What it says on the tin.

It is God's will for all the corrupt politicians be rounded up, especially those involved in child trafficking. I do not care if half the Senate is rounded up, put on trial, and thrown into prison, if half are involved, then half should be rounded up. I do not care even if Federal judges go down if they are involved in this stuff. Round them all up. I do not care if some SJW's cry "Trump is imposing martial law...." Let it be known that rounding these people up will PROTECT our Constitutional Freedoms in the long term. They had designs to do away with those rights within a few years from now especially had Hillary won. I do not care if there are a LOT of sudden job openings in the government, let those positions be replaced by upright people. AMEN!!!

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Charlie, Real Estate Agent of the craft table,

So that's what these aim to do - cast Trump as some sanctified leader by God himself by positioning him as a some kind of enemy of one of greatest evils - child trafficking.

Finally get what these are really about.

Max, Monk of the Poor,

I MYSELF am not positioning Trump as one to fight human trafficking, I am MERELY testifying that GOD HAS positioned him to do so. Trump's own words and actions confirm this. So many have already been arrested last year and early this year, some were mayors, a few Federal agents, at least one IRS agent. 500 were arrested in California throughout January.

Max, Monk of the Poor,

It isn't what "THESE AIM TO DO..." as in mere men aiming to cast Trump as an anointed leader, if you say "THEM OR THESE", then it is referring to the Trinity and maybe some high ranking angels on the Divine Council, as in thrones, dominions, and powers.

Frankie, Travel Agent of Good,

I am NOT casting Trump as sanctified leader. Trump IS now a Christian, meaning his sins are forgiven. It also means that the Holy Spirit is working in him for spiritual growth. I HAVE heard prophecies that Trump is ANOINTED by God to be our current president, and God INDEED has positioned Trump go fight child human and child trafficking. In fact it isn't REALLY Trump doing this on his own as much as it is God USING Trump. God is really the one doing it, He just picked Trump to use in this fight. What is coming isn't Trump's justice, it is God's justice. In December Trump signed an Executive Order declaring a national state of emergency regarding human trafficking, and I have seen videos of him vowing to put massive resources into fighting it.