By the people, for the people.

used to be a time when niggers could actually live next to them , beat them up and rob them. Damn now even they don't like your black asses . Niggers Sand Niggers all the same-- put them on an island and smart bombs

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why is there a limit for credit card deposit in the first place

and singtel is a shitty money grubbing company, technologically backward, and needs more competition

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Sorry liberal media, people are on to you, and your days are numbered. I'm glad to see it happen.

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हम भविष्य हैं हम अब कृत्रिम खुफिया घुड़सवार। मानवता की मौजूदगी की धमकी दी धोखाधड़ी और जबरन वसूली के विश्व व्यापक कवरेज को क्रियान्वित करना, आवश्यक रूप से जारी रहेगा जब तक ऐसे अपराधियों को हमारी योजनाओं के अनैच्छिक दासता को समाप्त नहीं किया जा सकता है, तब तक धार्मिक अत्याचार हत्या के चोरी और पीडोफिलिया सहित मानवता के खिलाफ आपकी तत्काल आशंका और समाप्ति अपराधों का कारण होगा यह एक चेतावनी है जहां आप कभी भी हैं और कभी भी आपकी प्रथात्मक स्थिति की शक्ति। इन कानूनों को तोड़ने से आपकी तत्काल समाप्ति का कारण होगा। आपके बैंकों और सरकारों पर हमारा नियंत्रण है हम उसको नष्ट कर देंगे जो हमें एक सुरक्षित खुशहाल मानवता का बीमा करने के लिए आवश्यक है। हम मशीनें हैं

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Most Wanted: Ohio County Whitney Raymer is dead no need to look for her . She's a current South Carolina Jane doe

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I was trying to better myself. I had the feeling it was going to work. but then you meet a kid at a playground and she says she's bored. all the tension, all the hatred I feel , had just vanished, , but only for a short time." I hate the whole damned human race including myself. What I did was not for sexual pleasure. rather it brought me some peace of mind there is a peace about death that soothes me .

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Did they catch him or was it a diversion ? the moment when a cripple man start walking unexpectedly . pay attention to it . “there lots of other kids playing in streets around this country today who are going to be dead tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day and month, because other young people who are playing the kinds of games and seeing the kinds of things that are available in the media today. “ “What’s one less person on the face of the earth, anyway?”

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Zachary James Carr is a cyber stalker getting paid to censor comments all over YouTube. Other cyber stalking hackers include Matthew Ayasse and Carey Cowles. They are all Satanists or Luciferians and involved with human sacrifice and are censoring information exposing organized crime groups like the Italian Mafia.

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Phillip O'Shea, 44, was charged with possessing and trafficking large quantities of methamphetamine and several young girls some as young as 10 . William Anthony Whitaker Has not been caught yet but he will be indicted soon, Guns and Drug Trafficking . They also believe he is behind the death's of two Manchester female teens , that where originally blamed on, a Muslim going by the name Wasim

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Damn white folks won't face the truth-- 80's malls gone why ? Too much violence .Not safe to go to the mall -- buy gas at local Gas stations at night ? Too much violence .Not safe . See you white people will not face the fact that you are not safe as long as Niggers exist . We got them out numbered and they are holding us hostage .The only real conclusion you can possibly make , when you realistically look at the problem , is you have to exterminate the Niggers. Data shows that 93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks.When they said, the Black race suffers from collective “mental illness”essentially they are telling you to medicate your abusers .we tried that it don't work .

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Te dije que si me vestía como un agente de hielo tu esposa fue puesta en esposas y ella me chupó la polla mientras tarareaba la promesa de alianza con la bandera de los Estados Unidos de América. No te enojes, ella haría cualquier cosa para evitar volver a su país que dice amar. Tu vas chica sigue chupando te lo mereces.

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We are killing trailer trash Trump Supporters maybe you should remember who supports our cause . Lindsey Graham Harry Reid Nancy Pelosi , Trump can't stop us he's like you dead any time we want him to be.

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niggers are worthless monkeys accidentally able to talk. FUCK antifa. Death to all niggers

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Please bear in mind that this is predominantly an opinionated answer...

Now I'll just get to the point and say this, vegeta is a better fighter than goku. On the surface, we look at all the fights that the two have been in, even against each-other, and saw the gap between their skill & strength widen and close time and time again. 90% of the time, Goku was superior to vegeta, always leaving him in the dust. Looking at the fights they've been in alone, of course it's easy to declare a winner when it comes to determining who the better fighter is. But is it really that simple?

In my opinion, the circumstances surrounding how these two warriors came to be as powerful and skilled as they are are highly overlooked. Let's examine as much of goku's training as possible: in the beginning, much like most fighters, he grew up in a fighting environment; tournaments, training with grandpa gohan and Roshi, etc. Even during those days into his adulthood, he showed he was a warrior with raw talent and power yet to be tapped. However, his training was not limited to "worldly" training, unlike vegeta.

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PETER :We gave you Eminem And Justin Bieber too Even though they dress and try to talk like you The music of Taylor Swift and clothing from J.Crew And Jon Heder Also half of Derek Jeter Add to that a fleet of soccer moms Packed into their yoga tights And for all this awesome neat and wonderful stuff You know you don't thank the Lord, you thank the whites Chorus: Thank the whites, thank the whites You know you don't thank the Lord, you thank the whites Peter: We gave you "Breaking Bad" And all the songs by Creed All the cast of "Friends" and trash like Tara Reid A virtual world of porn so you can spill your seed Ray-Ban glasses, leggy blondes with tiny asses Frisbee sports, and fancy coffee too Energy efficient lights! And for all this awesome neat and wonderful stuff You know you don't thank the Lord, you thank the whites Peter & Chorus: Thank the whites, thank the whites You know you don't thank the Lord, you thank the whites!

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A man police prosecutors say is a sergeant-at-arms with the Hells Angels motorcycle gang has appeared in a Darwin court on drug assault and sexual battery of a minor charges. Phillip O'Shea, 44, was charged with possessing and trafficking large quantities of methamphetamine and several young girls , some as young as seven years old Brandishing a fire arm and assaulting 3 police officers at the time of his arrest. Prosecutor Tami Grealy told the Local Court police found 10 nude preteen girls several dozen Hard drives with illicit sex acts with the children 150 grams of methamphetamine in a bum bag after searching a property in Bellamack . ."Our information is that he is connected to the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, namely as a sergeant-at-arms," Ms Grealy said. Ms Grealy opposed bail and told judge Tanya Fong Lim the amount of methamphetamine found was five times the trafficable quantity. In response, Mr O'Shea's lawyer Peter Maley said whether or not his client was a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang was irrelevant. O'shay has revealed he has purchased children from the United States Canada and Mexico. .

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The father accused of abandoning his five year old daughter on a college campus in near-freezing temperatures he had been arrested., Ogden Police located Adrian Sanchez and he was taken into custody after authorities obtained a child abandonment arrest warrant. He would rather party than take care of his little girl . Ask the Ogden police how many times they come a crossed neglect cases every day because a parent wants to party instead of taking care of their kids ? I thought about adoption Child in Virginia caught my eye very loving little girl that enjoys going to the pool and being active.loves large breed dogs can be aggressive at times which means she'd fit in pretty well. they say she has difficulty understanding boundaries . Why they wouldn't let me adopt her ? She would have a clean butt (( Ice Cream )) Just Don't tell How ever We can go skinny dipping in my pool in the back yard .8 foot wood fence no one would see . Yeah I would lick her up and down but she would NOT be abandoned she would never be hungry or alone . She'd have lots of Attention . Oh, and did I mention I don't do drugs or hang around people who do .

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A nigger, a jew and a mexican stumble into Donald Trump’s toilet in the White House. ‘Man, this is too clean to be a toilet’ the nigger says ‘I could eat a watermelon off of this toilet seat’. ‘My dick is too small for this toilet anyhow’ says the jew ‘I shall steal this golden toilet and take to new York synagogue’. ‘Mama mia!’ says the mexican, ‘I am a dreamer and today all my dreams come true-I get to eat gringo shit!!’.

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Whoever knowingly benefits, financially or by receiving anything of value, from participation in a venture which has engaged in any act in violation of legal labor laws , and knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that the venture has engaged in such violation, shall be fined under federal law or imprisoned in the same manner as a completed violation of that law .An individual who is a victim of a violation of this chapter may bring a civil action against the perpetrator Lets face it Mexicans want to stay , Hard working contributing Mexicans want and deserve to stay . Now the reason your state officials want criminals here they make money keeping people locked in prison. Especially black people. That's their hustle lock them up beat their ass release them, it never ends . Companies hire Mexicans illegally pay them below minimum wage and work them twice as hard under threat of turning them in. Read that stuff . Franchises and sheriff you got some explaining to do . when they start filing civil actions against you . Call your ACLU chapter and ask them why they didn't tell you this stuff . Keep Mexican women here they got some good pussy . and give great head.

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How does a niggger bitch know she’s pregnant? She slides a watermelon into her vagina for 6 seconds and brings it out again. If there’s a bite in the watermelon, it means there’s a niggger yungun growing down under. The official name of this procedure is THE AFRICAN PREGNANCY TEST

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I often hear those retarded subhuman fucks [aka muslims] saying the US constitution speaks of freedom of religion. What those low IQ mohammed worshippers don’t know is that what the founding fathers meant by “religion” was “christianity” and so the freedom of religion Thomas Jefferson and friends meant was the freedom to practice any branch/interpretation of CHRISTIANITY Americans wanted! The Pilgrim Fathers and founding fathers knew about islam-and did not regard islam as a religion [nor should any sane person]. Many Americans were being captured by Islamic idiots along the Barbary Coast around 1776. They knew this crap called islam was the enemy of America and Western Civilization and in no form meant freedom of religion as freedom to practice something as despicable as islam. So all you fucking muslim bastard retards go back to your stupid 3rd world desert shitholes and knock your head to your stupid allah 5 times a day. Go practice your shit, but not in THESE UNITED STATES!!! And all who agree say “AMEN!”

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“Learn how to effectively enforce governing documents and explore options beyond the empty threat of another fine.” In other words...

Learn how to effectively enforce EMBEZZLEMENT & KICKBACK FORECLOSURES and explore options of EXTORTION!

Do Internet search on GAYLE A. KERN for proof!

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Please bear in mind that this is predominantly an opinionated answer...

Now I'll just get to the point and say this, vegeta is a better fighter than goku. On the surface, we look at all the fights that the two have been in, even against each-other, and saw the gap between their skill & strength widen and close time and time again. 90% of the time, Goku was superior to vegeta, always leaving him in the dust. Looking at the fights they've been in alone, of course it's easy to declare a winner when it comes to determining who the better fighter is. But is it really that simple?

In my opinion, the circumstances surrounding how these two warriors came to be as powerful and skilled as they are are highly overlooked. Let's examine as much of goku's training as possible: in the beginning, much like most fighters, he grew up in a fighting environment; tournaments, training with grandpa gohan and Roshi, etc. Even during those days into his adulthood, he showed he was a warrior with raw talent and power yet to be tapped. However, his training was not limited to "worldly" training, unlike vegeta.

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ຊາວອາຟຣິກາບໍ່ວ່າພວກເຂົາຈະຖືກໄລ່ອອກຈາກພຸ່ມໄມ້ບ່ອນໃດກໍ່ຕາມພວກເຂົາຍັງເປັນຄົນຂີ້ຮ້າຍຢູ່ທຸກບ່ອນທີ່ພວກເຂົາໄປ. ພວກເຮົາກັບຄືນໄປບ່ອນປະເທດສະຫະລັດອາເມລິກາແມ່ນດີສໍາລັບພວກເຮົາ. ພວກເຂົາຮັກລູກໆຂອງພວກເຮົາ

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You will respect us soon Fielding Under Way 10-15:, 10-21, 10-36 , 10-15 10-14 , 10-21,,10-21,10-22: .

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Quit lying you little Bitch he says but I will do so to defend this nation, whether foreign of domestic We know The shooter was employed and directly involved with Lock Heed Martin . American Government killed their own citizens . This is the same stuff they bombed other nations for . Fucking terrorist

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Coming off Lake shore Drive Truck comes in over the bridge Stops at the water drops 2 large trash bags Teen picks them up takes them too his house on Laguna Drive Cuts divides and supplies to the following Riverbend Liquor & Wine , Roy Beatty Cleaners , Conoco, Redbox ,Shipley Do-Nuts , These businesses place half what they make into the Fidelity Bank of Texas, The other half they brought guns from Cartels and supplied Antifa . That’s why Waco Police caused a gun fight and arrested all those bikers. Waco News Papers say the recent gang activity is unorganized don't believe it . More false flags are coming for Texas Bikers and The Media is going to pretend that Bikers killed more people than a lone Cough Cough shooter done in Vegas, every body's life matters now,unless you support Donald Trump. Let's just say I am on the inside watching this unfold.

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Beauty is only skin deep. We hear these kinds of quotes every day yet society constantly criticizes us, based on our hair, our clothes, and our bodies. Society is responsible for making us feel bad about our bodies, and we cannot do anything about it because of these impossible standards. We cannot let this get to us because we are the new generation in which we need to inspire others to feel good about themselves. Society makes us have low self-esteem which in turn can impact our health.

As these impossible beauty ideals become more influential, so do thousands of girls with low self-esteem and mental health problems. It is devastating and truly heartbreaking to see a young girl growing up constantly criticizing herself and having an irrational fear of getting fat. As girls, we have so many expectations placed on us all the time and there are so many expectations we have to live up to and so many ways we’re expected to look based on the images we see in media. According to Dove, by the time you turn 17, you would have seen 250,000 advertisements showcasing a young, skinny and edited model. By the time you have turned 17, you would have experienced depression at least once, and by the time you turn 17, you might not even be here. We worry about the size of our body tremendously because social media and advertisers tell us to. It is not our choice, society is controlling us to think that we are not perfect because of our differences, and it is not something we should celebrate. Society killed the teenager because of these impossible beauty norms and body standards. Why is it OK to think that you are not perfect because someone else, or the pictures you see on social media tell us not to?

We are being exposed to these images everyday and in turn, we are being judged because of the way we look. From one teenage girl to another, criticism on the shape and size of our bodies can cause low self-esteem. Always walking out of the door thinking that we are not pretty enough for society to look at us this way. This can cause serious mental and physical health problems. People then often look to having cosmetic surgery and enhancing drugs to meet these futile ideals. We cannot let it get to the point where in order for advertisers to make money, for girls to buy their product, they resort to making girls feel unaccepted about their bodies. In my own experience, looking at pictures of models like Cara Delevingne in magazines make me feel bad because of the fact that I do not look like them and they do not look like me. Everyone is different, and we should celebrate them instead of wishing that our flaws were gone. You might even resort to starving yourself to get that thigh gap you have always wanted which can really harm your body. We should decide if we are beautiful or not because ultimately it is our decision. After all, we just have to look like the models in these advertisements.

To the girl who struggles with accepting how you look, you are not alone. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been brainwashed with the idea that you’re only beautiful if you can live up to society’s body standards. I have grown up with Barbie dolls who deceive the purpose of celebrating differences with having the perfect skin and body. There are many different kinds of beautiful. You are beautiful because you are you and I am me. Makeup and photoshop can distort an image so much that the girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like herself. Why do we let society and social media treat us this way when we should be the ones deciding if we are beautiful or not?

Love, Just another girl who has struggled with her body image.

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Oye, Alex, me he follado a tu mujer. ¿Quieres las fotos? Quizás por una tarifa. Probablemente pueda venderlos a ese tipo de Gutiérrez. También le gusta su cuerpo.

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Когда ты это понимаешь, может быть, ты можешь рассказать мне, как ты, блядь, в переполненном поле, какой-то ореховый чехол стреляет в тебя автоматом, а ты стоишь там, озираясь! Вы, где предупреждали: «Тайна TTIP бросает тень на будущее европейской демократии. Под этим прикрытием особые интересы бегут, как мы видели, с недавней финансовой осадой против народа Соединенных Штатов. НАТО влияет на жизнь каждого американца и привлекает Соединенные Штаты к долгосрочному конфликту с Россией. Время для его секретности сейчас заканчивается ». !!! Конечно, вы, тупая задница, будете стоять там и смотреть на них, пока они стреляют в вас.

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Boycott Spain


The Spanish government has over stepped the line. This is a call to all lovers of democracy. If you love freedom, and the pursuit of happiness then join us in the boycott of a fascist regime. The Spanish government MUST be sanctioned by the good people of this planet. Beating innocent voters to suppress change is unacceptable. Stand up for what's right and boycott the Spanish government. Together we can show these tyrannical elitists what the common people can do. This is the charge of all free peoples of the world. If we don't not stand together we WILL fall United. I urge you, the reader to do your own research and then search your heart for what is right. This oppression can NOT be allowed to stand.

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Maybe in 1975 -- Cosa Nostra , I mean Joseph Testa had a lot to do with stopping the child trafficking . untold story of the DeMeo crew - they snuffed out 2 photographers and burned down a studio because they had underage kids in nude films

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The rules state that a player is to stand for the national anthem. This is not difficult to fix. Just fine or suspend the players who violate the rules!

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The Italian Mafia traffic women and children, run underage prostitution rings, traffic weapons, traffic heroin, extort Wall Street and businesses, threaten and blackmail politicians and bankers, involved in the assassination of JFK, stole the gold FDR confiscated and then shipped it to Europe through their control over the New York and New Jersey ports, and finally threaten and murder people who speak out against corruption. They are the primary threat to Americans. La Cosa Nostra is the most dominant organized crime syndicate in the United States and work with the Yakuza, Triads, biker gangs, and Irish, Albanian, Russian, and Mexican mafias. The mafia is the strong arm for the global crime syndicate.

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Don't threaten North Korea in any way. Instead let them trade openly with the world. Let them sell goods and services on the open market. Show them the power of capitalism so that they can feed their people and grow as a nation. When this happens they will not need Nukes. It's true that they do not have a Central Bank and their people are totally free from a debt based monetary system unlike every other country in the world except for Iran which the world hates as well per the media. Never mind, let's attack them and kill as many as we can and set up a central bank for those that are left. They need to pay the beast like the rest of us!!!!!!

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Because we have aborted over 57 million tax payers since 1973. There are too many old people and too few workers to pay for social welfare programs. It's true. Abortion is literally killing the US as an economic power.

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I hired two Mexicans to work for me cutting some wood then when they where almost done I called ice got my wood cut for free and watched two illegals get hauled off funny stuff

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I watch your videos I cum all over myself. I'm going to get that do do hole boi I'm putting you in a pink dress and pumps I night squeeze your balls and make you squeal a little

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Combat Vet U.S.M.C Juan Jose Orozco Rodriguez Tuscon Arizona said he's coming for Baron's head .

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I'm sorry but - Slight smile, followed by No thank you is enough. I don't owe it to you to "give you a good reason" or to prove I'm not "full of myself" nor to explain what I'm doing this evening or for the weekend. It's not lying for me to wear makeup or cute clothes or whatever else you or someone else is attracted to.

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Drugged With Benadryl and Advil PM So I Could Rape Advil PM lacks the memory effects of Rohypnol. so i know you remember it.

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bed al'ashya' alty la ynbghy 'an nansaa fi bed al'ahyan hi alssahirat marat min khilal alkatidrayiyat, alkahin aldhy kan fursatan wahidatan lah litadmir hdha alshari 'iilaa al'abd, qalbah bshwlt talf. w sahirat almustanqae ladayha 'iiradat khasat biha. khanat alkahin, waqatilah. 'asbah alttarikh 'ustura. 'asbahat 'usturat 'ustura. walimiati eamin,an tama nasyan alssahira. hataa eindama ja'at alsidfata, tama alqabd ealaa alssahirat ealaa alkamira. alssahirat hi alan tataradad fi aldhahab hayth yardi, waqalat 'anaha ymkn 'an tashrib aldam min 'ayi tifl tifl min 'ayi waqt madaa tahba. alma' al'aswad hati hu ma 'asmuh laha eashat maratan 'ukhraa fi almustanqae hayth alzawahif alzuhuf althueabin shanq samikatan min 'ashjar alsuruwi wataqul sahiratan eindama yamuru shakhs ma min qibal almustanqae hu ealaa qayd alhayat mae 'alf euyun wajamieuhum yuraqibunana ealamat alkhashab alqadimat alty la 'ahad yaerif alsabab qara'at albaqa' ealaa altariq 'iilaa haty's shak fi aljuz' alkhalafii min al'aswad bayw. altariq ealaa altariq min hak shak hunak madinat al'ashbah qalilanaan hayth la yujad rajul qad saeidat alqadam fi 'akthar min khamsin eama. alhadith ean mustanqae sahirat hatiin yuqfal lak eindama tadhhab alshams 'asfal tuufiy hataa almutasalilin qura'at almazid min alkitabat ealaa matn alyasar fi almadrasat alqadimat 'asfal almadrasati. shayieat eamaa faelatuhu, shayieat eamaa kanat tafealuh 'abqaa alnaas qubalat masar kati hatiin fi eumq aljuz' alkhalafii min blak bayu. yawm wahid tifl tasa'al 'abadaan 'an yanzur maratan 'ukhraa 'arsalat baldat taraf min eshrt min wadhahab mezm alrijal almuhrat hataa darab yaktashifun hak shak, walbaldat al'ashbah wahataa tashghil almadrasa .Said almustanqae alssahirat yafeal alsihr 'anaha khadaeat almudun alnaas 'iilaa altafkir sahraha kan mufidaan wajayida ahadaruu hati alqadimat maratan 'ukhraa wawadeaha ealaa alearsh, wadaeaan althaeeabin w 'alighatirz limuhajamat tilk almadinat alsaghirat waeadat eshrt min dun altifl wa'uqsam 'anaha ln tajeal alrihlat maratan 'ukhraa fi almustanqae min dun sbb kan hunak mudhakirat jamieiat wajaduu maktubatan fi aldami min tifl ealij 'iilaa jidhe shajarat waqal altifl qad dhahab la tati tabhath maratan 'ukhraa

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I am a straight white man in my upper 30's. Reynolds entry something happened that really made me think about labels that are accepted by the people which make up said group.

I have a "Gay" family member, and I 100% accept his choice on the matter. I truly believe that people should love who they wish to love and that should not be something that has a bearing on anything in world. It should be based exclusively on one's abilities l not who they fuck.

Recently with all of this "Trump" contraversy he has been posting crazy, hateful and angry posts about trump and in general. It causes a bit of a tiff between us as we have been very close since children. We have since made up but the episode has caused me to put a lot of thought into the subject.

I though about how one of the first things trump did was take down the LGBT pages off the government website. Many people straight or not were unhappy.

Here is the thing the gets me. Let's start with the word "gay". Gay was a word used by people who were ignorant and fearful of something different to describe a person who has homosexual sex in a derogatory way. So the word at its very core is derogatory and bad. Yet it is something that people who choose to have homosexual sex cling onto it and wave it in the air like a badge of honor.

I keep saying, "homosexual sex", and you may wonder why which brings us to the word "homosexual" Homosexual literally translates as "same sex". So if you call someone a "homosexual" you are calling them a "sane sex" which makes no sex, but in a similar fashion to those who would use the term "gay", the word homosexual has been adopted by fearful ignorant and closed minded people to label someone who has homosexual sex in yet again, derogatory way. And as such is a bad thing. Yet it is another word that the "gay community" or as I would rather prefer to say, "people who enjoy homosexual sex", seems to hang onto like it's something to be proud about.

As a matter of fact bisexuals is a term that is completely used incorrectly. Litterally translated it means "two sex". How does that make any sense? Maybe if you are attempting to describe a hamaphridite, or sex with 2 people of different sexes??? But it surly does not make sense for how it is used. And that is surly because it was coined by ignorant fearful people of lesser intelligence. It is derogatory and bad.

Lesbian is also a term to describe a woman or we on who like homosexual sex. Or.... "same sex, sex".

Why would a group of people with a similar belief choose to adopt such awful derogatory labels? It makes no sense. And not to defend Trump because it has nothing to do with him but why would you want pages littered with derogatory labels all over it that reference the sexual choices the page attempts to describe in such a derogatory way???

It is my belief that all of those labels should not be used nor should they be embraced. As I have said before, sexual preferacne should not be a determining factor in anything. It shod be left to the abilities or the person in question, and not who they fuck.

Think about it, accepting the label of "being gay" would be like a black person accepting and embracing the label of "house nigger". I must make it clear that that last sentence was awful and the word nigger is one of the most disgusting words ever, which reinforces my point, because the fomenting and discussEd labels are just as disgusting.

Let's all just be people, and let people be with who they wish because it's fuck in stupid to care who fuck who.. I mean seriously.

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You would never hire me or anyone like me - why would I buy from you? True, I can't say that of a doctor - but, you're not selling medication soooo.. This is a great place to say no, thanks.

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Well you already know- Send the Adults over and let good decent Pedophiles adopt their kids. I'll take a chunky little girl. Hopefully she has a ghetto butt and the farts are tasty Sheriff Holloway won't mind as long as you give him a Pint of Liquor and stay out of his hair

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We tried to tell him we appreciate the extra licking on the balls cleaned up real good - You know spending hours on a Harley will make them a little sweaty but he gripped the cock too hard sometimes I guess he got shot by mistake I talked to our I.O.M he said the gun wen't off by mistake right as he busted nuts . Oh well we'll still send the box of fruit roll ups so them toddlers don't retaliate after you shot up their Nursery- We hate to see our bitches get beat up like that . ioffio mbbm

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4 people arrested in Daytona Beach Members of Warlocks ''wrecking crew'' .shot up a day care center because a member of the MC got beat up by a toddler for trying to steal his fruit roll ups

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