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why not put your monies together build what you need to replicate that remote box they talked about- hack the cable companies and do some crazy stuff , like dress up as a Reptilian Alien and say in a Hypnotic voice I'm coming to eat you resistance is futile even make it better swing a watch back and forth while you do it. Cut the broadcast off then a minute or so later come back on and show a small video of reptilians eating a human .

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Ash, Lord of the Poor,

What in Gods name are you talking about? That isn't Vault 7 you idiot! That was Vault 69. You're supposed to replicate the other box they were talking about- hack the white house and stop them from doing any more crazy shit to this country, dress up like a Republican Candidate and say in a red neck voice "I;m not racist, I've got a black friend". As you twirl a lynch rope around your finger. Then cut the broadcast and make marijuana legal Earthwide with the catchphrase "Ask not what weed can do for you, but what all can you do with your weed?"

Halley, Deviant of Good,

I'm not Snapchat hoppi357 even though he's a funny little feller- I thought for guys like him (( you described to a T.)) turn on his phone-- hit some static and start a police like conversation have you got target random number - then give his address - Hell , you can do that to a few phones in Mt. Airy N.C You have targets in, sector ---- subject for termination and give their street names . . a two block radius -

Ash, Lord of the Poor,