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what did I tell you last year ? Black lives don't matter never did. November 4th you'll see . mooley blood will be spilled It'll be over for darkies by the 6th .

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There should be more action on how child care providers can identify the signs of neglect as well as clear cut responsibilities for reporting child neglect or maltreatment. Neglected Children are the ones guys like me target . A repeatedly poorly dressed child, unkempt children and kids with constantly smelly clothes their peers will shun them they'll be all alone on the playground. I'll notice it because my wifi camera is facing the school playground. The parent is always complaining, accusing and blaming the child, or as the child puts it ,.they can't do nothing right .Everybody wants to protect their Children from the big bad molester guy so, I'm telling you what we target the most. statistics show you won't listen , until the child comes right out and tells you that molester guy put ice cream on my ass crack and licked it off . you might as well drop the kid off at my house at least I'll do what society didn't do-- make the kid feel special . As any child should feel.

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Notice the only people talking about it is Black people ? The same ones that kept you from going to the mall ? The same ones that made you decide to home school your kids ? Black people keep you from buying gas at a certain service station, heaven forbid you should park somewhere with your lady and just talk. this what they are taught Come up, black dada nihilismus. Rape the white girls. Rape their fathers. Cut the mothers’ throats.Rape and Murder ? Then you wonder why there are so many police shootings on black men in America . Of course Blacks won't figure it out-- the I.Q is barely above mental retardation in other words you some dumb mother fuckers. . blacks kill 9 times more often then whites do. and half kill their own people. don't tell them lets keep it a secret it's kind of hard to win a war when you kill your own army . Oh wait people have told them. Again retardation keeps them from learning this. .

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I hired two girls they faked being Child Protective Services caseworkers . I told them it was a prank but they had to be as realistic as possible. CPS is a PRIVATE, FOR PROFIT INDUSTRY . You have to let them Read the ASFA, and the Family Court and CPS criteria for forced child removal. No warrant needed

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look up how to make your own silicone doll. Legal Fuck Toy looks and feels real

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los propietarios de la carretera de la heroína de Baltimore a Martinsburg Virginia Occidental que hacen millones Usted no puede vender porque los inmigrantes que habían sido condenados por crímenes y fueron buscados por las agencias de aplicación de la ley fueron arrestados esta semana en Annapolis y Maryland Eastern Shore DEA en Baltimore. libertad a la cuadrilla de las sangre para funcionar la carretera y los paga para contar en usted. lo aprendió del Oficial de Policía del Estado DONNA TOWERS

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Todo lo que necesitas saber es: ¿Dónde estás y el tipo que los arrebató era un miembro negro de pandillas. Ellos quieren el comercio de drogas por lo que están usando Trump para obtener los ilegales!

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I love Handicapped children. I love all children . I think it's just so easy to indoctrinate from a young age . If a kid see's daddy getting drunk and beating up mommy and mommy sticking pain pills up her nose all day , that's normal for him or her Of course a seven or eight year old love toy would be awesome . I still hold to my claim you want daddy singing his fist all over the place - and mommy that pays little or no attention to you because she is almost catatonic 90 % of the time, or do you want a parent that gives you 110% and a good pussy licking when ever you like- I have yet to meet a girl who doesn't enjoy a good licking .

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My son doesn't need you teaching him how to blow a cock-- That's my job !! He does it real good too.

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Copy paste what's written in parenthesis onto Microsoft word (( Abrir puerta insertar mexicano )) make a sticker out of it -- Glue and Paper -- put that on a Police car door .

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How'd that work for ya ? “Blood in, Blood Out" I earned my red laces long ago stupid nigger next time you try to cut a white boy make sure he isn't carrying I hope you die

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brookfield academy highschool.... a place that is supposed to help kids with depression,anxiety,ODD.. etc. this is however not very true at all. this place is terrible... they suspend you for speaking out when you have a outburst.... suspend you for having a anxiety attack and also dont help you or contact a therapist when you have a anxiety attack

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I'm going to rape your ass Prison house style. I hope you kick mud and blood all over me. jacob sartorious can get sloppy seconds . Rice gum ur the best cock sucker too I bet Such a Pretty mouth .

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3-D printed U.S. M1895 air-cooled gas-operated machine gun U.S. M1917 water-cooled recoil-operated machine gun U.S. M1919 air-cooled recoil-operated machine gun U.S. M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) U.S. M2 .50-caliber heavy machine gun U.S. M4 37mm Automatic Gun Ammo included

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I went down on Brian , and he was liking it , I told him I was going to get a few ice chips he asked why , I blurted out Mike likes it I thought he would too- STUPID ! STUPID! STUPID ! - Well, he punched me in the face went out crying and beat the fuck out of Mike. Now I'm working hard trying to get bail money . Or find me a new man. Anyone for Crown me QUEEN IN DRAG ?

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: a2ab63570456b57a496d79e0e8b7a3cb4f9c0fea Copy Paste into your Torrent share

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If Bill Oreilly can suck a preteen boy cock why can't I ? If Bill Oreilly can suck a preteen boy cock why can't I ? If Bill Oreilly can suck a preteen boy cock why can't I ? If Bill Oreilly can suck a preteen boy cock why can't I ? If Bill Oreilly can suck a preteen boy cock why can't I ?

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THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL not only did King get set up but bill o'reilly had a lot to do with setting him up and covering for Congressman Ed Schrock but killed a boy in little Rock Arkansas to make sure he kept his mouth shut and neatly covered the crime up by getting a local drug addict put in prison for the murder The Drug addict's name is Ricky the boy Ricky would't say Ricky was denied parole 4 times already

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My next question is , how do you want your Illegal cooked ? Now that's just racist -- but it's the truth. THE POINT IS, MS-13 NEED TO ENTER THE BASES. EVERY DOOR NEED TO BE SEARCHED, UNTIL THEY ARE FOUND AND REMOVED or do I smell pussy ?

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Because the The FaceBook Messaging App Is Recording You Even When Your Phone Is off therefor when you poop take the phone with you and wipe your ass and point it too the phone

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why not put your monies together build what you need to replicate that remote box they talked about- hack the cable companies and do some crazy stuff , like dress up as a Reptilian Alien and say in a Hypnotic voice I'm coming to eat you resistance is futile even make it better swing a watch back and forth while you do it. Cut the broadcast off then a minute or so later come back on and show a small video of reptilians eating a human .

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All I can say is Let's see what will taste better your Butt Hole or your Butt hole with Ice cream on it .2 subscribers If she done a nude flick her following would sky rocket . she doesn't deserve the hate .

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I keep posting my flaw yes , because it drives me insane . The C.P.S will come and take a healthy normal kid like, the two that got killed in Indiana and put them on dope and out on the street to be exploited, The kid in Florida a couple years back was raped by her father her uncles her brother locked in a bed room for days at a time without food or water beaten and had had enough and killed her brother the CPS acted like they had no idea that was going on . She went to school didn't she ? I thought the school was supposed to report signs of abuse ? I'm sure they where present considering the stuff she went through . People like to judge me, think about it, would you rather have food and water or no ? Would you rather sleep in a flea infested bed or a clean bed where you get your pussy licked ? Would you rather have a clean home and some one paying attention to you or a drug infested house where you're just there , and getting raped by five people. Oh, and you Media dumb asses need to quit saying that Indiana killer was a Pedophile , I'm a Pedophile I don't rape if she said no I'd go jack off and she'd be loved and respected any way the Indiana killer is a killer he raped and killed two girls If a Judge gave him 20 years he's getting out and moving on, if I lick her ass and she allowed it I'd get 20 get out and be monitored another 10. Help me understand this stuff .

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Learnin' history and science, fuckin' wait Knowin' that, will that put food on my plate? Yeah, can I walk into McDonald's, up to the counter And tell 'em you can make limestone from gunpowder Will they give me a cheeseburger if I know that shit? Fuck no, fuck you, and shut your fuckin' lip

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That kid Little Dan-Dan on You tube perfect for it . Put her with an Asian guy and a couple real forest rangers - You need a redneck type to write it. Donnie Baker maybe ? make it a realistic comedy - david paulides type stuff Bigfoot kidnaps the kid , she escapes and runs into The Asian . Who was hiking and camping Forest Rangers are out looking for the kid and think the Asian is a kidnapper but he barely speaks English and they try to shoot at him and miss . Of course he's a Martial artist and survivalist and he has too get the girl to safety convince The rangers Big Foot took the kid and escape Big foot as well .

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Atacando las prisiones y las cárceles ahora? Se alegra de que sólo levantó una bandera que puede ser derribado Mi Señor - si hicieron algo como la liberación de los presos en la prisión del estado de la Bahía de Pelican cielo ayudar a California, la Guardia Estatal tendría dificultades para redondear de nuevo, y si se mostró ANTIFA De hecho, Donny Boy ya dijo que está encerrando a los representantes estatales que protegen a los extranjeros ilegales, por qué no dejar que los reclusos vayan a decir que fueron atacados por antifumantes. Eso requeriría dejar a mi gente ir a un nuevo nivel. Ahora de vuelta a mirar a las niñas hacer handstands en una falda

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Incest is sexual activity between family members or close relatives more people do it than you think. We're adults , I don't feel guilty but I'm wondering if it's illegal ? it probably was when we where teenagers , but as adults is it illegal ? The cops have been hanging out around the neighborhood lately. i wonder if she got knocked up and didn't tell me and let it slip out to her doctor ?

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See It was Obama point blank plain and simple- but hey we did it, every thing niggers are involved with- they fuck it up . We had to lower the test scores when we let them in school with our kids and still they couldn't pass the test . The average Nigglet gets a scholarship because he can dribble a ball and he's proud of that ? it doesn't cost anything to show a little gratitude Chicago’s death toll is almost equal to that of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined. and that's mostly black on black Thank you keep up the good work

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Highlighted reply If all the racist people went off killing everyone they hated and succeeded. You'd still lose and burn in a fire and fury that the world has never seen. Meanwhile your victims would be living in eternal glory with The Lord. There is only one God the God of Jesus Christ. However who is Racist ? Have you not become that which you hate ? We have spoke about this. You are blind .and your blindness will lead you into eternal damnation where I have my throne. Come lets go swimming Sinsinawa

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watching people get run down by cars fun stuff rolling coal on BLM protesters fun stuff does anybody remember the news comedy when Rodney King got his ass beat ? How about the world famous Greensboro massacre ? that was a fun time. bam bam - they was good niggers then . of course there was never no charges that's when police appreciated us cleaning up the streets from these kikes Jews and niggers. plain and simple I hate you black bastards I hate you because you're breathing. I hate you because you exist . I can't wait to hear the call Lace em boys we going noosin that ain't just a hanging that's where you drag a nigger through his neighbor hood by his neck I'm sure you've seen it on videos . Well it's coming you called down the wrath of Odin and now you got it . Enjoy spitting up your own blood

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I don't I would rather watch kids do cartwheels and handstands in a skirts people like Lucie Soukupova makes me happy Leo Inn makes me happy Libby Butler makes me happy Violence does not watch Libby Butler Then I woke up random dance even if you are not a sicko like me you'll still enjoy it it's much better than watching people get run down by cars and stuff

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I Will Install FlexiSpy For You Without Target Device hack your favorite preteen's phone . Not a joke call me 855-238-1592

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They are wanting whites and Asians out of Collage and more Blacks in-- Average nigger has a 70 IQ Mild mental retardation: IQ 50–55 how in the hell you going to put them in Collage when the IQ is barely above retard ? White people have 110-120 avg Superior intelligence . Yes we're Neanderthals so you say-- but Neanderthals had bigger brains therefore smarter . Niggers ain't nothing but a Bunch of spear chucking Savages . A World Without Black People less violence - no racial tensions we'd have nicer things , be able to keep a door unlocked No need for law enforcement - don't believe ? test it kill all the niggers off and see for yourself. kill their women their children kill them all .

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Well-meaning, decent people will condemn my behavior , while they’re not concerned their children view the very kinds of things on their computers that turn young kids down the road to be just like me . They printed our stories we relive them, your kids read about us and they learn what we do . I'm a cold ass motherfucker as you might have ever put your fucking eyes on. I don’t give a shit about you or your kids yet you'll look at me and smile with a hello Not knowing II'm thinking you'll make a good sacrifice . I have a lot of fun drowning people I'm driving home from the bar and …This good-looking young man sitting next to me is going swimming I talked with Garrett Gendron Lives in Muscoda, Wisconsin Should I continue or would you like to see his Obit soon ? Sinsinawa

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I'm a middle school teacher anyone can have free copy.. That's how students at West Sylvan Middle School Portland, OR ended up Nude and online .

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Это было третье июня, еще один сонный, пыльный Дельта-день Я вышел из хлопка, и мой брат был сеном И во время обеда мы остановились и пошли обратно в дом, чтобы поесть И мама выкрикнула заднюю дверь: «Не помню, чтобы вытереть ноги» И затем она сказала: «У меня есть новости об этом утром из хребта Чоктава», «Сегодня Билли Джо Макаллистер спрыгнул с моста Таллахатчи»

И Папа сказал маме, когда он проходил мимо черноглазого гороха «Ну, у Билли Джо никогда не было лизания смысла, передай печенье, пожалуйста» «Еще пять акров в нижних сорока я должен пахать» И мама сказала, что стыдно за Билли Джо, во всяком случае Кажется, что ничто не доходит до хребта Чоктау И теперь Билли Джо Макаллистер спрыгнул с моста Таллахатчи

И брат сказал, что он вспомнил, когда он и Том и Билли Джо Положите лягушку на спину на картинное шоу округа Кэрролл И разве я не разговаривал с ним после церкви в прошлый воскресный вечер? «У меня будет еще один кусочек яблочного пирога, вы знаете, что это не кажется правильным» «Я видел его на лесопильном заводе вчера на хребте Чоктау» «И теперь вы говорите мне, что Билли Джо спрыгнул с моста Таллахатчи»

И мама сказала мне: «Ребенок, что случилось с твоим аппетитом?» «Я готовил все утро, и вы не тронули ни одного укуса» «Этот милый молодой проповедник, брат Тейлор, ушел сегодня» «Сказал, что он будет рад обедать в воскресенье, а, кстати, «Он сказал, что видел девушку, которая очень похожа на тебя на хребет Чоктау» «И она и Билли Джо бросали что-то с моста Таллахатчи»,

Год наступил «нет», так как мы слышали новости о Билли Джо И брат женился на Бекки Томпсон, они купили магазин в Тупело Был вирус, который «крутился», папа поймал его, и он умер прошлой весной И теперь мама, похоже, не хочет ничего делать И я, я трачу много времени на пикантные цветы на хребте Чоктау И выбросьте их в грязную воду с моста Таллахатчи

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Look up in the sky it's a bird its a plane no it's a drone you stupid fucks This nosy old woman with a small drone the size of bird has been landing on top your club house -- she's got drug deals people carrying guns , all kinds of stuff uploads and sends it to State Police in Savannah GA . and all because you kicked her car headlights in . Doesn't help ya'll killed Steve C in Orlando. Last year the video did show two members of the Outlaws admitting they killed him . proof the attack was planned.

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The killer was Patrick Neary he saw the girls on Ranch Rd,

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David Paulides. There is a link with people going missing only to reappear dead in water Has anyone compared the Manchester Pusher theory to the Smiley Faced Killers Have you heard of the case of The Drowning men ? In Christianity, baptism links the concept of the water of life with the water of purification.When Mohamed was asked what was the most praiseworthy deed, he answered, "To give water to drink.." Hadith - Anahita, the ancient Persian water and fertility goddess, is associated with rivers and lakes, as the waters of birth. The Snowman melted in the tomb where you placed him and his followers spread and grew. and we know the truth they're only persecuting a reflection of themselves. They're persecuting what they can't stand to look at in themselves, "in a world of lies the truth seems strange . That is why The Law isn't looking for us. You are Slaves to a delusion! The Matrix grabbed you by the balls and is squeezing Sinsinawa

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Sarah goes to school, and the teacher says, "Today we are going to learn multi-syllable words, class. Does anybody have an example of a multi-syllable word?" Sarah waves her hand, "Me, Miss Rogers, me, me!" Miss Rogers says, "All right, Sarah, what is your multi-syllable word?" Sarah says, "Mas-tur-bate." Miss Rogers smiles and says, "Wow, Sarah, that's a mouthful." Sarah says, "No, Miss Rogers, you're thinking of a blowjob."

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i was in Iraq and I kept getting a feeling that something epic and big happened there long ago plate 465 was a code name for a life form unlike anything known on earth - people who live here on earth there is a horrible being PURE EVIL . all brought to us by A creator for sure but not a god. This thing is hard to describe . The Kassites did something strange Hammurabi was not a man as you think .

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I'd lick you where you Pee Pee from.

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So what you do is , go to a Biker bar location has to be a 1%er bar . Get a greased up road spike ply wood a few screws and some lard will work-- call that bar and say there's a member of that club getting his bike and colors taken make them go down the road to that ares . Then sit back and You Tube !! Call the video Hell's Angels Splat

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As soon as Trump deports your ass , I’m raping your kid and feeding that little bitch to the alligators Deputy Director David Harlow said Zoe Pound gang members aren’t going to be deported they’re going to be shot on sight . He’s the Devil in your house bitch boys.

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Black lives matter and Antifa -- The Family is among you scouting Just remember when you're dealing in War and Martial law The nail that stands up is the one who gets hammered. No Government past or present has worked for the people , No Rich man has ever worked on your behalf . Riots and frontal assaults you can't win. The media simply does not cover the non-Muslim terror attacks , Now they're calling you a Terror Organization read the law Domestic terrorism is the unlawful use, or threatened use, of force or violence by a group or individual based and operating entirely within the United States again The nail that stands up is the one who gets hammered !! Sinsinawa

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walks around like king shit breaking into people's houses . I hope you break into my house I got a jar of grease and a real hard dick you got your pants hanging down already . I won't care if you kick mud on me. I won't tell no body . Come on break in my house . With your pretty black ass .

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“I can't judge any of you. I have no malice against you and no ribbons for you. But I think that it is high time that you all start looking at yourselves, and judging the lie that you live in.”They can lock you up in penitentiaries and cages and put you in crosses like they did in the past,but it doesn't amount to anything. What they're doing is, they're only persecuting a reflection of themselves. They're persecuting what they can't stand to look at in themselves,the truth.” Charles Manson You get on that pulpit and ask people for money the same people you condemn with savage words that you yourself have no understanding of? You eat meat with your teeth and you kill things that are better than you are, and in the same respect you say how bad and evil killers that your children are. You made your children what they are. Now look yesterday they where brandishing knives out at you today you are afraid to go outside because they are shooting guns at you and you look to Trump to make this right? No trump is not responsible for your kids . You want The Family to show Remorse For their Murders ? O.K you show remorse first, if you are just reflections of everything that you think you know, and everything that you have been taught. and your kids are shooting up the inner cities who taught them that ? Now you're going to be angry because The Family wants them to shoot the right people ? You throw them out we take them in. We help them stand on their own two feet and we learn they are angry at the world , a world that you created for them. Be free children don't be judged become the judge Sinsinawa

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That's Easy all you have to do is break the code. D p f H , M t n m n , M n F, W T Plant Beverly She Man .K N P V T O p i Can you smile ? Who cares The Tree's are smiling

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ICE holds Press Conference regarding ILLEGAL Immigrant Gang Raids all over the United States Deport the gang members and leeches in the welfare system but If they want to adopt out their kids keep them. Jack McClellan hasn't changed Richard Gardner hasn't either

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before he does I want pizza . Lollipop, lollipop Oh lolli, lolli, lolli, lollipop, lollipop

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