What it says on the tin.

Very Ancient Hebrew is a pictographic language. In Genesis 1:1 when it reads "In the beginning" in English bibles, in pictographic Hebrew the letters used in this phrase can spell another sentence based on what the picture each letter represents.

It reads thus: "The Son of God will be pressed by his own hand on a cross". I would say that is ABSOLUTELY NOT A COINCIDENCE.

I also like how when Yahshuah (Jesus in Hebrew) is spelled in pictographic Hebrew. It the sentence made from the letters reads "The ARM that will destroy the establishment of the EYE". As in the eye in the capstone that WISHES to plant itself on top of the pyramid. THIS eye is an usurper. God will defeat it in the end. Looks like some things going on right now are keeping it back if you will, things in the spiritual and political realms. The ancient letter "Shin" is ONE letter, but with THREE crowns. I wonder what THAT is supposed to mean.

The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the Tav. In pictographic Hebrew it looks like a cross. Again this is no coincidence. God set it up to be that way on purpose. It also has the meaning of marking the sign of a covenant. Once again, NO COINCIDENCE here.

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