Higher Education.

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Niggers should be wiped off the face of the earth . White, Asians , a majority of Latino we all pretty much recognize Niggers should be killed . They are a violent savage bunch rape and murder are highly admired among them . Just look at the black man's biggest heroes Rodney King a drunk nigger behind the wheel speeding and driving recklessly what they do riot because the cops stopped him he fought them so they hit him a couple times. Mike Brown we saw what happened there . police should have shot him . Treyvon Martin same thing he's a good nigger Good and dead . We should start a new campaign , Save the world kill a nigger !!

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The short answer: Nobody knows for sure, but it appears to be common enough that you know someone who has been involved, whether you know it or not.

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If I'm ever on death Row for my last meal I want 6 slices of pizza , extra cheese .with walnut sauce

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Wells got caught up like many others they hired him collected insurance and called the police on him . So he sits in jail . They find a drug addict a few hits and promise a couple k . in dollars while he's on his way they call 9-11 report a prowler get the insurance the police get a lunatic drug addict off the street case closed .

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On Glebe RD I killed a black girl last year , dumped her in their dumpster Place is Paki so you know who caught the blame-- isn't that right terrorist ?

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What is a nigger? Proof that skunks mated with monkeys. Why do black people have white hands? The paint rubbed off from the cop cars! Why do more niggers get hit by cars in the winter? They're easier to spot! How do you get a nigger out of a tree? Cut the rope. why were so many niggers killed in the Vietnam war? because when the sergeant said to "get down", they all got up and started dancing.

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No one's tired because they know it's the truth . big lipped flat nosed savages Trump called it they are from shit hole countries and the people are walking turds . Rich man travelin' down thru the South Stopped in Mississippi to get a tooth pulled out When he paid the doctor the charges due He said "My nigger chauffer's got a bad tooth, too" "Well, I'll pull it...", said the doc, "but you'd better not holler! Cause I'll have to charge you $200.00 Cause here in Mississippi he can't open his mouth We'll have to go thru his bottom, to get the thing out!"

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312-663-3520 Little girls like penis Legalize it so they can have some , little boys will calm down if given a blow job from time to time.

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Look at the stats counties America fought decimated everything America's politicians said what ? we want to control your drugs and fuck your kids and the only reason why they keep the niggers is because as long as the nigger exist he's causing destruction and a diversion that politician can remain under the radar .

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the destroyer of cities, has scattered the Dasryu sprang from a black womb." Rig veda. II 20.6 Naga half man half snake- a destroyer - Naga , Niga , Nigra , Nigro , all mean black or scaled skin want proof ? Most blacks , use lotion tons of it especially on the elbows and knee their skin scales up they have no oil white people get pimples we have oil in our skin Reptilians don't Of course in a spelling contest I put my money on the snake

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They haven't done much to be proud of they're a bunch of savages . Their IQ is barely above retard level , and they destroy every thing in their path . We cannot afford to support them any longer . wipe them out and over half the world problems would disappear . Statistics have shown that members of different races have different propensities to commit crimes. Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery. don't ban the gun ban the nigger . The LA County Sheriff said many times that there was a serious interracial violence problem in this county involving blacks and Latinos. See , look at the other races , niggers have problems with , nobody likes niggers they just won't say it , Hey Trump let's have operation nigger removal in America .

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He would be 18 right now getting ready to finish high school.

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Go ahead have your 10 Days and Nights of Riding, Food, and Music. but you Nazi fascist scum better leave your Nazi paraphernalia at home because I'm hunting your asses this year. and please Alex Jones be there I'll spit lead in your face this time piggy boy

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Every body seems OK with a nine year old getting tortured and raped by a Mexican cartel because the family couldn't pay a fee , They're OK with black teen girls getting pregnant to collect Government welfare but heaven forbid a white man posts what every man wants to do any way lick a preteen girl up and down, stop lying to yourselves and your kids the numbers tell on you . Preteen girls if you got it work it

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who else here loves preteen Pussy ? ..I’m not obsessed, I’m just saying. Police say it's very traumatic for children to have touch lick and play It feels good but the child will carry the trauma for life subconsciously. What trauma ? when you tell her feeling good is bad ?The adult does not understand how vulnerable the child is and they're helpless .. You should remember that when you tell her daddy actually is raping her her , even though he's her hero it felt good to her , and she willingly got into his bed .

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I watched him leave the next day. I was sad. I thought no one would ever do love me like he did. or give me special attention like he did a police man came to my school and talked about rape and things like that. It wasn't Rape if she liked it He is in jail for life - Talking about her memories I use to cut to get them to stop. and now I am bulimic to feel something other than that I am special See , she liked it cop showed up and messes them up . It's about control , heaven forbid you should enjoy anything in life . I long to have that type relationship I'd never leave .

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this guy and his friend are now in jail because of me, but i never told the extent of the story. That is why I came here. I cant talk to my friends about it, and I just need someone to talk to about it. If you want to leave a comment about it you can, if you wanna message me you can. I just feel like it is my time to share my story that no one should have to ever go through.

I am thirteen now and when I was 4 and 5 I kept on getting specail attention from my babysitters son who was in highschool. he would play with us little kids (there were about 10 of us) He would always chose me as the 'captain' for things. I would get 'special attention' atleast that is what he called it. I was required to take off my clothes and pull his pants down. I didn't no what was happening then. I thought everyone did it. He would always talk to me in a sweet calming voice when he got inside of me. I was always ready for it. It hurt like crazy. But i had to be a 'big girl' about it. He would kiss me and get hard all the time. I remember i once had to give him oral. I was even convinced to swollow the 'milk' that came out of him. When I turned five, I got the 'best' present ever. He took me into his room for 5 hours and licked me and humped me and kissed me. It tok him two hours to finally get inside me. When he did it, it was like i had never experianced. He went in hard and pushed until i had to sit ontop of him and let him just keep it in me. He finally pulled out and 'tasted my girl parts' until it got boring for him. In the last hour, he ws on top of me and pulling in and out while kissing me everywhere. I thought every little girl got this for her birthday. The next day, it was kind of the same, except he was in almost the whole time. It went on all that year. Most of the time every day. I don't no how him mom didn't realze I was gone for atleast an hour at a time, but she never came to find me. It was finally the day before he left to college. It was also my 6th birthday. he said I would never see him again. We spent the whole day in his room. I gave him blow jobs. He licked me. And he also let his friend join in. I at one time was getting 'milk' all in side of me while I was also gettig grinded on the other side. I had to swallow ones milk while the other was getting licked from the other. At the end of it, The final 10 minutes. They pushed in hard. Taking turns They would sit on top of me and push unti i thought i was going to explode.

I watched him leave the next day. I was sad. I thought no one would ever do love me like he did. or give me specal attention like he did. When I was 8, a police man came to my school and talked about rape and things like that. I went up to him and told him my story (just not this into it) the next week he was sent to jail. It turned out he had done this to a lot of girls Just not like he did to the extent of me. He is in jail for life and I am trying to get along with my life. But those memories still haunt me. I use to cut to get them to stop. and now I am belimic to feel something other than that I am special because I am "chunky". It is an ongoing challenge for me to go through every day.She liked it until the cop came up- by the time you read this 10 other five year old girls got milk they liked it too.

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I love you . Lets eat Ice Cream together . You can sit on my lap - fart once wiggle twice . I promise I won't tell .

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I hope and pray I get me a horny preteen girl out of it

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Instead of Democrat politicians applauding Trump’s desire to focus on strengthening our country by helping our citizens and deporting illegals, these race baiting individuals have cried screamed and pulled their hair out. Well Trump is grabbing them by the pussy finally He's starting to fuck the Sanctuary cities Criminal charges started to be filed .. You fuckers are going to jail now. Here come the tanks and Black Hawks I bet your asses will get a crossed that border now . before you leave come lick the fertilizer off my boot

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Sounds good to me- except I would take them to a warehouse Bus abandoned and then go another direction - Bus driver he'd die and be buried .Then make Porn flicks

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Trump takes the deep state down. Media wants to take Trump down I want to take your pants down. Me you and a Klondike bar , wouldn't that be fun ?

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Do you know where , Hollywood Carpet is ? E Alondra Blvd ? Walk towards the Domino's Pizza , When you get to S Sloan If you where looking Right the whole time you saw the one dropping dimes You know who it is but you ain't dealing with him.

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亚洲女孩是我的最爱现在我想告诉你,我会舔一个preteen猫,我不在乎她是什么种族。 你是否认为,在一个领导人的鸡巴杀死了他们的父母之后,我可以有一个来自菲律宾的孩子?把他们送到美国

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He watched as his daughter Suzy bounced into the lounge room, her thin cotton nightgown brushing against her thighs. Her skin was rosy from the bath she’d just taken, and her long blonde hair smelled of strawberries as she climbed up onto his lap for her nightly cuddle. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, pulling her close as he buried his face against her neck and nibbled on her shoulder. Suzy giggled loudly and twisted on his lap, the feel of her soft bottom rubbing against the front of his pants making him groan. He placed her sideways across his legs and as his hand moved slowly beneath her nightgown, Suzy parted her thighs like a good girl.

Suzy felt daddy’s fingers move slowly up her inner thigh and her body began tingling. She loved how he softly rubbed his finger along her slit and made her pussy all wet. She blushed and buried her head against daddy’s chest as she remembered how he had told her to call “down there” either a pussy or a cunt. She knew they were bad words, but daddy said she was to use them when it was just the two of them. Her daddy touched her like this every night, and it was her favorite part of her day. She heard her daddy groan as he parted the lips of her pussy with his index finger and rubbed her wetness over her button.

He groaned as he felt how wet she was already. God, she was becoming such a little slut. He’d been rubbing his little girl’s clit for months now, and each night it seemed that her pussy got wetter, and his cock got harder. He found her tiny clit and rubbed it back and forth between his two fingers, feeling his cock harden as she jerked her tiny hips up and down against his hand. His other hand reached for the buttons that ran all the way down the front of her nightgown, and slowly began revealing her tiny body to his hungry eyes. He released the first 3 buttons and pushed the cotton away from her chest, moaning softly as his eyes feasted on her rosy nipples. Her breasts hadn’t developed yet, but he adored their prepubescent mounds. He lowered his head and began lashing her nipples with his tongue.

Suzy groaned as she felt her daddy’s wet mouth begin to lick and suck her tiny nipples. She didn’t really understand how her body worked, but she knew that when her daddy licked her breasts, the tingling feeling in her chest was somehow linked to the tingling feeling between her legs. Her daddy seemed to like it too, because his breathing became heavy like her own, and his hand would rub her button faster as he licked and sucked. She loved it when he sucked her nipple really hard, pulling it with his lips and teeth until it hurt a little. That always made her moan and she could feel her pussy getting wetter.

The squishing noises her cunt was making were going to drive him insane. He’d never done anything more than rub her clit and suck on her tiny nipples, but he’d certainly thought of all the other things he wanted to do to his baby girl. Tonight was definitely the night to progress matters. He scooped Suzy up into his arms and stood up from the recliner chair, turning around and placing her back down on the leather seat. She looked up at him with confusion in her eyes, and he stared down at his daughter’s petite body. Her nightgown was practically nonexistent now, as it was unbuttoned to her waist and pushed up high against her tiny ass. She looked so decadent sprawled in front of him. He watched as her chest moved up and down with her rapid breathing, the nipples swollen ruby red from his urgent sucking. With one hand he reached out and pulled her leg over the arm of the chair, opening her cunt up for his gaze. As he knelt down in front of his baby girl, he pushed her other leg over the other arm. The lips of her pussy pulled apart and he could see her tiny hole, her juices oozing down her slit and pooling between the cheeks of her ass and the leather seat. He licked his lips and lowered his mouth to his daughters cunt.

Suzy couldn’t believe her daddy wanted to lick there. She instinctively tried to pull her legs together to stop him, but his big hands on her inner thighs kept them pushed wide. Then she felt his tongue sliding up her pussy and wiggling back and forth against her button, and she stopped fighting. She buried her hands in her daddy’s hair and pushed against his head as she arched her back. His mouth felt even better than his fingers. He licked her again and again as she moaned, and then suddenly she felt his tongue pushing against her. She didn’t know that anything could be put inside her, but she knew it felt good and she told her daddy not to stop as she thrust her hips up and down against the chair.

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He sat back and watched as his finger slid in and out of her tiny cunt, pulling back slightly each time he felt her intact virginity. He’d imagined this so many times, but he’d never imagined it would feel this hot, or that she’d be so incredibly tight. He unbuttoned the rest of her nightgown and pulled it totally apart, revelling in the sight of her naked body writhing on his finger. He leaned over her and sucked her nipple into his mouth, pulling on it with his teeth and then bathing her whole mound with his lips and tongue. As he moved to her other nipple, he pushed a second finger into her tight cunt and heard her gasp. His thumb rubbed at her tiny clit as he pulled his fingers in and out of her wet hole. His rock hard cock throbbed in his pants and he reached down and quickly unzipped them, freeing his aching cock into his hand. He stroked himself to an identical rhythm to his two fingers fucking his baby daughter’s cunt. He sat back up again and took in the glorious sight in front of him. Suzy writhed on the seat, her hips pumping up and down, pushing her pussy up and down against his hard fingers. The head of his throbbing cock was mere inches away from her pussy as he stroked his cock harder and faster. God, she was so fucking tight and wet.

Suzy wasn’t sure what her daddy was doing to her exactly, but she was certain that she didn’t want him to stop. His fingers thrust in and out so fast, and as she looked down she saw his other hand moving back and forth below his waist. Every time he pushed his fingers inside her, she felt her pussy clench tight. Her daddy was breathing even heavier than normal and his eyes were glued to the area between her parted legs. Suddenly she felt her whole body begin to shake, and tiny grunts escaped between her clenched teeth. She felt her daddy pull his fingers from her cunt, and she groaned in disappointment. His fingers moved quickly to her button and began rubbing it in tight circles as she felt something else pushing at her wet hole beneath. She wasn’t sure what he was rubbing against her, but it felt hot against her cunt, and a lot bigger than his fingers. The tingly feeling began again in her body as she thrust her hips up and down, grinding against the hardness pressed against her as her daddy rubbed her button.

He moaned at the erotic sight of his baby girl’s cunt sliding up and down against the length of his rock hard cock. Her juices were flowing freely now, bathing his shaft in their wetness, and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. Suzy was grunting harder now and he watched as her tiny body began to shake. As his hand reached down and stroked the head of his cock against her daughter’s cunt lips, he whispered “that’s it Suzy....rub against daddy’s like that don’t you baby....cum for me Suzy....cum on daddy’s cock”. She went rigid beneath him and then began to thrust her hips frantically, moaning daddy over and over again as her virginal cunt orgasmed against the head of his cock. He stroked faster as he watched her cum, then moaned her name as his cock exploded against her pussy, spurting stream after stream of thick white cum between her parted pussy lips. He’d never cum this much in all his life, and he watched as his cum mingled with the juices flowly freely from her tight hole.

Suzy felt as if her whole body was exploding. She couldn’t catch her breath, and her hips seemed to have a mind of their own as they pumped up and down against her daddy. She never wanted this feeling to end, and she loved her daddy so much for making her feel this good. He was moaning as he jerked against her, and she felt something hot spurting against her little pussy hole. She wondered briefly if she was going to get in trouble for making a wet mess on her daddy’s favorite chair, but when she looked up into his eyes, she could see that he wasn’t mad at all. He smiled down at her as he said “I think it’s past your bedtime, honey. Let’s get you cleaned up and into bed so you can get a good night’s sleep for school tomorrow.”

Thanks to everyone who took the time to email me about my other stories. I love writing them for you, but I also love hearing how much you like them (or any criticisms you may have). Please feel free to email me at [filtered hyperlink] and I'll try to reply to you all.

Love Megan xoxo

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Sometimes late when things are real And people share the gift of gab between themselves Some are quick to take the bait And catch the perfect prize that waits among the shelves You might have found a couple in The Bridgewater Canal but just remember , all roads lead to Lacrosse Manchester accidents don't spell names Sinsinawa

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Go ahead kids answer the question .

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Children are most vulnerable to Sexual Abuse between the ages of 7 and 13.with 1 in 5 of them being abused by a family member . I.E Daddy , Uncle, Older Brother . Don't worry about the old man on the street corner he might look , but it's Daddy that's most likely got the Ice cream scoop ready .

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Some people think kids in school uniforms are hot. They're just making use of you. Stay safe, everybody.

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Like ,Chris Jenkins himself thought None of the smiley faces exactly match one another, there fore the drownings are not connected It's OK don't worry be happy . Thanks! I guess spending my youth on the Rotten Library paid off.

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If you are seeing reptilians they are fallen angels, they are demons,the Nephilim I picked mine up from false doctrines inside The Catholic Diocese Peace be upon you & us. we will continue to sacrifice them Sinsinawa

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I like Ice cream I like Ice cream I like Ice cream

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. Mahu and Lisa are the children of Nana Buluku, and are the parents of Xevioso.Sinsinawa

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We had Bird is the word , Then we had Grease is The word , Now I guess Trump is the word? Either way I still want to lick a preteen ass crack plenty of Ice cream .

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Todavía tengo mi helado listo. Voy a encontrarme una niña mexicana untando helado en todo su trasero y lamerlo.

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11 deaths.From Heroine ? This is that white boy that kept saying hi too you I tried warn you . You didn't listen. sell or deliver heroin. you good

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Latitude: 44.746070 Longitude:-71.013908 I like playing with you Ganon come find me I'm bored.

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All three girls where easy prey ,clues they all disappeared in the late afternoon News said I was timid, afraid to date women , and due to vaginal tearing . of my victims not very endowed . They thought I worked at a school most likely a Janitor but they where wrong , I am a retired ice cream vendor . What would I do with a Klondike bar ?

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You are a Monkey Primatologists know from fossils that humans, chimps, and gorillas shared a common ancient ancestor. therefore you are a monkey . Now a second revelation to you-- there is a dumb ass nigger on you tube-- who says ain't no white man can claim Native American Bloodline . See that's the Retard gene they have. White people are known to fuck our own kids during the good old days when my great grand father owned your great grand parents he fucked your great grand ma any time he wanted . Now when they first got here from Britain- do you honestly think he saw a beautiful Native American girl in front of him and didn't bend her over a tree stump ? I'm not racist I can't blame you for wanting my daughter I've had her I know how good she is.

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a Preteen and a Klondike bar- she shows up at my door asking not what would you do for-- but what would you do with a Klondike bar Maryland . Girl, 6, 'stabbed to death in her bed by her 26 year old brother and her two cousins, aged six and nine . what a loving brother that was . Hailey in Virginia I'd love to have her . spending time outdoors Camping ? They say Hailey can be shy . A week with me she'll come running with an ice cream scoop in hand. enjoys interacting with the other children too- That's good for me.

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他所做的只是擺脫了幾個城際黑鬼的世界。 為什麼不殺自己,你知道這是我們社區和平的唯一途徑。 擺脫他們稱為非洲裔美國人的公雞蟑螂

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Native Americans Mexicans and Italians -- They get pissed of at you they will cut you . Someone else makes them mad make a sexual insinuation while they are mad if you're lucky it'll be the best fuck you ever had -- A fucked Mexican Pussy smells just like a fucked Italian Pussy . and they both love to sit on a face . Careful with the Mexicans though Yo, mister dopeman, you think you're slick You sold crack to my sister and now she's sick If she happens to die because of your drug I'm putting in your culo a .38 slug! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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step one- build that wall throw the brown over step 2 round up the blacks and put them in the middle east somewhere like Saudi Arabia Ghetto Detroit and Chicago niggers would destroy them and each other . Step 4 keep the Asians . We eliminate North Korea's Government and let them merge with South Korea Asian and Europe need to unite and crush those beneath us. . We let The Wah.Ching and the Aryan.Brotherhood coexist to keep all other gangs in line .and let them conduct trade with The Asian Cartels got to have the drugs keep the liberals happy . With Blacks destroyed Saudi Arabia Destroyed It becomes part Israel and of course , we get a fair trade on the oil . Now Wah ching some crip gang told YOU it was unacceptable to save money and turn it into a legit thing . The REAL O.G.s lucky luciano john gotti they'll tell you different . Don't steal from your own no need to those Liberal white kids will suck all the ice up you sell them . and before you know it just like Freeway sucked Gotti's dick Crips will be sucking yours . That's why niggers got big lips helps them sucky sucky long time .

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The Rollin 20s are wig hunting .what ever that means .

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We tried that already you destroyed them . In fact we gave you entire cities Detroit, Chicago , St Louis , Baltimore , Richmond , You really want to know why we don't want you in our communities look up Another beautiful day in the neighborhood with the fellas and their lovely ladies Colin Flaherty YouTube Channel That's normal in your hood in mine, we call it savagery .

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knowledge is power. white america kills brothers like furious, simply because their minds give them so much knowledge, and knowledge = power. whites don't wanna see colored people empowered.Reason I say this is stupid is Africa Somalia Europe America - It doesn't matter where you put Black people they cannot keep up with other races . Don't think I'm the one being racist even though my race where blamed for the last twenty years for black genetics You just can't blame the social degeneration of an area on racist ideologies. There are white slums too and only the ignorant people of those areas blame a separate race for purposefully making it that way. they sell you Opiates and Cocaine because you're dumb enough to buy it .You're dumb enough to use it , and you need to overdose . Just go ahead and hotshot yourselves . The only one who will care is the guy that has to collect the body . .

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I had a job to do mission complete but hey I was almost caught for stolen valor I in no way said or told anyone I was army nor did I solicit anyone . What constitutes stolen valor ? The gun I used is in a friend's house he probably ain't found it yet -- it has a body on it .

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Law Office of James Alston 3700 North Main Houston, TX 77009 (713) 714-0481 The difficulty in child pornography cases is when the police conduct an arrest, any statement given by the suspects are mostly confessions. Child pornography cases are often defensible Virus Infects Computers With Child Porn

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The Chowchilla Kidnapping Story ? I heard it was a true story -- now those families where poor so don't do this for money .My Idea is track a sunday school bus . See when they arrive and leave their church even GPS the bus . Get an abandoned warehouse preset cages and showers and food . Make a child Porn flicks with each boy and girl then do boy on boy and girl on girl Then when you're done filming leave them in the cages and text an address from a kids phone to their parents . . As long as nobody see's your face they can't identify you You need 3 people at least on the bus . and some one at the warehouse with a police scanner to pull it off. Watch the movie and see how they done it . Learn from them .

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