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Trump takes the deep state down. Media wants to take Trump down I want to take your pants down. Me you and a Klondike bar , wouldn't that be fun ?

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Bobbie, Pope of Time,

Deep state?!? I guess you also believe in a flat earth, the illuminati, unicorns, etc.

Peyton, Administrator of the Homeless,

The deep state is the intelligence apparatus, CIA, FBI to a point, NSA, exists FOR REAL. SOME in the Deeps State have an agenda that is not good that is REAL. Others are serious patriots that fight those in the deep state that are more global government minded and would surrender US sovereignty. There is a type of civil war in the Deep State right now. MOST of the military is more loyal to the US as an independent nation state, and thus WHY Trump has surrounded himself with current and former military people. He can trust most of them.

Rook, Investigator of the Homeless,

Seven Super Girls I volunteer to sniff your socks and panties please . Poop stains a plus