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There should be more action on how child care providers can identify the signs of neglect as well as clear cut responsibilities for reporting child neglect or maltreatment. Neglected Children are the ones guys like me target . A repeatedly poorly dressed child, unkempt children and kids with constantly smelly clothes their peers will shun them they'll be all alone on the playground. I'll notice it because my wifi camera is facing the school playground. The parent is always complaining, accusing and blaming the child, or as the child puts it ,.they can't do nothing right .Everybody wants to protect their Children from the big bad molester guy so, I'm telling you what we target the most. statistics show you won't listen , until the child comes right out and tells you that molester guy put ice cream on my ass crack and licked it off . you might as well drop the kid off at my house at least I'll do what society didn't do-- make the kid feel special . As any child should feel.

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Why didn't you go to college? Why weren't you more resilient? Why didn't you say no to drugs? Why did you get off your medications? Why? The saddest thing in life is wasted talent...if only you would apply your thoughts to something more productive smh. Sad, sad world we live in. People are getting dumber and lazier. What the fuck happened to us?

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