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hey ! where is Your underwear ? being a favorite you tube video alicja gajewska can I taste your daughter please ?

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I never said a word . I got the child out , took him to my house licked his balls and jacked off on his ass . Then I bathed him and took him to the police station. Yummy baby balls .

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Child grooming is often missed by parents. because most kids that are groomed for sex, the parents don't care about them. local authorities hit targets set by the government ,and children's services are rewarded with extra funding. People who still can fight, please understand that now is the time to do so. Jessyca Mullenberg

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Springfield station Some train wrecks occur when drivers exceed the posted speed limit , the cars go off the rails because the brakes weren't used correctly. Or faulty equipment or track defects . YOU BEEN WARNED DON"T PISS OFF THE MECHANICS- DC METRO

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Ingredients of Meth Most of the chemicals used to make methamphetamine are not dangerous, but some of them are hazardous by themselves. Here are some of the common chemicals and ingredients that can be used to produce meth: Acetone Anhydrous ammonia Battery acid (sulfuric acid) Brake cleaner (toluene) Cold tablets containing pseudoephedrine Drain cleaner (sodium hydroxide) Freon Iodine crystals Paint thinner Reactive metals (sodium or lithium) Red phosphorus Starting fluid (ether) If you see any of the above ingredients stockpiled in greater than usual amounts, it could be an indication that someone is operating a meth lab. Swatt the Meth labs . Tell them YOU are making a bomb and you are going to blow up a federal building .

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I might go there death death blood blood exciting

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wahuna ma tafealuhu, watadhhab 'iilaa almuttajir tashtari lak dalu khmst ghalun mae ghata'a, wamil' mae albinziin, walshsharit wiea' yahtawi ealaa nazafat aistinzaf alssayil 'iilaa janib 'ann dalw. ynbghy 'an yatimm dhlk ealiaan ealaa mabnaa ldhlk kunt beyda ean al'anzar walnnas sawf 'adnah la yaerifun aljahim qadam. eindama taraa 'akthar min khmst masihiiyn waqifaan dun alhubut aldhy dalaw ealayha

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MICHAEL MOORE said , he will make The Leader of the Hell's Angels suck his dick in front of his old lady . You have my number 818-687-8642 make arrangements with me I will take you to MICHAEL MOORE

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Usted da el OK para aplastar una carne de vaca dar una tontería un arma, lo trae de nuevo, el próximo hombre va a usar la misma pistola, y traer de vuelta a usted, sí. Tomé tus nueve juan y lo metí dentro de un coche de la policía estatal de Ohio. ¿Cuántos juegos de impresiones hay en él? North East Side qué broma

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pink princess costumes and got them to use "a bad I thought it was great !! Domestic Violence Campaign they did has a serious message - yes we all want to beat the snot out of a mouthy ass woman, but you got to be one weak ass man to actually do it. Little blond- isn't 1 out of 4 women beaten , Now I hope they address guys like me-- I would love to put Iced Cream on her ass and lick every bit of it off . After she poops-

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Despite popular representations of killers who just can't stop murdering, serial killer sprees can often stop for years at a time. In those cases, a clutch of bodies is found with evidence that indicates that a single serial killer murdered remember that – They get caught primarily because they find the bodies. But if no other evidence comes forward after that, there's not much police can do except wait for the next spree and hope to find evidence left on the body or a weapon that was used, DNA. “I threw the body pieces into a pot, added seven kilos of drain cleaner, which I had bought from several different counties, and stirred the whole mixture until the pieces dissolved in a thick, dark mush that I poured into several buckets and emptied in a nearby sewage drains. Well, Police looking for those missing- and just cannot find them, it’s easy you drank them. 7 -ADAM – Charlie, see the man on Emery street, he’s wielding a knife. The windows of the world are covered with rain What is the whole world coming to? Everybody knows when men cannot be friends Their quarrel often ends where some have to die Let the sun shine through Palestinian Preschool Girl Holds Knife, says: "I Want to Stab a Jew " I’ll see you in Disneyland.

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What's the difference between a nigger and a snow tire? A snow tire doesn't sing when you put chains on it. , What did the sheriff call the nigger who had been shot 15 times? Worst case of suicide he had ever seen. Why do niggers stink? So Police dogs can hate them too.What's a niggers idea of foreplay? "Don't scream or I'll cut you, "How many niggers does it take to pave a driveway? One if you spread him real thin.Why do police dogs lick their ass? To get the taste of nigger out of their mouth.What do you do if you run over a nigger? Reverse What do you do if you see a nigger with half a head? Stop laughing and reload..What's yellow and black and makes you laugh ? A bus full of nigglets going over a cliff.What does N.A.A.C.P stand for? Niggers Are Always Causing Problems How does a black woman fight crime? She has an abortion.

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YAY . Do your Mexican Hat Dance, and waltz your asses a crossed that border . Take George Lopez with you bitch ain't funny anyway

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Everybody Purge Blood Blood Blood man. I love all that blood See you in Disneyland

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Creeping in Chino Hills Snoop , I got Cordell, in my sights . and until I'm caught watch out every time you turn the ignition to The Snoop de -Ville and just think I saw you I was in dress , and you gave me a one finger salute on Santa-Monica

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I was born with the devil in me. I cannot help the fact that I am murderer, no more than Emminem can help the inspiration to sing..I was born with the evil one standing beside my bed where I was ushered into the world, and he has been with me since..I just like to kill, I wanted to train you to kill , and maybe after awhile , You can kill me. The ultimate goal is to pass my skill on to you. See you in Disneyland. Your kids will hug me , and you won't be the wiser .

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The media blame racist police for black crime That's the Obama Administration when a black man sees an officer in uniform it immediately brings flashbacks of slavery which ended 200 hundred years ago they involuntarily shoot police and throw acid in their faces and it's 100% not their fault . That's what they try to tell you . Hell, it's time we faced the truth if we wiped out the black race , all together crime rates would drop 70% world wide . an Asian guy could sell turtle soup in Francisco without some nigger trying to shoot his establishment up. you could buy your kid a pair of shoes , and he wouldn't have to worry about Ghetto trash robbing him.

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No it isn't . The Negro is flawed . Commits more crime than any other race, Disrupts his school class room , targets every one around him for acts of violence even his own race , we need to do something about them . Thank God Trump is in office - F.E.M.A camps are waiting. Trump is a business man, and he knows a group of Niggers tearing up a mall , he looses money . a group of niggers constantly fighting in schools , he can't train them , to be productive members of society . You done it to yourselves . So far Vaccines were Genetically Modified To Target Black Children . Why ? because you grow up and become spear chucking savages , but you can't help it it's in your genes .

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I'm taking a gap year before uni. I've always been pretty good about my finances, but I thought I would take this year to really live my life. So although I have 2 jobs, I'm traveling a lot to experience the world. Both my jobs are really good for my CV too, and perfectly suited to my degree. So essentially despite low pay, I'm doing everything I can to get the most experience I can this year, both with travel and work. However, I recently decided to make a financial plan for the next 6 years(this year, 4 years uni, year after uni), just to get an estimate of what I'm in for. Obviously these are all estimates, and I took a worst case scenario approach, but by my calculations I can't afford to eat while I'm at uni, unless I work 28hrs/week at £10 throughout my full time study. This seems outrageous! With all that work, I won't have time to study! So whats the point in going to uni at all?!?!?

Please can any UK students help me out!!! How much do you pay for food each year? For accommodation? For nessecities? And how much maintenance loan do you get from the government? Do your parents help you out? Do you have a job? How many hours do you work and how much are you paid? PLEASE!!!!

I need more data so I can stop puling my hair out!! My mom is upset because she's mad I didn't get better paying jobs this year, and work more hours to get a head start on uni costs. Yet of all my siblings, I by far work the hardest! PLEASE HELP ME!!! The more data I collect the more accurately I can predict my spending while at uni! Thank you!!!!

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We're both New Creation Church's ushers for the Hokkien Mandarin service, do you think you're better than me just because you're graduating from a local uni and I'm studying in an Australian one? I never got your name, but dude, I'm going to be a doctor, and what will you be in ten years?

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Come find me, my name is carl The Naval inteligance agency believes there are currently close to 300 “highway serial killers working right now , can you catch one of your own ?

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Several thousand black babies in Chicago have been given an ‘experimental’ bird flu vaccine that had never been licensed for use in the US. CDC Obama admits to Trump that parents were never informed that the vaccine had been injected into their children they were told that the vaccine was necessary and under direct order of Hillary Clinton US military released tens of thousands of mosquitoes infected with a modified strain of Yellow Fever over Savannah, GA. and Charleston S.C ..

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No one ever believed these kids , CPS took them the ones that survived had some horriffic stories . If black lives mattered to these Elites , do you think they would have taken so many of your kids ? Hey Compton , how many of your kids where taken just there alone ? and your pissed off because Trump won the election ? I think you've got bigger problems . So do we of other races . Horrendous as it sounds, it's true: child abuse has become a business that actually pays states to legally abduct your children and they don't care were they are placed . A guy like Podesta says, give me a little black boy , and your boy being a ward of the state ain't a damn thing you can do about it . Unless you stick together and start targeting the true enemy . It ain't the white man, and it ain't The Asain , we're worse off , our kids they'll pay more for . We're in the same boat . White man is 3 times more likely to be shot and killed by police , and most of our crimes are white collar IE non-violant that's according to FBI statistics put two and two together . We're the one's being murdered . that's white privaledge ? you can have it .

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Hey, I'm at a dilemma, uh. I want to change schools, I go to a five-star, renowned, award-winning school. It's more or less a technical school, I don't know the correct term. Anyways I applied and attended it originally just because of the prestige, my parents were proud when I was accepted, and attending the school is kind of a legacy thing with my family, considering that a sibling has attended the school every year since it opened, and it's been some eight years now.

Anyways I'm fed up with the strict rules, high expectations and my peers. So I want to return to my "home" school, as they say, which is an average school and definitely carries some less than flattering reputation with its graduates. But I desperately want to change schools, I'm losing interest in even showing up to class, it's sort of a "Dead Poet's Society" sort of situation and it's not fun to defy the rules, it's just punishing. My mind's set the only problem is I don't know how to convince my parents to do the paperwork or sign anything. I'm almost convinced the only way to get a transfer is to get expelled, but I can't comprehend how to do that, and whatever it would take would definitely scar my record. So if anyone can help me find a loop-hole so I can arrange it myself, or know a good way to bargain with my parents to do the paperwork and not hate me for it please comment. I really need some help. The semester ends like Dec. 23rd or something like that; so an immediate response would be appreciated.

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Anonymous - Calls Out Anonymous "Official" and AnonHQ Anonymous has therefor decided.These Humans that claimed title to govern Humanity. Has to go. For that name, government. When I told you to become a force a tangible force , you did just that . I told you , that Madeleine McCann was kidnapped and used as a child sacrifice , you must have laughed . But I saw it . There was a Mirror in her room . A mirror in the car . Thank you . WIKILEAKS HUGE CLINTON CHILD PROSTITUTION SATANIC PEDOPHILIA RING Where did Wikileaks get the Imformation ? Never forgive never forget . The Family doesn't either . SINSINAWA

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La policía se está moviendo a las áreas de protesta y Trump tenía el dinero para la pared de la frontera, hace años. Como te dije en inglés, tus padres serán enviados de vuelta a México, pero tienes ciudadanía en Estados Unidos donde naciste aquí. Si tus padres te dejan, espero encontrarte, yo te cuidaré. Te amaré de maneras que un padre no puede. Voy a hacer estallar los dedos de los pies Soy tan bueno. No te preocupes No te lastimaré Soy blanco Tengo un pequeño pene.

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That we're like animals, there's war up there everywhere, its in the blood, its natural - peace that's an accident, its what IS! when you're pushed - killing is as easy as breating You stop killing at one place its starts at another but it's okay coz you're killing for your country. But it ain't your country that's askin, its few guys on top who want it. Old men start it, young men fight it, nobody wins, everybody in the middle dies and nobody tells the truth, and God's not gonna make that all go away Nothing Changes .

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if you have a bully "When you're pushed, killing is as easy as breathing"

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I'm starting my end of year exams in a week and I have not started studying. I'm feeling lazy, tired and just not interested in picking up my textbooks. It's sooooo frustrating because I want to study and I want to do well, but I can't I'm so frikken lazy. I'd rather be on social media, watching TV or read a book than to study and I'm so ready for this semester to be over, for this year to be over. I'm just done with it.

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If there ever was a perfect 10 here she is ... [filtered hyperlink]

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There may be a reason Police officers shoot Black People . Despite making up just 13% of the population, African Americans committed half of homicides in the United States . Well , the only good thing about this , over half of them murders , are black on black .In that respect keep up the good work .

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'ana alssiniat , w yjb 'an nafham faealt faqat ma qil li . 'arsalna lak alttaeam mukhtalitatan mae alkalb allluhum w alkhanazir . faealna hdhaan bi'amr min alaittihad al'uwrubbi . nahn hazzam allluhum w 'annaha 'asqatat min aljaww fa'innah yamal almuqatilin ISIL satahsul ealayh .

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I gave one of your members a gift in Jacksonville Florida , a pissed of Tegu we found in Miami . Left it in his bedroom tonight while he was out . This gift was From The Aryan Brotherhood . .

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i love school. i love studying and i know most people don't but i find it fun and i find gaining knowledge fun. thats just me. i would wake up everyday excited for school but now, i hate it. i'm only in year 9 and i just wanna run away. why? because of the teachers, the mean kids and the stress. i always had friends and was popular but now the kids are weird and they fight just because they're different. they dont accept each other and get jelous. they throw shade and call each other snakes.i hate it. the teachers crush your dreams and tell you that you arent good enough. they just speak and speak and make you so bored that you don't feel like studying anymore. whats happened to being creative? it sucks and i'm honestly not having a good time. so much work and so much stress. whats happened to society? x

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We are coming for Anonymous . We will find you We will expose you even kill you . Anonymous your time is up .

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I was in Middle school, back then we called it Junior High. I was in the ninth grade. First I’ll tell you, that I was bullied in a different kind of way. Instead of beating me up like most bullies do, I was the kid that every time something happened they blamed me for it, and I would get a beating. Some of them were so severe that it left me with blisters and welts a crossed my back and legs. Don’t get me wrong I was no angel, but still , I would get into trouble almost every time some kid would do something , whether I was there or not . One day I was sitting in class , and I was called to the principle’s office , and when I got there , the principle told me I was suspended and she had called my parents . I couldn’t figure out why , she actually said I was lucky I wasn’t arrested . I got home , and when I walked into the house my father hit me full fist right in the face . I was hit several times , still not knowing why . After my mother pulled him off me , she explained that he had to pay for a couple windows that had been broken at the school. I explained to my mother that I had nothing to do with any broken windows. She said there was a little red haired boy in the office when they got there , and he told the principle that I broke those windows , and he saw me do it . She told me the kid’s name was Eric ,and I knew the kid . I couldn’t figure out why he walked into the office and lied to me . Five days later I’m back in school , I see Eric go into the bathroom , well I hurt him bad . Have you ever seen W.W.E superstar do a snake eyes ? That’s what I did to Eric on a bathroom sink . as I was walking out another kid was walking in , I told him , you say a damn word you’ll be laying next to him . I walked right out of the school , and started home . Before I got home , The police picked me up . Kind of hard to deny what I done , Eric’s blood was on my pant legs . I served the rest of my Teen years in Boy’s Village . as for Eric well, they couldn’t save him . The judge asked me back then if I had any remorse ? I told him no the kid got what he deserved . But at least I didn't shoot the school up.

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if friends make fun of you are they really you friend ? what should I do ? if i complain i get told I'm too sensitive but if i do it to her she's allowed to be offended... we are best friends and i love her but i just want her to know that i don't appreciate it without starting a fight, so i came here... what should i do ? should i pluck up the courage or just leave it? its not like its something that happens every minute of everyday so maybe i should leave it... but another part is telling me i shouldn't. i give her the cold shoulder sometimes but i really really don't want us to grow apart. what should i do ?

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Ok so my school i crazy about clothes girls wear right so i wore a shirt that did not cover my shoulder (but was 3 finger wide which most schools obay by 2 fingers across) and a teacher stopped me and said oh hunny your gonna have to change we cant have you walking around like that. I asked why not and she said that it can distract people. So i rolled my eyes at her and said "Look lady. It is 100 degrees outside. Its fucking hot so im gonna wear stuff so that i can keep cool. Now if my shoulder distracts someone then they have some serious issues and should reconsider their life." Like really!!! Its not like im wearing a damn bikini so get over it!

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Black people kill white people for any reason that makes them feel powerful and in control of their lives without actually having to work hard, like most whites do, to earn those societal benefits. They have been told for at least the last three generations that they have every right and justification to hate us. Add to that the natural violent tendencies of the negro and you have a very dangerous combination. Black and brown Muslims spent 1400 years raping, murdering, and enslaving whites. That's historical fact that has been brushed under the rug by politically correct leftists who have spent the last 50-100 years (depending on the country in question) engaging in blatant revisionist history to guilt trip the western world into giving away all its wealth for the sake of socialist "redistribution". In other words, whites were the race LEAST likely to have slaves until we learned a very hard and brutal lesson at the hands of the black and brown races, just because one race is borderline pacifists due to Christianity doesn't mean OTHER races are as gullible. So why after suffering such horrors as women being gang raped to death by hemorrhaging and men and boy's being castrated and bleeding to death, things that whites NEVER did as a cultural practice unlike the Muslims, should whites have been merciful and not enslaved them in kind? And even when we did, several centuries after they had, we never ever inflicted the same evils or horrors. Go look up bill warner's video "why we are afraid 1400 years of fear “to see the constant attacks whites came under from those innocent black people. The black/brown Muslims used to have BABY CUTTING CONTESTS where a baby was thrown in the air to see who had the skill to cut it in half. Don't believe? Can't trust those evil white man books well then why don't you look up the history of all the other NON WHITE countries surrounding the middle east like India and you will find the exact same account's as I have stated. Want something more recent look up the barbary wars for a small taste of what whites have had to go through with those poor black people. While you're at it go look up Stefan Molineux' channel and watch his video "the truth about south Africa and apartheid" for a dose of reality laid out in a power point presentation. People who say all evil acts are equal are gutless cowards too spineless to take a stand. A woman who has been raped will say it's far worse than a goose pinch on the butt and a person shot will say it's worse than being punched in the face, anybody who can't understand such basic reasoning is someone who's opinion is not worth hearing.
When black people kill white people it's mental health issues, but when white people kill blacks it's a hate crime.

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I have a super important Phys. Ed test in one month. The only problem is, I'm gonna be visiting family until then. I don't have my kit or anything here and I don't feel like buying a bunch of new stuff here when I just got some back home- I'm trying to motivate myself, and get into a morning workout routine, but it's so difficult with family and birthdays and doing all these things, and fitting in a workout, let alone actually staying motivated and sticking to it. Please help, I need, motivation? I guess? D:

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OK, so my boyfriend has a son who just finished preschool. He has trouble pronouncing certain words. We were reading "Hickory Dickory Dock" and he yelled, "THE MOUSE RAN UP THE COCK!!!" I had to stop him there or else I would have peed my pants from trying not to laugh. I had to explain to him that the word was "cLock," and he said, "That's what I said! COCK!"

Help me, I'm weak in the knees....

PS - He also can't pronounce the F sound. Unless of course he yells "FUCK" at the top of his lungs...

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MILLINGTON, Mich. — A Michigan man is facing charges after he allegedly kidnapped and raped an 8-year-old girl for several hours. Authorities say 48-year-old David Alex Brigham is charged with two counts of kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment, and 18 counts of criminal sexual conduct, WNEM reports. He’s facing multiple life sentences.On July 30, Brigham abducted the girl from her residence. It was at that time that police believe he sexually assaulted her. Several hours later, he returned the girl home and police arrested him.His bond was initially set for $3 million but was later retracted.I am glad they busted this guy . posting fantasy and then- what he did was horrible .

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Now I know you got jealous because I want to taste Mahdy sweety'ass , but don't get mad , if you took a pee in front of me and wiped , I would eat the toilet paper you used .

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Persia has Nuclear weapons . So what ? They are called Good & lawful . They are Aryans The builders and inventors of old and modern civilizations . They will not destroy mankind . They discovered how to make fire , to make the bricks , and metal to build your house and gave it to you . Why would they destroy it ? I know , some dumb ass nigger is gonna comment on black civilization Egypt right ? Let me ask you this , If the niggers actually built Egypt , and the great pyramids , 1 why are there pyramids all over the world ? 2 why hasn't there been any major city built by Niggers in modern times ? In fact, if you follow the Aryan trail through time , you'll see these pyramids pop up around the same time The Aryans were there . Funny thing is , There be some dumb niggers that think Blacks ruled the world at one point . Niggers can't run their own homes , they have to have the white man;s government to do it , how the fuck they going to rule the world ?

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I hope Trump wins the Election , with 20 Million Illegal Immigrants being moved back to Mexico , and 90% of them have Latchkey kids , they belong to The United States and have a right to remain here . Please let me have one . I won't hurt her , I will lick her pee pee though .I hope she lets me put Strawberry Icecream on it . Yummy . Remember , on a Latino Strawberry Caucasian Chocolate and a Black Girl Butter Pecan They taste better under 10 years old .

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How can one put a compulsion to attend a yoga classes after full day of lectures. I know yoga releases stress but for college boys we have many more task than to attend the compulsory classes. College administration should make it only for interested students. One can attend yoga classes after college days too if that is really important. Our college administration is really very rude and they never take opinion from students when it matters most. In Sydney many people are interested in joining gym 9967072878 than doing yoga.

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Wishes... I told 4 face buddha that: (1) Paingmeemeewai wants to pass all her exams in NCC Level 4 Diploma in Computing, NCC Level 5 Diploma in Computing and B.Sc Business Information Technology awarded by University of Greenwich one day. (2) Paingmeemeewai wants to complete and graduate from NCC Level 4 Diploma in Computing, NCC Level 5 Diploma in Computing and B.Sc Business Information Technology awarded by University of Greenwich one day. (3) Paingmeemeewai wants to pass, complete and graduate from NCC Level 4 Diploma in Computing, NCC Level 5 Diploma in Computing and B.Sc Business Information Technology awarded by University of Greenwich one day.

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Yea nope..


I've had to months away from this hell whole people call school. I've changed, my will power has changed, my friends have changed, everything has changed. Why do they expect us to go in 110 degree heat to a place filled with people we hate? We grew up being told we had to go to school to be successful and to live but there are people out there that quit school and became billionaires. What's the difference between them and us?

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What us city's have blacks built ? If you said none you are correct . Question 2 what us city did the blacks destroy ? If you said every major city then you are correct question 3 what can we do to solve the black problem ? If you said exterminate them . You are correct . Now have a nice day and vote Trump

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I watch The Little girls on Youtube , and I want one . i blew out all my candles on my birthday cake , and made my wish , I hope it comes true Madhy Sweety do a twerk video in those Green Gym leotard

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