What it says on the tin.

I was taking a road trip and saw several things in a row that upon praying felt they were signs from God. The order also indicates they were signs. Each of these took place the order I am going to list. The first sign I saw was a top tower, and I was thinking of the tower as a symbol of power for the elite cabal. Very close to the tower was a downed tree trunk. The interpretation here is that the towers of the elites will fall flat. Then a little later I looked up at the sky, it was very overcast with dark clouds, but I saw sunbeams breaking through holes in the clouds. When the elites fall, the light of God will begin to shine down more easily, also connected with prayers to expose and bring down the elites and their human trafficking. Then later the next sign I saw was a prisoner transport bus that I passed. The sign here is of human traffickers being arrested, put on trial, and sent to prison. The next sign I saw a little later was a deep pit off the side of the freeway. Here this means if the elites and human traffickers do not repent, they will be thrown into a deep pit. Later the road led up higher into the mountains. This represents being on the mountain of God, such as when Moses encountered God on the mountain. When the elites are taken down, it will be easier to experience God. After that I saw a sign mentioning the city of Berea was coming up. This is like the Bereans, who searched the scriptures to see if these things were so.

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