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so in school my boyfriend for 3 weeks told me to meet with him after school and i was like for what and he said we're going to do something different so i was like ok when i was there i not going to lie i was very horny and i wanted to have sex right there so its about 2am and were behind the school he sad a blanket and he said wanna do it? and that he had a condom so i was like ok so he put the blanket down i laid on it and taked my pants off and he did so he put my tshirt and ate me and then he stuck it in and then when that was done i left after that he never talked to me again i feel stupid
posted to school by Stevie, Manager of Evil (8 comments)

Rex, Clerk of Arts and Crafts,
why in the world would you do that, no person in their right mind would do that. i am not trying to make you feel bad or stupid but to tell you the truth he was just using you for sex because hes a loser. NEVER EVER EVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN! You lost your innocents to that guy and especially at 2am in the morning the only reason he wanted to do it somewhere around the school is because it has n meaning. I feel really bad for you. 
Rex, Shaman of the Homeless,
You know why you should feel stupid? All the times you skipped school you could have been learning to read and write, so that you wouldn't look like a retard when you posted such a stupid comment on the internet. He probably never talked to you again because you have trouble with periods. That's a joke, figure it out.
Taylor, Gigolo of Space,

Shut up my grammer is just like that some times So quite being so fucking mean or I ............. Sorry trying to stop my language

Harper, Illusionist of the Poor,
Hey I did the same thing with a boy.. but not sex .. We were at the movies and I have known this boy forever we dated a couple times but nothing really serious.... So i go to the movies (FYI we have been talking fro about a week)  so anyways i go to the movies with him and we got there early so we go behind the movie theater and we start making out then he pulls down my pants and start fingering me then i  gave him a blowjob. Then he ate me out a little bit, then we make out again. then we go into the movie and he starts fingering me there and I'm trying to be very quite then... i give him a handjob too! So he starts making out with me then stops and says I Love You then kiss my forehead and stared into my eyes which was amazing I'm not gunna lie. Then after the movie we hugged goodbye! We texted for 2 days after that then we just stopped talking........ that rumor got around school and what not :P oh well but then I saw him at the pool for the first time since that and it was awkward but we still talked and stuff.... I'm not judging you but you only knew the guy for 3 weeks.. I knew mine since kindergarten..
Rebecca, Architect of the IT department,
To be honest, I can't say it was a totally clever thing to do in the first place. But any boy who treats a girl like that isn't worth it. Clearly, he was only interested in what you could give him sexually. Next time, my advice would be wait to get to know a boy 100% before making any moves like that not only that make sure he 100% know's you and would respect you for saying no. But everything does happen for a reason, so maybe this is a lesson learnt. there's no point dwelling on the past. Just have to learn from the experience and move on. 
Charlie, Breeder of the Rich,
Hey, but no offence you should've really taken more time to get to know him, I apprechiate the whole spur of the moment thing and all but if you've only been together three weeks you shouldn't be at that stage yet! And really 2am, on a blanket, near your school? Sounds horrible and totally unromantic , any guy who would even consider doing that with me would be given a good kick, you need a guy who's going to treat you properly not have sex with you in the open like some porn film and then ditch you, sorry but by consenting to it you had this comming.
Harper, Fashion Designer of the Financial Services department,
you are stupid. holy shit. maybe you should, i don't know, wait a few months before sex when in a new relationship. how about you spend more time learning at school than fucking around with scum bags and maybe you could actually learn some proper grammar. 
Harper, Summoner of the Idealistic,
Bad ass! One day my boyfriend told me to meet him after school (like you) and I said ok. I was soooo exicted. He took me into the class room. And he said he didn't want a condom he wanted to knock me up good. I was quite young so I was very romanced and exicted. He took off my clothes and laid me on the desk. The next morning they found us and I was taken home in disgust!