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I can see , Lucy Gray‚Äč of Atlanta G.A is gonna have some serious explaining to do now Obama is gone and Trump took her food stamps a way .she tested positive on her drug test - . What she gonna tell her husband ? never mind all that won't matter to him, she can't get food stamps and pay her husband's crack habit. Maybe Noteefer's can riot on his behalf. Because trump took the food stamps a way from poor old Lucy Gray . Now The baby got's no Gerber and daddy too sorry to pick that cotton.

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Brett, Embalmer of the Financial Services department,

and yay we all have specialtys and finance aint mine...bahahaha..... for sure i waste frivlously a failing...but i do think i am getting better, least i know when i shoot mysself in the foot and seemed like a good idea at the goes on

Brett, Embalmer of the Financial Services department,

am i at fault for "looking" really i was considering the possiblitys and one was about meating of minds...freaky stuff and concepts break brains...hummmmm gezzz for moi i dont believe it is a good thing...for a great many reasons i think some peeps see stufff diferently and who am i to say maybe that is their path shrug...i know i idk not run usually by wander off and find something better to my journey i have been damaged ...i addressed it and MOVED ALONG...i dont have to deal to much with issues and i am comfortable with how my reactions are in terms of my beliefs my assessment of damaging to me and for me...common sense...i could spend my life on the whys and hows and the wtf butttt....idk in deep thought and focused on MY journey i can only stare in wonder...and that's rude.....lmao...what a livfe i have far :D