What it says on the tin.

Some asked why I am obsessed with human trafficking. There is a VERY GOOD REASON for my obsession. First of all, people engaging in it open doors for evil powers and principalities to have authority over our nation, regions, and cities. When we end or at least decimate human trafficking those powers will be weakened, and people will be able to more quickly and more easily be able to experience POSITIVE spiritual power. Then of course, it is a tool of the evil elite cabalists, and going after human trafficking means arresting many of THEM and throwing them into prison, taking the US out of danger of losing its sovereignty to some global government that would take away our freedoms. Of course it also means the victims being free to live a normal and healthy life. Their slavery is a PICTURE or symbol of what kind of enslavement would happen to the rest of us if the cabalists gained full power. We need to pray against the spiritual powers behind them and sooner or later, "deal" with them. They belong in prison. We should pray that comes to pass soon.

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Elaine, Developer of Imagination,

oops it should say "engaging in it OPENS doors for evil powers.."