What it says on the tin.

Well i touched my self and i havent gotten blind or grown hair on my hands. I still dont understand what the big deal is with sex and masterbating and why it is wrong for Christian faith.
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Harper, Venture Capitalist of Evil,
It's no more wrong than taking a shit. Hope that puts it into perspective for you.
Harper, Administrator of the Homeless,
Sex is an activity created by god to be enjoyed by man and wife. and one of the tenth commandments is adultury... a.k.a cheating on your partner, and i think that having sex with anyone or anything other than you partner in HOLY matrimony would be wrong. Jesus died for you, so why would you want to anything that would betray his trust or hurt him the slightest bit. Masturbation is adultury.  
Dana, Rockstar of Space,

Typical Christian response. Make all sexual release a sin, so that single people feel guilty. Creating impossible standards is a set up to fail. It's to give you a low self esteem. It's how cults work. They make you feel unworthy.

Stevie, Assassin of the Irredeemably Moist,
Soo you're saying that if we masterbate, we're cheating on our significant other......with ourselves? That's a stupid argument. If you're going to respond, come with something good, gosh darnit!
Peyton, Samurai of Light,
I'm going to be brutally honest. Masturbating is like sex, right? Except more lame and you can't have kids. And if you're not having kids, you're not spreading the faith.  Also, devout Christians like sheltering their children a lot for some reason.
Dana, Herald of Generosity,
I was raised by a Christian mother. I believe in God, but at the moment, I do not follow an organized religion. Thing is, people get so wrapped up in the idea of being pure (lest the Lord Almight strike you down and condemn you to hell *gasp*) that we forget what we actually are: Human. Humans have feelings and damnit, we like pleasure. Sit back, spread your legs, and do whatcha gotta do.
Brett, Paladin of the Idealistic,
idk i do it all of the time. and i am christin.