Higher Education.

Hello anyone reading this, thanks for taking the time and hopefully taking more time to comment. I do, truly appreciate it.

  I'm 16, just finishing grade 10. My passion is photography and my dream is to become a successful photojournalist for a major company like Nat Geo.

The problem is: * I genuinely hate High School*

I've had a tough upbringing and it's all taught me that following what makes me happy should be of top priority in my life. I value my family and happiness much more than an education earned in a "traditional" manor.

The way I see it there's no time to waste. And i'm not making this decision out of anger or desperation. I've thought about this for a long time and I still believe that there is more value in an alternate route for my life.

BOTTOM LINE: Would it be so wrong and doomed if I chose to leave High School, use the 2-3 years that would have been spent earning a diploma on earning work and irreplacable life experience AND money to support my dream as a photographer THEN at the age of 18 (the age I would have received a diploma anyway) take a GED exam (National equivalent to a Diploma) and continue on to higher education from then on IF I CHOOSE.

           Would that be so difficult and backbreaking that I'd be damned to min. wage and unhappiness for the rest of my life like people have been telling me!?

                  No matter how many times other people try to tell me what will happen to **my** life if I drop out, *no one* can predict the twists and turns that lead a person to were and who they will be.

** SOOO, with all that considered, I would very much appreciate some advice or words of experience on my ideas and predicament. (leave out any "You shouldn't do this!!" "you don't know how hard it'll be!" or "you'll only be able to get min. wage!")**

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Dana, Chef of Generosity,

i dont believe you should quit highschool, I too love photography and would love to be a photographer but you can practice your photography and go to highschool! you have a higher chance of getting a job if you fo complete high school