Higher Education.

knowledge is power. white america kills brothers like furious, simply because their minds give them so much knowledge, and knowledge = power. whites don't wanna see colored people empowered.Reason I say this is stupid is Africa Somalia Europe America - It doesn't matter where you put Black people they cannot keep up with other races . Don't think I'm the one being racist even though my race where blamed for the last twenty years for black genetics You just can't blame the social degeneration of an area on racist ideologies. There are white slums too and only the ignorant people of those areas blame a separate race for purposefully making it that way. they sell you Opiates and Cocaine because you're dumb enough to buy it .You're dumb enough to use it , and you need to overdose . Just go ahead and hotshot yourselves . The only one who will care is the guy that has to collect the body . .

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