What it says on the tin.

Trump is now a Christian. That means ALL of his sins are forgiven. To judge him by his past sins, including that infamous tape with Billy Bush on the bus, tells me you do not really believe in the forgiveness of sins. The blood of Christ forgives ALL sins. If you do not believe in the forgiveness of sins an ALL levels, then what are you doing even BEING a Christian. If you condemn Trump for his past then you are a hypocrite as a Christian.

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Adrian, Warrior of the Idealistic,

Interesting. You guys were ready to pillory JFK, LBJ and Clinton over their sexual misdeeds and conveniently look the other way when it comes to Trump. I call that a double standard.

Hazel, Chronographer of the IT department,

I personally was not ready to pillory JFK, LBJ, and Clinton. Clinton was accused of actual sexual assault, but other things he did with women that were consensual, I was NOT so fast to condemn him. There is no proof Trump EVER sexually assaulted a woman. His accusers could be lying because they don't like his politics. Trump is a Christian now. He was repented of his past sins. He has apologized for his past crude comments. It is NO double standard to forgive past misdeeds when the person involved repents. Either you allow repentance, or say that people should be punished forever once they ever do ANY sin,. If God judged by those standards, then the ENTIRE human race would spend eternity in hell, no one would be able to be forgiven for ANY sin. I prayed for Bill during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, even emailed the White House, shortly after he came clean, said he was getting counsel by his pastor, was repentant. I gave him HUGE credit and let go of any grudges for that scandal I had towards him.

Adrian, Warrior of the Idealistic,

His conversion was insincere. He was just courting the evangelical voting bloc.

Jerry, Master of the Irredeemably Moist,

No it really doesn't. Just because he is forgiven by christ doesn't mean I should trust him or feel safe around him. Doesn't mean I have to believe he makes a good leader.

All it means is I should not throw stones at him.

Blaine, Gigolo of the Idealistic,

Can YOU read his heart to KNOW is conversion was insincere? HOW do YOU know THAT? Prove it. If you are relying on the mainstream media, they have been distorting and lying about him nonstop. They have a pre-conceived bias against him because he doesn't go along with what they want.

Good point on "just because he is forgivien", we are saved by grace alone. However his actions and making great efforts to put policies in place good for the people tell me his heart is sincere about doing good and that he is acting like a Christian president should. He is fighting the globalist elites very hard and working to restore the erosion of our national sovereignty. That by itself tells me he is led by the Holy Spirit. What about his polices that have caused the economy to roar ahead?

Jerry, Master of the Irredeemably Moist,

I did NOT claim that that man's conversion was insincere. You see the economy 'roaring ahead'? How nice for you. Cause I don't. I DO see SOME sectors making money and SOME individuals benefiting.

He is making policies that make SOME people happy. Apparently you are one of those that agree with this "good" for "the people".

So when the above poster says his convesion was insincere - that needs proof. But you KNOW that the media is lying, right? that does not need proof?

Of course not.

Hazel, Chronographer of the IT department,

The mainstream media doesn't outright LIE, they simply distort facts. Sometimes it is by reporting on things, but conveniently leaving out important facts. One example might be a say, a story that the Trump tax cuts DO cut taxes on higher income people, (insinuating that Trump wants to do favors for the rich but WANTS TO screw the little people), but they conveniently FORGET to tell us about the tax cuts on the LOWER end of the income scale. For the moment my annual income is under $38,000, that may change BECAUSE of the Trump tax cuts this year or next year, but I AM PERSONALLY benefiting from the new 12% tax rate at my current income level plus the tax free income being changed to my first $12,000 in regards to Federal income taxes. Another benefit is that I now heard many STATES desire to pass similar tax reforms to mirror the new Federal revamping of the tax code. FOR ONCE in my life I actually FEEL PROUD to pay my taxes, it FOR ONCE FEELS patriotic, rather than doing it grudgingly to stay out of trouble. Also with Trump's continual work to drain the swamp, I also feel patriotic in the sense that MY tax money is being put to good use, rather than even being spent on programs to screw us over.

Hazel, Chronographer of the IT department,

I see facts that conflict with what the mainstream media reports on. What they say doesn't add up with what I SEE happening. The economy is improving. The tax cut was JUST passed, it will take time for its benefits to take full effect. People have had sudden wage jumps from $10-$12/hr to $15 or more from the tax cut, thousands of dollars PER EMPLOYEE have been handed out in bonuses. Not managers or execs, but regular employees. ONE company that is REFUSING wage increases or bonuses is Penzey's Spices. They guy is against Trump and against the tax cut plan. So HE claims that on PRINCIPLE, he will be handing out not bonuses or wage increases on PRINCIPLE, even though his company can well afford it especially WITH the tax cuts. If you don't itemize your deductions your tax free income has jumped from the first $9300 to $12,000 and the 12% tax rate is now up to the first $38,7000 per year. In the past the 15% tax bracket was up to the first $28,000ish range, after that it was 25%. Now the tax rate for over $38,700 is 22% instead of 25%. Please don't tell me how this DOES NOT help lower and middle income people. If you tell me it hurts them, then you don't think straight and are searching for excuses to not like Trump. The SOME people benefiting now will be seeds to spread to the rest of the economy as everything takes effect.

Adrian, Warrior of the Idealistic,

"mainstream media, they have been distorting and lying about him nonstop" When are you going to pull your head out of the sand and face reality.

It is crystal clear that he has on several occasions, intentionally obstructed justice. We are just waiting to find out if there is enough evidence of money laundering and treason.

Hazel, Chronographer of the IT department,

No the people elites he is fighting are guilty of treason. Soon the elites involved in human trafficking are going to be rounded up and be dragged in front of military style tribunals, THEN you will see that Trump is a good man fighting to get our country back. The evidence against these people will be in plain view. I watched footage of all those now young women that read impact statements against Larry Nassar, this is just the beginning. You will see people in much higher positions than him in court being put in trial, and if found guilty sentenced, only with THOUSANDS, or more, victims testifying. Larry Nassar got 175 years plus 60 in Federal court, I believe this is a prophetic sign from God that of what is going to happen to all of these elites that ALMOST took our nation away from us, and that Trump stopped their plan dead in its tracks. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and instead of someday honest Americans that want to be good people or people of faith having to look over their shoulders for authorities coming for them, now these elites will have to wonder when the SWAT teams will be coming for THEM.