Higher Education.

No one's tired because they know it's the truth . big lipped flat nosed savages Trump called it they are from shit hole countries and the people are walking turds . Rich man travelin' down thru the South Stopped in Mississippi to get a tooth pulled out When he paid the doctor the charges due He said "My nigger chauffer's got a bad tooth, too" "Well, I'll pull it...", said the doc, "but you'd better not holler! Cause I'll have to charge you $200.00 Cause here in Mississippi he can't open his mouth We'll have to go thru his bottom, to get the thing out!"

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Dana, Funeral Director of the Homeless,

Sure your ilk agrees with you - the same ilk that tells me that when I complain because I worked same as my colleague next to me but her light skinned self was not insulted and yelled at and denigrated because a client felt ignored - all you so called jokes are the reason that's ok. And my "focus on race" is a problem - yours is righteous.

But please ....let society continue to tell me that I "imagine" racism.