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You don't need the bible to be a "good person" Ethics and morality should be taught by parents

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Rook, Janitor of the Wildlands,

Ethics and morality is a bigger topic than most parents can teach alone.

Most people start their education there - doesn't mean that is where it should end.

Peyton, CEO of Evil,

You don't need the bible to be a "good person" but you do need Jesus to be saved. Now then I hold to the belief that many will be saved after death being given a chance to repent and have faith in Christ then, even if they need a temporary visit to hell. No matter how you slice it is Christ who saves, even if some who end up in heaven leave this current life as non-Christians. I WILL say that fake Christians HAD BETTER TRUST CHRIST to save them, or all of their "Christianity" is an empty religion that gives them a false sense of security. I won't say what percent of the current church is true vs. fake Christians because I really don't know. My belief in salvation by grace says that many in serious errors are still saved, so it is hard to tell really, but I suspect some in the churches are fake Christians and had better trust Christ for real to be saved.

Brett, Supervisor of Justice,

Nobody even cares about what he thinks except that he thinks everybody should think as he thinks. Idiot.

Brett, Supervisor of Justice,

See how full of shit the spamming Christian is

Peyton, CEO of Evil,

I am not spamming, just have a lot on my mind. I need to articulate my positions more fully as many of them do not match the typical church positions on things.

Harper, Sous Chef of Justice,

Am I weird because I noticed an 8 year old girl using her Mobile phone like it's a vibrator ? Where did she learn how to do that ? It's O.K to teach her how to and then tell her not too , and confuse the hell out of them by nature kids are sexual beings like every one else , and it isn't a Christian Muslim or Easter Bunny problem it's a rebellious nature problem , mommy said no, that's o.k. mommy doesn't have to know . Oh that feels good mommy said this is bad oh don't stop . $10 dollars in hand she'll be back with a friend who would also like a little extra spending money .

Peyton, CEO of Evil,

On this issue, I think when Jesus said it is a sin to lust after a woman, being ADULTERY of the heart, he was talking of lusting over a MARRIED or BETROTHED woman only, and not any woman literally. Both the context and the Greek bear this out. So many churches have done such a good job of making people feel guilty over normal sexuality, almost as if you are supposed to turn your sexual feelings off until the MOMENT you get married. This is biologically not realistic and LITERALLY not biblically necessary. People may say what about what many Christians have historical believed this that and the other thing. The idea that people should feel guilty over sexuality goes back as far as St. Augustine, who had left over baggage from his previous Gnosticism that contaminated his Christian beliefs, he thought ALL sexual pleasure was a sin. He was so extreme that he thought that the ACT of sex for a married couple was not a sin, but if they ENJOYED it, THAT part was sinful. Of course this is silly and EVEN contradicts PLAIN STATEMENTS in the bible. St. Augustine was a genius on much theology, but like all men, imperfect. The bible lists all sexual sins, adultery (both context and the ancient Hebrew say that means LITERALLY taking another MAN'S wife ONLY), it also includes sex with animals, close blood relatives, also close step-relatives, two MEN, adults with children (end of Song of Solomon), temple prostitutes, and sexual interaction between angels and humans probably being the MOST SERIOUS of sexual sins, something so abominable that God took the angels of Genesis 6 and tossed them into Tartarus, a prison so horrible that no human being even in hell is there. (Interesting in one apocryphal New Testament book, may or not be inspired, shows fake Christians being thrown into Tartarus at the Final Judgment, but no others that are condemned. Not sure if this is inspired, but interesting thought behind it. Other fallen angels can come and go and try to get humanity to follow them instead of God, but the angels of Genesis 6 are locked up far ahead of the doom coming to all fallen angels on Judgment Day.

Many Old Testament heroes of the faith kept concubines (meaning not a wife), NOWHERE does the bible call it a sin.

Adrian, Farmer of the Poor,

Christians disputing a tantasy book like fans fighting over what they think your celebrities are like (and cry later when they turn out different).

Wake up. Your life is a joke. You're no longer a teenager and still wasting time dreaming.

Peyton, CEO of Evil,

What business is it of yours then of Christians debating biblical interpretation if you don't think it is inspired? Jesus is not a celebrity, He is Lord and God. I am not debating with apostate Churches over the INTERPRETATION of the bible at all, but rather that they consider basic core doctrines of the bible unimportant or no longer to be taught.

Adrian, Farmer of the Poor,

And that's what religion does. It farms the poor. You give 10% of what you earn to fund what, buildings and salaries, and less than a fraction of that goes into helping the community and country.

Kadnyce, Developer of Arts and Crafts,

Hence WHY I am so hard telling so many churches to REPENT. Religion is the way it is because it is often DISOBEYING God, including many churches. Yet so many are offended at my hard statements against bad churches. WHY? You should be CHEERLEADING my call to tell so many churches that need to, to REPENT.

Nia, CEO of the Idealistic,

What makes you think they are going to listen to you?

Peyton, CEO of Evil,

I am not sure they will, I feel my calling by God is to try tell tell them to repent, if they listen great, if they do not, then well, a few things will happen. Some people in these disobedient churches are truly saved by the grace of God, those will still go to heaven. However they will lose rewards in heaven and some blessings in this life, God will discipline them in this life. Some of that may entail God soon breaking up their churches, and if they seek God they will hear Him call them to re-organize into small groups ready to do God's will, otherwise they will be left aimlessly wandering. For those in such churches that do NOT truly trust the Lord, they will slip into a condemnation worse than unbelievers outside the churches unless the repent of their unbelief and trust Christ.

I feel God is telling me to get my messages out (among other voices I have heard) to give them at least a CHANCE to repent.