What it says on the tin.

Donald Trump said "there is a storm coming". What do you think it means? I believe this coming storm is prophetic.

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Nadine, Templar of the Rich,

I am now PART of the STORM. I am praying to whip up the winds and the rain. The final straw, I watched YouTube footage of victim impact statements in Larry Nassar's sentencing. I felt satisfaction FROM the Holy Spirit on him getting 175 years. Knowing that higher level people are doing MUCH worse than Larry Nassar, and using their positions to keep from getting caught, the ONLY way to bring down is by the STORM. So I am praying hard to whip up the storm. I have spiritual weather control and am using it.

Rook, Necromancer of Light,

Trump, AKA the antiChrist is going down in a blaze of fire and brimstone. The world will be cleansed of him and his supporters.

Yoko, Fashion Model of the Poor,

Trump is anointed of God, when he said "a storm is coming", he immediately complimented some great military people in the storm, maybe the storm is him using military people to get rid of wicked people. Only misguided Christians SEE him as an antichrist, but they look at him through darkened glasses.

Actually Trump is going to take down some very evil elites that would hand the US over to the rule of the Antichrist if he comes in our time, and if not, at least to antichrist ruling elites. Trump is fighting antichrist people.

Ash, Clerk of Wild Parties,

Joseph Snelgrove, 78 Date found - 27/12/2014 Area found - River Irwell, Salford Canal 'serial killer': City centre chief slams 'The Pusher' claims as '100 per cent rubbish' when they found him his right hand what direction was it facing ? Trump only stated a truth the Storm has already been here . He knew what they denied . Sinsinawa