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the destroyer of cities, has scattered the Dasryu sprang from a black womb." Rig veda. II 20.6 Naga half man half snake- a destroyer - Naga , Niga , Nigra , Nigro , all mean black or scaled skin want proof ? Most blacks , use lotion tons of it especially on the elbows and knee their skin scales up they have no oil white people get pimples we have oil in our skin Reptilians don't Of course in a spelling contest I put my money on the snake

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Ash, Observer of Time,

Oh and Black Jews -- Ephesians 3:6 through the gospel the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, No Gentile could have heard the Gospel unless it was carried to them by the Jews , and that was done because they went to Europe not Egypt Like Yehusha said the thief comes only to kill steal and destroy and The destroyer sprang from a black womb look at EVERY Naga city a crossed the world open your eyes white man the only way the world will know peace is if we eliminate the Naga from the equation