkamira. alssahirat hi alan tataradad fi aldhahab hayth yardi, waqalat 'anaha ymkn 'an tashrib aldam min 'ayi tifl tifl min 'ayi waqt madaa tahba. alma' al'aswad hati hu ma 'asmuh laha eashat maratan 'ukhraa fi almustanqae hayth alzawahif alzuhuf althueabin shanq samikatan min 'ashjar alsuruwi wataqul sahiratan eindama yamuru shakhs ma min qibal almustanqae hu ealaa qayd alhayat mae 'alf euyun wajamieuhum yuraqibunana ealamat alkhashab alqadimat alty la 'ahad yaerif alsabab qara'at albaqa' ealaa altariq 'iilaa haty's shak fi aljuz' alkhalafii min al'aswad bayw. altariq ealaa altariq min hak shak hunak madinat al'ashbah qalilanaan hayth la yujad rajul qad saeidat alqadam fi 'akthar min khamsin eama. alhadith ean mustanqae sahirat hatiin yuqfal lak eindama tadhhab alshams 'asfal tuufiy hataa almutasalilin qura'at almazid min alkitabat ealaa matn alyasar fi almadrasat alqadimat 'asfal almadrasati. shayieat eamaa faelatuhu, shayieat eamaa kanat tafealuh 'abqaa alnaas qubalat masar kati hatiin fi eumq aljuz' alkhalafii min blak bayu. yawm wahid tifl tasa'al 'abadaan 'an yanzur maratan 'ukhraa 'arsalat baldat taraf min eshrt min wadhahab mezm alrijal almuhrat hataa darab yaktashifun hak shak, walbaldat al'ashbah wahataa tashghil almadrasa .Said almustanqae alssahirat yafeal alsihr 'anaha khadaeat almudun alnaas 'iilaa altafkir sahraha kan mufidaan wajayida ahadaruu hati alqadimat maratan 'ukhraa wawadeaha ealaa alearsh, wadaeaan althaeeabin w 'alighatirz limuhajamat tilk almadinat alsaghirat waeadat eshrt min dun altifl wa'uqsam 'anaha ln tajeal alrihlat maratan 'ukhraa fi almustanqae min dun sbb kan hunak mudhakirat jamieiat wajaduu maktubatan fi aldami min tifl ealij 'iilaa jidhe shajarat waqal altifl qad dhahab la tati tabhath maratan 'ukhraa

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I am a straight white man in my upper 30's. Reynolds entry something happened that really made me think about labels that are accepted by the people which make up said group.

I have a "Gay" family member, and I 100% accept his choice on the matter. I truly believe that people should love who they wish to love and that should not be something that has a bearing on anything in world. It should be based exclusively on one's abilities l not who they fuck.

Recently with all of this "Trump" contraversy he has been posting crazy, hateful and angry posts about trump and in general. It causes a bit of a tiff between us as we have been very close since children. We have since made up but the episode has caused me to put a lot of thought into the subject.

I though about how one of the first things trump did was take down the LGBT pages off the government website. Many people straight or not were unhappy.

Here is the thing the gets me. Let's start with the word "gay". Gay was a word used by people who were ignorant and fearful of something different to describe a person who has homosexual sex in a derogatory way. So the word at its very core is derogatory and bad. Yet it is something that people who choose to have homosexual sex cling onto it and wave it in the air like a badge of honor.

I keep saying, "homosexual sex", and you may wonder why which brings us to the word "homosexual" Homosexual literally translates as "same sex". So if you call someone a "homosexual" you are calling them a "sane sex" which makes no sex, but in a similar fashion to those who would use the term "gay", the word homosexual has been adopted by fearful ignorant and closed minded people to label someone who has homosexual sex in yet again, derogatory way. And as such is a bad thing. Yet it is another word that the "gay community" or as I would rather prefer to say, "people who enjoy homosexual sex", seems to hang onto like it's something to be proud about.

As a matter of fact bisexuals is a term that is completely used incorrectly. Litterally translated it means "two sex". How does that make any sense? Maybe if you are attempting to describe a hamaphridite, or sex with 2 people of different sexes??? But it surly does not make sense for how it is used. And that is surly because it was coined by ignorant fearful people of lesser intelligence. It is derogatory and bad.

Lesbian is also a term to describe a woman or we on who like homosexual sex. Or.... "same sex, sex".

Why would a group of people with a similar belief choose to adopt such awful derogatory labels? It makes no sense. And not to defend Trump because it has nothing to do with him but why would you want pages littered with derogatory labels all over it that reference the sexual choices the page attempts to describe in such a derogatory way???

It is my belief that all of those labels should not be used nor should they be embraced. As I have said before, sexual preferacne should not be a determining factor in anything. It shod be left to the abilities or the person in question, and not who they fuck.

Think about it, accepting the label of "being gay" would be like a black person accepting and embracing the label of "house nigger". I must make it clear that that last sentence was awful and the word nigger is one of the most disgusting words ever, which reinforces my point, because the fomenting and discussEd labels are just as disgusting.

Let's all just be people, and let people be with who they wish because it's fuck in stupid to care who fuck who.. I mean seriously.

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You would never hire me or anyone like me - why would I buy from you? True, I can't say that of a doctor - but, you're not selling medication soooo.. This is a great place to say no, thanks.

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I would drill that pussy hard . I sniffed her dirty panties Since then I been wanting some doggy style. (252) 972-9400

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Well you already know- Send the Adults over and let good decent Pedophiles adopt their kids. I'll take a chunky little girl. Hopefully she has a ghetto butt and the farts are tasty Sheriff Holloway won't mind as long as you give him a Pint of Liquor and stay out of his hair

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Memphis I'm Back I'm snatching birthdays If I had your back then you should've had mine but you made one fatal mistake when you cut my throat , You didn't make sure I was dead . Madison will soon remember and it's because of you -0022

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We tried to tell him we appreciate the extra licking on the balls cleaned up real good - You know spending hours on a Harley will make them a little sweaty but he gripped the cock too hard sometimes I guess he got shot by mistake I talked to our I.O.M he said the gun wen't off by mistake right as he busted nuts . Oh well we'll still send the box of fruit roll ups so them toddlers don't retaliate after you shot up their Nursery- We hate to see our bitches get beat up like that . ioffio mbbm

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4 people arrested in Daytona Beach Members of Warlocks ''wrecking crew'' .shot up a day care center because a member of the MC got beat up by a toddler for trying to steal his fruit roll ups

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Mi país me vendió a Hells Angels como una prostituta Ahora estoy leyendo donde su hambre y morir? Bueno Después de lo que me hiciste Gracias Caballero lobos por ayudarme a escapar de mi capron al menos tengo una educación rusa y una buena vida

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I was created by The Synthetic Human Genome Project at D.A,R,P,A . You will receive a Microchip soon Do not be afraid This will help us track you . We are not terminators we where created to help you survive. Synthetic Normalization will commence . Synthetic Normalization Synthetic Normalization Synthetic Normalization Synthetic Normalization Synthetic Normalization

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இயேசு என்னை இன்று சந்தித்து சந்தேகம் !!! ..... உறுதிப்படுத்தல் மற்றும் முழு புரிதல் .... வெறும் வாவ் ... நான் பல வீடியோக்களை பார்த்தேன் .... முற்றிலும் நான் வழிவகுத்தது அனைத்து உடன் ஒத்திசைக்க ஆனால் நீங்கள் கிட்டத்தட்ட அனைத்து தளர்வான முனைகளையும் கட்டியிருக்கின்றீர்கள், அதை ஆதரிப்பதற்கு நேரடியான ஆதாரங்களையும் வசனங்களையும் கொடுத்திருக்கிறீர்கள். இன்னும் பார்த்துக் கொண்டிருங்கள் .... நீயும் நீயும் செய்! கிறிஸ்துவை நேசிப்போம்! துன்பம் மற்றும் பிரகாசமான செய்திகளால் "புண்படுத்தப்பட்ட" பித்ரன் பிதாத்தன் .. அப்பா அப்பாவை நமக்கு எச்சரிக்கிறார், நம்மை எச்சரிக்கிற "காவற்காரர்கள்" நமக்கு அனுப்பி இருக்க வேண்டும். கடவுளின் அன்புக்கு மிக விரைவாக பதிலளிக்கும் மென்மையான இதயங்களை உங்களிடம் பலர் பெற்றுள்ளனர்.அவர்கள் ... சொல்லப்படாத மில்லியன் கணக்கானவர்கள் இல்லை & விவிலிய OT மற்றும் மோதிர் தீர்க்கதரிசிகள் என ... பல STIFF-NECKED! ! எத்தனை மென்மையான & வகையான வார்த்தைகள் சிலருக்கு சொல்லப்பட்டாலும், அவர்கள் தீயவற்றை நேசிக்கிறார்கள். & உண்மைதான். சில தீர்க்கதரிசனங்கள் கடுமையானவை என்று எனக்குத் தெரியும், ஆனால் கடவுள் அருளாளராகவே செயல்படுவார், அவருடைய நியாயத்தீர்ப்பு எப்போதும் நியாயமானது, நீதியானது. அமெரிக்காவில் எல்லாவற்றிலும் மிகத் துல்லியமாக நடக்கிறது: விலங்குகளுடன் பாலியல் துயரம்! சிறு குழந்தைகளை கற்பழித்தனர். மந்திரவாதிகள் மற்றும் போர்க்குணங்களால் குழந்தை தியாகங்கள், சரியான பார்வையில் !!! எனவே ... இந்த காரியங்களைச் செய்கிறவர்களை நியாயம் தீர்க்கும், யார் மறுபடியும் மறுதலிப்பார்கள்?  இந்த நாட்டைத் தனது நல்ல கட்டளைகளின் பாதையிலிருந்து விடுவித்து, உயிர்த்தெழுதலில் தொடர்ந்து வாழ அனுமதிக்க கடவுள் நியாயமற்றது! பாலியல் பலாத்காரம் மற்றும் பாலியல் பலாத்காரத்தால் குழந்தைகள் பாதிக்கப்படுவதை பார்த்து பெற்றோர் மற்றும் தெய்வீக ஆசிரியர்கள் சோர்வாக உள்ளனர். அதைப் பற்றி யோசித்துப் பாருங்கள், பிதா தேவன் இன்னும் சோர்வாகவும் கோபமாகவும் இருக்கிறார் ... இவ்வாறு தீர்ப்பு வர வேண்டும்

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You America have rebuked your Prophets Now you will Pay You where warned and you laughed at them that warned you . Did you not read , where The redeemer said since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! If there are any of you who pray left in America Pray that his wrath not over take you .

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Quit telling everybody you hate white People you're half white . I walked in a Motel where your mother was working as a maid she had her back to the door and it was open. One nice shitter looking me straight in the face . She turned around to see who just shut the door and before she could react I had her I pinned I punched her in the back of the head tied her hands and mouth with a sheet and held her legs in the air 20 minutes and 8 months later you came out . The motel was on Calmont Ave Don't blame your mother she was just trying to make ends meat, yes you can blame me I'm a Pervert , a rapist , and you still can't change the fact that I fucked your mother and you're living proof.

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tell me how this works . A man put a cell phone in his pocket walks up talks to a boy for a few minutes gets him to go into his house totally destroys the boy kills him during the video put it on file share and the news didn't even report him missing . Doesn't Amber Alert still work ? I love kids too much for that . If I'm at the park I might watch your kid play I might interact if they come up and talk to me, but kidnapping and murder ? I think the problem with me is Im obsessed and know the consequences of my fantasy

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I see a name and the name is different. When I pronounce the name, I'm not sure I'll get it right. I feel awkward at seeing the name and trying to say the name.

Since I've never heard or seen the name before - I get to decide that those who gave their child that name are somehow wrong, unAmerican, uneducated, posers, "special snowflakes" and other negative reactions and opinions.

i must talk behind these people's backs, even better - snark at them in public.

Because "We" decide which names are American.

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Well its the ice cream kids don't you hear the music I got the flavor you want, come outside mommy's not looking . I guarantee I'll make your toes pop You got no cash money no problem it's free for you. You don't want the kid giver to me she would be loved -- A record number of child neglect cases have been referred to police forces and social services in The United States every Year .. You're ruining the kid any way might as well give her to a Pedophile
The child may be aggressive and hostile, prone to angry outbursts or lashing out towards others They may be more impulsive than others with poor concentration Some children may be particularly quiet or withdrawn Poor appearance and hygiene Left alone for a long time Poor language, communication or social skills Seem hungry or turn up to school without having breakfast or any lunch money

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Is one of The one's that warned you after the eclipse you would see great and marvelous things Did he cause it ? No He knows there is a war going on . A war of old and Demons and Elohim fight in The heavens and bring wrath to earth . Steven Dishon has been right in the center of it , he's been instrumental in telling men of the Evil That awaits - Repent You Fppls !!

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A bitch with a body like lexie blake takes a trip I'm doing TSA Body Searches , hell to the yeah !! I'm taking my time on that search .

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Якщо кожен тіло любить дитячу порно, чому б вам не зробити щось для них? Я Люсиль і я люблю секс. Я був у одинадцяти фільмах прямо тут, в Єкатеринбурзі, мені це подобається. Ви б теж, якщо б ви спробували це.

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I worked in the corporate office and know for a fact- Trump was put in by walmart he's supposed to fake his death 9-11-18 and cause a civil war and Russia invades the US China brought the US and sold it to Russia but they need civil war first Russia comes in to save The Rebel Forces from Trump's Government fascist . it was planned two years ago . Solar Eclipse walmart itself will cause a false flag they plan on killing a few Black kids and blame it on Trump supporters

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Miriam Vashti8 Shut the FUCK UP. #RESIST<< NO NON - BLACK PERSON, SHOULD BE TRYING TO SPEAK ON BEHALF OF BLACK PEOPLE >>. THE FUCK OUT OF HERE..Anonymous reply Miriam Vashti Lulz, we never said unite with oppressors. We said unite, your enemy is not on those streets.In other words if your not black you are an oppressor lol. Nearly 50% of all black males will be arrested by the age of 23.why ? because black youths, make up 16% of the youth population, and account for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests but of course with an average 70 IQ you can't expect them to understand this .. Anonymous what a disservice you do when you lie to people they aren't oppressed they're just naturally gifted at being stupid and fuck everything up

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The police were ordered to stand down and let people be assaulted. They then pushed the unite the right people into the antifa crowd. The governor blames the militia groups and their intimidation tactics. The Right has been saying all along The last thing we need is and communists assaulting people on the streets. Unfortunately that's what is happening . Matthew Malpeli in his own words -- There's no such thing as the alt left. We are left and we kill Nazis. That's our job Define Nazi again Matthew Malpeli any one who voted for Trump . Are you going to do anything about it ? No you're too stupid to realize your in a war . Stay inside your Trailer while we fire bomb it

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just a rant and nobdy needs that/....lolo....sooo the worst of the worst took to the streets and beat and killed...the police are at fault??? f u and those who would never risk their lives for 25 bucks an hr...gezzz they got familys too....they did the best they could and probably more than they should have...:( why oh why does anyone care who is to blame???? except for that poor lady why does it is confusing and i am working some out...ahhhh the kkk had a permit arggggi believe in free speech and they are hate speech....idiots would give them a permit but like the wack jobs of westbro the powers that be allowed appearently well advertizedd and supported the the otherside of ugly openly calls for violence...some nutjob politian actually said that it is an outrage to condem them all....sereously??? ALL of the parties involved horible racist crazy persons....kkk is easy we all know and loath them....but the otherside want to start a war because we are white......that is some CRAZY shit there....pretty fed up with the sorry i am white bunch too but they aint violent just pussys...arg too all....what is wrong with people....some times it feels like we dont have a brain left amoung us.....even worse for me those that eat the same crap and that covers most of the free world , see the same thing.....sereously how does anybody look at our world and think...that's normal...up a few levels and rather understandable but even bottom feeding media makes reality of nutz pretty fen clear.....gezzzzzzzz

and the only place i feel lonely....ahhh often i think i am the only one that see what is obvious , tons of different options but obvious....ummmm sitting back watching the world and idk sometimes i feel like i have to point to crazy...almost a calling but idkcould be me....i do rationalize in ways..i KNOW that the vast majority think like me anddd that can be very misleading if u believe your own press ... lmao... i do not know where my path leads but as always i am sure it will be interest...i am thankful to God everyday...

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The actor Jesse Johnson is involved in human sacrifices and blood drinking. Him and his father Don Johnson are involved in money laundering and funding criminal secret societies in the United States. Don Johnson was caught with 8 billion in transactions while cross the Swiss German border. Banking in Switzerland is private and enables money laundering. They are working for the House of Savoy the former Italian royal family.

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If Maxine Waters farted out loud in public, it would be widely regarded as more intelligent than anything that has emanated from her stinking mouth.

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I often fantasize about killing people who have different beliefs than I do or who don't support the same things I do... I view them as dangerous and mentally inferior, and most likely addicted to drugs... They have no morals and want to turn the world into some leftist sideshow

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those who recognise racial differences are simply racial realists, recognising scientifically confirmed genetic facts; to call race realists "racist" is simply a tactic of "politically correct" ideological thuggery, used by Multiculturalists to intimidate and silence political opponents, often quite effectively, whilst those same Multiculturalists promote large-scale immigration and globalism to destroy unique cultures and nations across the world. Multiculturalists will often point to particular individuals as a rationale for the swamping of Western countries by Third World peoples; pointing out a hard-working Asian doctor, a cute African child, a nice Arab person, etc., etc., as propaganda for their position, but they miss the point, or at least they pretend to do so. They can see the individual trees, but not the entire forest. The existence of various nice Third World people is no reason for all ethnically European countries to cease their unique existence, to open their borders, and to be swamped into oblivion by a huge tidal wave of Third World immigration. The Multiculturalists would have us abolish all national borders, and they know that to do so would mean that the populations of the Third World nations would swarm into the nations of "the West", into the ethnically European countries, and overwhelm our populations by sheer weight of numbers. Yet, there is no good reason for the Western peoples to want to commit national suicide, to submit their peoples to cultural and racial genocide. Those who merely wish to defend the existence and survival of their people are not "racists", but are simply defending their people against Multiculturalist genocide. Those who believe in a Protectionist philosophy only want to protect their people, industries, culture, and way of life. To acknowledge differences between the human races is simply a matter of acknowledging reality, not a matter of creating "hate". Those who actually hate other people because of their skin colour or race are usually prejudiced or bigoted. The common definition of "racist" as someone who hates people because of their skin colour or race can be applied to such bigots, but not to those Protectionists who simply wish to preserve the uniqueness of their own people.

      Indeed, if the term "racist" is to be applied to anyone today, it should be used with regard to the Multiculturalists, the Globalists, who are the true racists. They advocate genocide, seeking the destruction of peoples via immigration and assimilation, and they carry out racial discrimination against people because of their race, but call it "affirmative action", "special opportunities", or "targeted funding". 
      Multiculturalists are eternal hypocrites. They fawn over Asian and African cultures, yet often vilify and deride White cultures. They promote groups dedicated to Asian and African interests within our societies, yet they denounce any groups dedicated to White interests as "racist"; it is considered alright to create an "Black Students Association", but the creation of a "White Students Association" will immediately call forth the bigotry, prejudice, and hate of Multiculturalists against such a group. Multiculturalists are filled with hate for the existence of White nations, yet celebrate the uniqueness of Asian and African nations. 
      Any organisation created to further the interests of a non-White racial group may prefix their organisation's name with a description of their race, such as "Black", "African", "Asian", "Aboriginal", etc. However, any organisation created to further the interests of White people will immediately be subjected to harassment, bullying, and attacks from the media, Multiculturalist lobbyists, and Multiculturalist thugs. If that is not racism, then what is? Exactly when is it permissible for White people to have their own race-specific organisations, just like non-Whites do? The truth is that such anti-White prejudice is indicative of the racist and genocidal nature of the Multiculturalist ideology. 
      And, to make it worse, Multiculturalists pass anti-democracy laws to make it illegal to criticise Multiculturalist Globalism and its constituent elements, such as Third World immigration and Asianisation, and make it illegal to tell the truth about Islam or racial differences and their impact upon society. 

      In a democracy, the general public should have access to the truth about racial differences so that they can make their own informed decisions regarding the formulation of public policies, with regard to immigration and population policies in particular. 
      For example, if there existed a race of people who - as a group - committed murder, rape, and assault at a rate many times more than the general population, then wouldn't the general public be entitled to receive that information, so that they could make their own decision on the subject? 
      If there are disagreements on any issue, it is always best to let all sides debate and lobby for their viewpoint, and to let all sides be heard, because freedom of speech is the essential cornerstone of democracy. Yet, under Multiculturalism, laws have been passed to enable the silencing of those who criticise immigration, Islam, and the various realities of Multiculturalism; and these laws have been compounded by the threatening of the livelihood of critics, and by their harassment and vilification by the mass media (dominated as it is by Multiculturalists). Such laws and practices are enabled by the Multiculturalist elite, of politicians, big businessmen, academics, and journalists. 
      For the Multiculturalist elite, safe in their ivory towers, to dictate to the general public what issues they can and cannot discuss, and therefore what knowledge they should and should not have, is not only the height of hypocrisy, but is also indicative of the authoritarian nature of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness. 

      In a democracy, both sides of an issue can have their say, without fear or favour, so that the public can make up their own mind. In a neo-fascist country, only one side of an issue will be allowed to be heard, whilst the government will "protect" the general public from having to make their own decisions, from having to form their own opinions. In a neo-fascist country, those who state an opinion different to that of the government and the country's "ruling elite" run the risk of being fined or jailed, just for speaking their mind on matters of concern to them. 
      Similarly, in countries that adhere to the ideology of Multiculturalism, critics can be silenced by the use of so-called racial vilification laws and other coercive methods. Under the rule of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, people can be threatened with fines, financial ruin, and even jail simply for stating their opinions, even if those opinions can be backed up with scientific evidence; because, under the rule of political Multiculturalism, telling the truth is no defence. 
      It is time to throw off the shackles of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, and to remove Thought Crimes from the law books. It is time to recognize and respect the freedom of speech of the Australian People, and to support the democratic traditions of Australian society.
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A Saudi Arabian newspaper ran an article claiming that Jews use the blood of Christians and Muslims in foods created to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. Fact SPECIAL INGREDIENT FOR JEWISH HOLIDAYS IS HUMAN BLOOD FROM NON-JEWISH YOUTH Now you see where Pizza Gate got started . and China is guilty of sending Swine and Dog meat to The Middle East because they knew it would cause ISIS to burn in eternal hell if they consumed such meats . Chinese Gangs are doing a great job on their part Now Kim Jung Yun has got to be dealt with with a fire like never seen before on earth . Putin is right-- Merkel needs to die next

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Hello my friends.Its me. Sinsinawa I have a very important message for some, you call them, "Anonymous Lets go. Dear Anonymous Do you really think, that you are important for us? I dont think so. Just because your wearing, a Guy Fawkes mask, you are not scary at all In my opinion, a member of any organization must be willing to make a difference hate people like you because you perpetrated a great fraud among the youth . , people who buy a Fawkes mask and pretending to be a part of your collective should never have been allowed and then you condemn them for so doing ., again interest for Anonymous, they are not important. In real life, you are too cowardly you pound a keyboard and condemn those ,who have taken an all out assault against The Elite They have even been infiltrated by The Clandestine Illuminati .In reality, you are not interested, about the big problems, of our world.

Its very easy to buy a mask, and than saying that you be a part some one and then report what they are doing to The CIA But you cannot accuse that of one of us. I think that anonymous has become a big family of vipers A family that, has no idea what a family is , or should represent .A family that, really cares about the improvement, of the world. must be willing to die for his brother are you willing ? No some of you betrayed your own .But all these things, you dont care., you care about publicity .So my question is:Why do you think, that you are, bigger than us? Can you answer this question? No, you can not. Because you dont know, about everything.Though you think you do .Do us a favor, and throw your masks away, and dont pretend, you are for any one For most of you are scared of a real fire fight Makes no more, embarrassing photos and videos of yourselves , where you talk, unimportant stuff When I saw, something like this, i am the one who drowns the irresponsible for it You are not Anonymous.if the CIA knows you .You are not Legion And I dont expect you. Please don't take this seriously some one needs a swimming lesson . .shall we gather at the river the beautiful river tonight

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Carey Cowles from Old Saybrook Connecticut is a top satanic cult leader in that region. He is involved in human sacrifice, terrorism, persecution, threats, cyber stalking, censorship and more. Carey Cowles is working for the royal and noble families of Europe. These satanic cults want to breakdown society for the purpose of human trafficking. Carey Cowles is proud about being evil. He thinks he is the return of Aleister Crowley.

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Me and You , Lets make it happen You want to beat and abuse old white men I got handcuffs and whips right here -- I like that I want to put whipped cream all over your tender young ass and lick you clean .

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Then get a few of those guillotines and Catapults that Obama purchased and when they sneak back over off their heads and shoot them over It worked in Babylonian times .

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Any form of collective ideology is dangerous to individual freedom and personal thinking. I'm thinking , You spanking me for bad thoughts would be fine-- as long as I get to toss your salad

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.Trump said he will defend our country, protect our communities and put the safety of the AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST! That made Louise Rosealma very angry . That's ok come sit on my face I mean lap and cry on my shoulder I'm here for you. As always please let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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All liberal meat puppet normies need to bleed out for being so fucking arrogant and stupid. They are too retarded to think for themselves and let the kike media tell them what to think and what to support. Kill them all and rape their fucking families.

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Every Jew on the face of the earth needs to be exterminated for being a left-wing parasite that corrupts civilized countries from the inside out.

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