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i am 17 years of existance and i hail from Johannesburg South Africa. Now, i am seriously cofused and i need some advice. My English Teacher is seriously hot! she really would literally award you an instant erection if she rubbed past you and what's worse, she comes to class in very short miniskirts and most of us boys cannot 'cool off' during class. Of late, she has been kinda making me uncomfortable. she singles me out to do small stuff for her like clean the blackbord, arrange her books on the desk, blah blah blah. She even asked me if i wanted to come up to her place to watch a movie with her coz she said she was lonely and her husband was out of town. I was shocked but i did not want to, so i lied to her that my moms had sent me on some errand at that time. Yesterday, she asked me to see her in her office later on after school. I thought nothing out of the ordinally with that. After school, I walked in to her office and she asked me to sit down. she then sat in front of me on the desk wearing a very provocative floral dress which exposed her legs up the knee. I instantly had an erection and tried to hide it very ashamed. she noticed of course and she laughed. she then spread her legs out and i noticed she was not with her underwear. I stood up and ran out of the room shocked because this woman who was my teacher is precisely that, my teacher. she is married and i had some respect for her. so you can understand my reaction. I mean what was i supposed to do. I mean, watching porn, yeah, i do with my friends but this was the real thing. I did not go to school today coz i am afraid of facing her again. i faked an illness and my moms does not know anything. Why me? Am not rich, muscular or handsome... why would she choose me over the other guys? Some serious advice needed here please.....
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Ash, Elementalist of Light,
I agree...fuck her...then have her teach you some grammer and spelling, you need it.