What it says on the tin.

I believe that we are quickly coming to a point where to SAVE freedom and democratic government in the US Trump will have to USE selected military law enforcement assets to round up evil elites that will LOOK LIKE an attempt to impose martial law from the uninformed or to people who already hate Trump. If these elites are NOT dealt with they will turn the US over to a more direct political control of an antichrist spirit, and eventually the Antichrist himself whenever he comes on the scene. I heard a powerful prophesy that God's timeline is actually for the Antichrist to come a little later, but the globalist elites want him to be set up really soon, within a few years from now. God has denied Satan's timeline, and is using Trump as His instrument to fight the globalist elites.

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Andy, CEO of Justice,

Oops, it should say "LOOKS LIKE an attempt to impose marital law TO the uninformed..."

Per Trump's Executive Order penned in December, declaring a National Emergency concerning human trafficking, we are already in a state of soft shell martial law anyway. Human trafficking is a major program of the globalist elites and is their weakness to bring them down once they are caught doing it. A soft martial law is Trump's technique to bring them down to avoid being obstructed by corrupt officials.

To be sure, ELEMENTS of the military are corrupt, but MOST of them are good, patriotic people who will help Trump bring down the globalists.