Higher Education.

They are wanting whites and Asians out of Collage and more Blacks in-- Average nigger has a 70 IQ Mild mental retardation: IQ 50–55 how in the hell you going to put them in Collage when the IQ is barely above retard ? White people have 110-120 avg Superior intelligence . Yes we're Neanderthals so you say-- but Neanderthals had bigger brains therefore smarter . Niggers ain't nothing but a Bunch of spear chucking Savages . A World Without Black People less violence - no racial tensions we'd have nicer things , be able to keep a door unlocked No need for law enforcement - don't believe ? test it kill all the niggers off and see for yourself. kill their women their children kill them all .

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Ash, Paladin of the Unimaginable Terror,

yeah, noone is wanting White or Asian students out of "Collage". Most consider those people more reliable, more attractive and more desirable.

SOME are following or even promoting a nod to statistical balance and the result has been that at times, students with better grades are bumped by those who have lesser grades to give one or 2 of less advantaged a shot.

That is nowhere NEAR being - "They are wanting Asians and Whites out of 'Collage'.

And your post has NOTHING to do with injustice towards incoming college students and everything to do with using that situation as a lead in to your violent and denigrating rants towards black people.

Ash, Druid of the IT department,

I would fucking love to see where you got that from cause I couldn't find a legitimate source for what your saying. I even asked my friend at Harvard earlier today and got called a dumbass because of how ridiculous it sounded coming from my mouth. So let me lay some ground facts for you. 1. In today's world the IQ test isn't seen as an intelligence test, cause you'd score a 30 or bellow. 2. Although the charts between violence and black neighborhoods line up do you want to know what else lines up with it? Poverty which lines up 96.4% of the time unlike blacks which is 64.5% of the time, and almost as good is the chart that shows where social services are available which is 89.7%. 3. If you wanna talk fucking chivalry, whites have almost always resorted to violence where as only the publicized African groups did, which means your only insight is the MEDIA!!! I though that was a left wing thing? You're just another racist, white supremacist piece of shit. You think I'm lying look at any college that shows its stats and the numbers will be really close. Try and prove me wrong, I'd love to see someone show indispensable evidence that I'm wrong.

Adrian, Manager of the Hungry,

Harvard ? LOL. During the last hundred years, the debate over the meaning of race has retained a highly consistent core that whites and Blacks are the same , Harvard is the top school that tried to push the lie that every one came from Africa--but These collages lost their credibility when their graduates cannot determine what Gender they are lol. how many are there now ? 675 ? Bruce Lahn, a professor of human genetics at the University of Chicago, stood before a packed lecture hall and reported the results of a new DNA analysis: He had found signs of recent evolution in the brains of some people, but not of others. What Dr. Lahn told his audience was that genetic changes over the past several thousand years might be linked to brain size and intelligence. He flashed maps that showed the changes had taken hold and spread widely in Europe, Asia and the Americas, but weren't common in sub-Saharan Africa. Professor Linda S. Gottfredson did studies that shut your Harvard professor down Relative Ranking of Races on Diverse Variables Blacks IQ test scores 85 Cultural Achievements Low , Whites IQ test scores 100 Cultural Achievements High Orientals IQ test scores 107 Cultural Achievements High