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Ok, there is a girl in my eighth grade class who likes a much younger boy.  She is fourteen, he is ten in fifth grade.  This girl has always been sort of a bully, always loves to choose a vulnerable person and beat them verbally and in some cases even physically.  This was bad enough, but at our old school we were able to pressure her not to hurt people.  Our old school shut down last spring and since then she has been much, much worse.  Now she likes a younger boy.  You know how fifth grade boys love attention from older girls, right?  He loves it.  Well, my fear is not that she will attack him or anything, but there are some things eighth grade girls tend to know about how babies are made and such that a fifth grade boy has no business knowing.  She likes that area of her knowledge and I'm a little worried she might teach him some of it (accidentally maybe).  Remember this girl has no idea AT ALL where to draw the line in ANYTHING.  Am I being paranoid?
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Max, Fashionista of Justice,
we are at an age that children are learning fASTER AND FASTER IT'S JUST NATURALLY GOING TO HAPPEN it"s natural.... SO LET IT HAPPEN
Brett, Cleric of Imagination,
It's inappropriate for a 14 year old to date a 10 year old.  You should speak to his parents and clue them in on what's going on.