Higher Education.

Native American hobbyist in Germany Native American Association of Germany fake Indians

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See It was Obama point blank plain and simple- but hey we did it, every thing niggers are involved with- they fuck it up . We had to lower the test scores when we let them in school with our kids and still they couldn't pass the test . The average Nigglet gets a scholarship because he can dribble a ball and he's proud of that ? it doesn't cost anything to show a little gratitude Chicago’s death toll is almost equal to that of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined. and that's mostly black on black Thank you keep up the good work

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Highlighted reply If all the racist people went off killing everyone they hated and succeeded. You'd still lose and burn in a fire and fury that the world has never seen. Meanwhile your victims would be living in eternal glory with The Lord. There is only one God the God of Jesus Christ. However who is Racist ? Have you not become that which you hate ? We have spoke about this. You are blind .and your blindness will lead you into eternal damnation where I have my throne. Come lets go swimming Sinsinawa

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watching people get run down by cars fun stuff rolling coal on BLM protesters fun stuff does anybody remember the news comedy when Rodney King got his ass beat ? How about the world famous Greensboro massacre ? that was a fun time. bam bam - they was good niggers then . of course there was never no charges that's when police appreciated us cleaning up the streets from these kikes Jews and niggers. plain and simple I hate you black bastards I hate you because you're breathing. I hate you because you exist . I can't wait to hear the call Lace em boys we going noosin that ain't just a hanging that's where you drag a nigger through his neighbor hood by his neck I'm sure you've seen it on videos . Well it's coming you called down the wrath of Odin and now you got it . Enjoy spitting up your own blood

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I like little girls I like little girls I like little girls I like little girls I like little girls I like little girls I like little girls

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I don't I would rather watch kids do cartwheels and handstands in a skirts people like Lucie Soukupova makes me happy Leo Inn makes me happy Libby Butler makes me happy Violence does not watch Libby Butler Then I woke up random dance even if you are not a sicko like me you'll still enjoy it it's much better than watching people get run down by cars and stuff

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I Will Install FlexiSpy For You Without Target Device hack your favorite preteen's phone . Not a joke call me 855-238-1592

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They are wanting whites and Asians out of Collage and more Blacks in-- Average nigger has a 70 IQ Mild mental retardation: IQ 50–55 how in the hell you going to put them in Collage when the IQ is barely above retard ? White people have 110-120 avg Superior intelligence . Yes we're Neanderthals so you say-- but Neanderthals had bigger brains therefore smarter . Niggers ain't nothing but a Bunch of spear chucking Savages . A World Without Black People less violence - no racial tensions we'd have nicer things , be able to keep a door unlocked No need for law enforcement - don't believe ? test it kill all the niggers off and see for yourself. kill their women their children kill them all .

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Well-meaning, decent people will condemn my behavior , while they’re not concerned their children view the very kinds of things on their computers that turn young kids down the road to be just like me . They printed our stories we relive them, your kids read about us and they learn what we do . I'm a cold ass motherfucker as you might have ever put your fucking eyes on. I don’t give a shit about you or your kids yet you'll look at me and smile with a hello Not knowing II'm thinking you'll make a good sacrifice . I have a lot of fun drowning people I'm driving home from the bar and …This good-looking young man sitting next to me is going swimming I talked with Garrett Gendron Lives in Muscoda, Wisconsin Should I continue or would you like to see his Obit soon ? Sinsinawa

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I'm a middle school teacher anyone can have free copy.. That's how students at West Sylvan Middle School Portland, OR ended up Nude and online .

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Это было третье июня, еще один сонный, пыльный Дельта-день Я вышел из хлопка, и мой брат был сеном И во время обеда мы остановились и пошли обратно в дом, чтобы поесть И мама выкрикнула заднюю дверь: «Не помню, чтобы вытереть ноги» И затем она сказала: «У меня есть новости об этом утром из хребта Чоктава», «Сегодня Билли Джо Макаллистер спрыгнул с моста Таллахатчи»

И Папа сказал маме, когда он проходил мимо черноглазого гороха «Ну, у Билли Джо никогда не было лизания смысла, передай печенье, пожалуйста» «Еще пять акров в нижних сорока я должен пахать» И мама сказала, что стыдно за Билли Джо, во всяком случае Кажется, что ничто не доходит до хребта Чоктау И теперь Билли Джо Макаллистер спрыгнул с моста Таллахатчи

И брат сказал, что он вспомнил, когда он и Том и Билли Джо Положите лягушку на спину на картинное шоу округа Кэрролл И разве я не разговаривал с ним после церкви в прошлый воскресный вечер? «У меня будет еще один кусочек яблочного пирога, вы знаете, что это не кажется правильным» «Я видел его на лесопильном заводе вчера на хребте Чоктау» «И теперь вы говорите мне, что Билли Джо спрыгнул с моста Таллахатчи»

И мама сказала мне: «Ребенок, что случилось с твоим аппетитом?» «Я готовил все утро, и вы не тронули ни одного укуса» «Этот милый молодой проповедник, брат Тейлор, ушел сегодня» «Сказал, что он будет рад обедать в воскресенье, а, кстати, «Он сказал, что видел девушку, которая очень похожа на тебя на хребет Чоктау» «И она и Билли Джо бросали что-то с моста Таллахатчи»,

Год наступил «нет», так как мы слышали новости о Билли Джо И брат женился на Бекки Томпсон, они купили магазин в Тупело Был вирус, который «крутился», папа поймал его, и он умер прошлой весной И теперь мама, похоже, не хочет ничего делать И я, я трачу много времени на пикантные цветы на хребте Чоктау И выбросьте их в грязную воду с моста Таллахатчи

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Look up in the sky it's a bird its a plane no it's a drone you stupid fucks This nosy old woman with a small drone the size of bird has been landing on top your club house -- she's got drug deals people carrying guns , all kinds of stuff uploads and sends it to State Police in Savannah GA . and all because you kicked her car headlights in . Doesn't help ya'll killed Steve C in Orlando. Last year the video did show two members of the Outlaws admitting they killed him . proof the attack was planned.

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The killer was Patrick Neary he saw the girls on Ranch Rd,

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David Paulides. There is a link with people going missing only to reappear dead in water Has anyone compared the Manchester Pusher theory to the Smiley Faced Killers Have you heard of the case of The Drowning men ? In Christianity, baptism links the concept of the water of life with the water of purification.When Mohamed was asked what was the most praiseworthy deed, he answered, "To give water to drink.." Hadith - Anahita, the ancient Persian water and fertility goddess, is associated with rivers and lakes, as the waters of birth. The Snowman melted in the tomb where you placed him and his followers spread and grew. and we know the truth they're only persecuting a reflection of themselves. They're persecuting what they can't stand to look at in themselves, "in a world of lies the truth seems strange . That is why The Law isn't looking for us. You are Slaves to a delusion! The Matrix grabbed you by the balls and is squeezing Sinsinawa

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Sarah goes to school, and the teacher says, "Today we are going to learn multi-syllable words, class. Does anybody have an example of a multi-syllable word?" Sarah waves her hand, "Me, Miss Rogers, me, me!" Miss Rogers says, "All right, Sarah, what is your multi-syllable word?" Sarah says, "Mas-tur-bate." Miss Rogers smiles and says, "Wow, Sarah, that's a mouthful." Sarah says, "No, Miss Rogers, you're thinking of a blowjob."

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Mt Airy North Carolina any age and sex - I do it all (336)442-1725 .

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i was in Iraq and I kept getting a feeling that something epic and big happened there long ago plate 465 was a code name for a life form unlike anything known on earth - people who live here on earth there is a horrible being PURE EVIL . all brought to us by A creator for sure but not a god. This thing is hard to describe . The Kassites did something strange Hammurabi was not a man as you think .

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I'd lick you where you Pee Pee from.

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So what you do is , go to a Biker bar location has to be a 1%er bar . Get a greased up road spike ply wood a few screws and some lard will work-- call that bar and say there's a member of that club getting his bike and colors taken make them go down the road to that ares . Then sit back and You Tube !! Call the video Hell's Angels Splat

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As soon as Trump deports your ass , I’m raping your kid and feeding that little bitch to the alligators Deputy Director David Harlow said Zoe Pound gang members aren’t going to be deported they’re going to be shot on sight . He’s the Devil in your house bitch boys.

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Black lives matter and Antifa -- The Family is among you scouting Just remember when you're dealing in War and Martial law The nail that stands up is the one who gets hammered. No Government past or present has worked for the people , No Rich man has ever worked on your behalf . Riots and frontal assaults you can't win. The media simply does not cover the non-Muslim terror attacks , Now they're calling you a Terror Organization read the law Domestic terrorism is the unlawful use, or threatened use, of force or violence by a group or individual based and operating entirely within the United States again The nail that stands up is the one who gets hammered !! Sinsinawa

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walks around like king shit breaking into people's houses . I hope you break into my house I got a jar of grease and a real hard dick you got your pants hanging down already . I won't care if you kick mud on me. I won't tell no body . Come on break in my house . With your pretty black ass .

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“I can't judge any of you. I have no malice against you and no ribbons for you. But I think that it is high time that you all start looking at yourselves, and judging the lie that you live in.”They can lock you up in penitentiaries and cages and put you in crosses like they did in the past,but it doesn't amount to anything. What they're doing is, they're only persecuting a reflection of themselves. They're persecuting what they can't stand to look at in themselves,the truth.” Charles Manson You get on that pulpit and ask people for money the same people you condemn with savage words that you yourself have no understanding of? You eat meat with your teeth and you kill things that are better than you are, and in the same respect you say how bad and evil killers that your children are. You made your children what they are. Now look yesterday they where brandishing knives out at you today you are afraid to go outside because they are shooting guns at you and you look to Trump to make this right? No trump is not responsible for your kids . You want The Family to show Remorse For their Murders ? O.K you show remorse first, if you are just reflections of everything that you think you know, and everything that you have been taught. and your kids are shooting up the inner cities who taught them that ? Now you're going to be angry because The Family wants them to shoot the right people ? You throw them out we take them in. We help them stand on their own two feet and we learn they are angry at the world , a world that you created for them. Be free children don't be judged become the judge Sinsinawa

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ein Krimineller sattelt um auf Plastikschamane. Die Native American Association of Germany

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That's Easy all you have to do is break the code. D p f H , M t n m n , M n F, W T Plant Beverly She Man .K N P V T O p i Can you smile ? Who cares The Tree's are smiling

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ICE holds Press Conference regarding ILLEGAL Immigrant Gang Raids all over the United States Deport the gang members and leeches in the welfare system but If they want to adopt out their kids keep them. Jack McClellan hasn't changed Richard Gardner hasn't either

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before he does I want pizza . Lollipop, lollipop Oh lolli, lolli, lolli, lollipop, lollipop

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Finally, someone in the regime of darkness with some understanding. How can you sit in The company of Devils and not be influenced ? If any regime needs to be changed, it's the rogue Federal Regimes not just The United States but all Regimes. terrorists such as John Mccain and his boy Lover that half man, half woman Lawrence Graham . Tell me, how is it Pastor Charley never killed a single person, and he will never get out of prison, yet Hillary Clinton Killed . Don Adams John Ashe Robert Bates Admiral Jeremy Boorda James Bunch Danny Casolaro William Colby Only three homicides makes you a serial killer . I could fill up the whole page. You think Donald Trump didn't know this stuff ? If Kathy Ferguson where still alive she could tell you different. Kathy Ferguson supposedly committed "suicide The Red Herring and Trump know better . Every time Hillary stood in front of her accusers she used the Chewbacca defense, Think about what I'm saying , you will discover why since, from the time of David Berkowitz until Pastor Charley and even today , men have done and will continue to do the unthinkable. Sinsinawa

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Bitte spenden sie direkt an die folgende NON PROFIT Mission: Preservation of lakota language and culture Programs: Began distribution and sales of 5 'lakota language learning stations' $6,000 sales and $25,400 cost. 240 children benefited from this. sold books and cds on the lakota language and culture. 366 people benefited from these. annual lakota sundance - community unification and the core of lakota culture experience for the lakota people. 1,000 people were benefited. now they need a school - the children want to learn LAKOTA LANGUAGE EIN 36-3900385 (605) 867-6056 Po Box 1958 Pine Ridge SD 57770 USA [filtered hyperlink]

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Lakota (Sioux) Familien wenden sich an die St. Josefs Indianerschule, um Unterstützung für ihre Kinder zu erhalten. Eltern, Großeltern, Erziehungsberechtigte und Seelsorger wissen, dass die St. Josefs Indianerschule mehr als nur eine sichere Zuflucht ist. Von der kulturellen Integration im täglichen Leben bis hin zu spezialisierten Heilverfahren nach Missbrauch stellen wir den Jungen und Mädchen Programme zur Verfügung, die so einzigartig sind wie sie selbst.

Darüber hinaus profitieren die Kinder an der St. Josefs Indianerschule von individuellen Betreuungsmodellen, die auf nationaler Ebene zugelassen und anerkannt sind. Unsere Freunde, die die St. Josefs Indianerschule unterstützen, helfen uns dabei, die Kinder auf jeder Ebene ihrer körperlichen, geistigen und pädagogischen Bedürfnisse zu fördern. ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG Bitte spendet DIREKT nach Pine Ridge, denn die Leute brauchen das Geld sofort.

Native American Heritage Association webside [filtered hyperlink]

Bitte direkt dorthin spenden

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. is asking everyone to send your donations to pine ridge Indian reservation we have a new program and we like for you too seen the donations directly to the lakota please do not send your donations to [filtered hyperlink] Helps to maintain the Lakota heritage and teach more than 200 boys and girls! Your donation helps a Lakota child to break through the devil's devil circle of poverty, addiction, and abuse. send the donations too EIN 30-0403784 (605) 867-1766 Po Box 693 Pine Ridge SD 57770 USA please do not send any more donations to our website thank you St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V.

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Оскільки вантажні судна "Клінтон Фундамент" допомагають у сюжеті "Ісламський терор", Антіфа плаче про все під сонцем, а Ниггерс - ніггерс Трамп розгорне військовослужбовців та присяжних у США, щоб обійти протестувальників незаконних іммігрантів та нарцисистів. Це реально. Коли ти скажеш, ладно, це остання солома. Коли ваш уряд юридично здатний конфісковувати всі наші володіння, і ніхто нічого не робить з цим? Ви вже вступили в воєнний стан! Існує не інший спосіб це зробити. У них тепер є танки на тій вулиці, і солдати оточують вас, які живуть у внутрішніх містах. Коли ти визнаєш, ми перебуваємо під воєнним положенням? Ти в американських серйозних неприємностях. Але що я знаю Я тільки воював за свою країну, щоб бути вільним від Організації Об'єднаних Націй

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Kurios Iesous Christos = 3168 = 6 x 528 (KEY)

The Number 6 is the Number of Man - the redeemer is the MAN who holds the KEY, as it is written in Book 66 (Rev 3.7): And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things said he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that opens, and no man shuts; and shuts, and no man opens; This is confirmed in the title found in 1 Timothy 2.5: For there is one I am , and one mediator between I am and men, the man who was Christos anointed . We have the identity of The Mediator between God and men

Mesites Theou kai anthropos Yet this is but the beginning! Truly there is no end to the wonders of I am ! Here then are the primary identities based on the Number 528: 3168 , =6 x 528 (( C++ code )) Now look on the Mesopotamian Tablet Collection for the word key ad tell me what you see . Sinsinawa

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انهم لا يرون ما ينتظرنا عندما تتحول الشمس الظلام والقمر يتحول إلى اللون الأحمر. تم إنشاء المافيا الإيطالية وجاء إلى السلطة من قبل المتنورين أنها قدمت لكثير من المال، وهددت النخبة وهذا هو السبب في أنها سقطت. أنها ليست أكثر من ذلك. قام جوزفين أوفيراكر بتفجير مرفق طاقة يكلف ملايين البشر. وتستخدم الثروة كمجموعة لصنع المعاملات غير المشروعة التي يمكن تصفيتها مرة أخرى إلى جيوبهم وإعادة استخدامها ضدك. الصدمة، النار، والتضحية الشباب. انها تكرار مرارا وتكرارا. سوف F.B.I تأخذ بضع منا أسفل، ولكن سيكون هناك آخرون. أنها تحتاج إلى السيطرة عليك - وسوف تتوقف البندول من 22 والصمت زيوس وسيتم وضع رأسي في دلو وجودي الأرض واللحوم للاستهلاك الخاص بك. سوف نفرح وإرسال الهدايا إلى بعضها البعض، وإعلان الولاء لسادتك. في اليوم الذي أعدم البحر، وسوف تتحول إلى الدم بسبب الموتى أنهم ضحوا وكل شيء حي في البحر توفي.وأنهار أصبحوا الدم. . وكل شيء حي في ذلك مات ترامب وقد بنيت فخر جدار، قوية بحيث لا أستطيع الحصول من خلال هذا لا يمكن أن يكون نهاية سأكون هناك، إيسينسيناوا

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Anonymous created the Marble Framework , Wiki -Leaks releases Vault 7 "Marble" -- The source codes and all that . which by the way you can get them right now on Wiki-leaks. they can make it appear that the attacks came from some where else. Like North Korea ? They have the ability to take over complete system admin control to any device that is connected to their malicious wifi router using a Man in the Middle Attack. Now ask a Gang member what happens if a member of his gang does something crazy like this , he'll say Public will put that on the whole gang. Anonymous Check your members !!

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To Answer your question, Is there going to be a Race war -- When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, When He separated the sons of man, He set the boundaries of the people According to the number of the sons of Israel. Israel was intercessor to the world The world was never supposed to violate other lands , as did the Persian and Assyrian He gave his people their inheritance, as he spoke through Moses his servant, when he brought them forth from Egypt, How did he bring them out ? For the LORD will pass through the land to strike down the Egyptians. But when he sees the blood on the top and sides of the door frame, the LORD will pass over your home. He will not permit his death angel to enter your house and strike you down. Yes nation and Kingdom will rise against one another. Yes there will be a Race war but, I says Elohim will gather the armies of the world into the valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will judge them for harming my people, my special possession, for scattering my people among the nations, and for dividing up my land. The Angel of Death will once again come forth and plead Elohim's Justice, His name is Dagon . Sinsinawa

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I was a Teen with a Hard cock. I had a friend who spoke a little English , and he told me enough to realize Mexican women can be raped and they wouldn't turn you in . The where working illegally . The boss caught a fine so he told them don't tell. They go to Police they get turned over to ICE , So you go by a Best Western, she's a full bodied Latina , maid for the hotel. you watch her go inside a room- you walk in behind her she turns around , you tackle her on the bed and slip her some nice hard teen cock . Now since they are scared again , go take all that hot latina pussy , they will never tell . Make them hum I wish I was in Dixie . while licking your balls

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the supplier for the school's jackets leadwaygmts sucks like shit, even after explaining that it wasn't a sizing issue but the elasticated cuffs that could be tightened the absolutely useless anne lim still needs me down at the office to explain why. this is feedback, and a one-liner comment that ended up with many emails going back and forth. stop wasting my time, you stupid bitch, and get it fixed

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Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. they will seize you (( Christain and Jew )) and persecute you.

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They don't see what lies ahead when the sun turns dark and the moon turns red . The Italian Mafia was created and came into power by The Illuminati They made to much money , and threatened the Elite That was why They fell. They are no more . Josephine Overaker blew up an an Energy Facility costing Bush millions. wealth is used as a pool for making illegal transactions that can be filtered back into their pockets and reused against you. trauma, fire, and sacrificing The young . It's a repeat over and over again . The F.B.I will take a few of us down, but there will be others . They need to control you - They will Stop The pendulum of 22 and silence Zeus and my head will be placed in a bucket and my body ground as meat for your consumption. You will rejoice and send gifts to one another , and declare allegiance to your masters . on The day I am executed the sea, will be turned into blood because of the dead that they have sacrificed and every living thing in the sea died.and The Rivers they became blood. . and every living thing in it died Trump Your pride has built a wall, so strong That I can't get through This can't be the end I will be there, ISinsinawa

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Se están moviendo en - redondear todas las personas de piel oscura. Las vidas negras son importantes - Los mexicanos, ((Los pandilleros ya están en la base de datos - ¿Crees que la FBi no tiene la base de datos Si la tienen, Eso es si algún agujero de culo como yo no te atropellara No hay América que no sea nada como Hitler no te van a gasolina Las Guillotinas que trajeron si México no te lleva de vuelta ... Párate con tu cabeza.

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I can see , Lucy Gray​ of Atlanta G.A is gonna have some serious explaining to do now Obama is gone and Trump took her food stamps a way .she tested positive on her drug test - . What she gonna tell her husband ? never mind all that won't matter to him, she can't get food stamps and pay her husband's crack habit. Maybe Noteefer's can riot on his behalf. Because trump took the food stamps a way from poor old Lucy Gray . Now The baby got's no Gerber and daddy too sorry to pick that cotton.

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Becareful who u deal with.. Gayle.. Homeless pastor of the pulpit.. 4751

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  An undergraduate accused six Fighting Irish players of rape. A university administrator called the woman, who later spent a month in psychiatric care, a "queen of the slums with a mattress tied to her back." No charges were filed. University of Oklahoma,  Three players were arrested and two convicted of raping a female student in a dorm room. Christian Peter's , was accused by two other women of sexual assault during his time on campus  Kicker Scott Bentley  same story Four Bengals football players were sentenced to community service and one-year of probation for statutory rape. See , they use GHB on these young women, and rape them, they get a slap on the hand and a million dollar contract ? The faithless will be fully repaid for their ways, and the good rewarded for theirs.Remember The redeemer said , Vengeance was his he would  repay We are Vengeance .Sinsinawa 
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Donna Richmond’s body found in Unsolved.1975 Order of the Rainbow:called you Dishon Don't make them come after you. You might end up like Donna Richmond .Smells like a Cult initiation to me:

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Here’s the Story of Steven Dishon Just like you have A holy water font you also have an Unholy Water Font. There was a dark Wizard very powerful, in fact he was one of the most powerful ever seen in the modern eye. Steven Dishon had a friend a female named Katherine. they were both same age at the time, six years to be exact. Katherine. was brought before this Wizard she was to be sacrificed. Standing in front of The Unholy Font the Wizard was talking with an undisclosed entity through it. I dare not reveal The Entity’s name. The Entity called Katherine. forth and she asked him, if she could give one last kiss good bye to Steven Dishon and He said yes. She kissed her mouth with her hand and waved it toward the font, and when she did she released a silver crucifix into the font. Power beyond intense came through and shot up causing The Wizard to disintegrate Katherine. was instantly teleported back to her house and Steven Dishon received a mixture of Power from the wizard The Entity and the faith of an innocent child. Things happened in his life that he never understood, but once he gets baptized he will. Don’t ask Katherine. Dishon she does not remember it. She blocked it from her memory. But for you to claim he is Antichrist is just plain silly. Gannon will never find The artist of the smiley faces because they have profiled ONE man, They will never find The Zodiac because They only profiled ONE man. What part of we are legion do you not comprehend ? Wade en el agua Wade in the Water niños Wade en el agua, algo va a molestar el agua Sinsinawa

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I'm in love with my best friend for five years now. I told him a couple of weeks ago and he was really sweet about it but he doesn't feel the same way. Has this happened to anyone else? How can I get him to see me that way?

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I feel like I'm always the "other" friend. My best friends all seem to like each other more than me, and I can see it all the time. I can't ever tell them anything because I worry they will be upset or hate me. I need someone to talk to who will understand me.

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Boston Marathon Explosion, Waco Raid, Oklahoma City Bombing All Happened in April The Waco Siege - April 19, 1993 Oklahoma City bombing - April 19, 1995 .The Virginia Tech shooting was also in this week April 16 2007 , the Columbine shooting April 20, 1999 Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson April 13 1743 third President of the United States James Monroe James Monroe April 28, 1758 the fifth President of the United the last president among the Founding Fathers James Buchanan, April 23, 1791 15th President of the United States and Gay Ulysses S. Grant, March 4, 1869 the 18th President of the United States. what's all this mean ?

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