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Guys are Visual -- when it comes to females . their Penis gets hard At least you know if his endowment is too your liking. Feminist don't allow Man Spreading -- because they are ugly and stupid and can't get a guy any way. - If you learn how to please that Penis (( Guys Brag about how good you are )) Then you Too can be passed around like a foot ball and run around the neighborhood asking every body for a D.N.A test until you find the daddy. Speaking of daddy He has a Penis - If you assure him you won't tell mommy- he can teach you how to take care of the Penis.

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Feminists have nothing to do with whether or not manspreading happens. Plenty of feminists can get men. Plenty of feminists do get men. So what you're saying is the worst thing a woman can do is learn how to please the penis. Ooops, sorry - Penis. OK, got that message.