What it says on the tin.

It's not even about God or Jesus or whatever shit

Who you are speaks so loudly I can't hear you You're the only bible some people ever read And you're a shitty one

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Alton, Herald of the Homeless,

I agree I am horrible reflecting typical churchy traditions and misinterpretations of the bible at others, especially unbelievers, to that I so GOOD!! I AM DOING what I do WITH a purpose and ON PURPOSE. I am not SORRY. The only thing I want to be careful of when speaking publicly such as here or with unbelievers, that whenever I mention God's judgements AND attempts to "correct" believers (including my own continual spiritual growth) and churches, that I also emphasize God's mercy and grace as well that is available to forgive ALL sins.

Bobbie, Embalmer of Wild Parties,

Yeah, it's about all religions but there's just one asshole who keeps flooding posts with his imaginary fights and conversations with his imaginary friend. Oh I beat demons who are trying to steal my sperm -.-"

Alton, Herald of the Homeless,

I have faith in God. I am not going to shut up about it.

Fighting thoughts demons put into one's head in attempts to tempt people is not an imaginary fight, but all too real.

Stevie, Lady of the Night of the Unimaginable Terror,

Well it is up to others to post about their religion then. I am not preventing them from doing so. I might welcome discussion about aspects of other religions I may agree with (as well as disagree with), if people would only post about it.

Bobbie, Shepherd of Justice,

OK, here goes... At the most basic level, there are only two types of Christians: those who see the destruction of majority Muslim cities and are heartbroken because of the sorrow and pain suffered by thousands and those who see this destruction and celebrate because they feel that God was on their side and not their enemy's.

Some of us have bought into a faith that, instead of compassion, revels in the misery and pain of people we consider to be our enemies. This despite the command to love our enemies and to do good to those who hurt us.

And who is our enemy? “ For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.“

Indeed, this type of “attitude” is far more an enemy than any Muslim will ever be because it is directly the result of spiritual wickedness in high places. People of other faiths–or no faith at all–are not our enemies. Muslims are not our enemies. Atheists are not our enemies. They are our fellow human beings with families, dreams, hopes, and aspirations. And this photo represents lives that were all cut short because of man’s willingness to wage war over material things.

Every piece of rubble in one of these cities represents a dream that was shattered. But instead of seeing these scenes through the eyes of compassion, some of us see it as something to be celebrated because, if they weren’t Christian, then they were our enemies.

How dare we, drunk with the wine of our arrogance, dance on the graves of hundreds of thousands of actual, living, human beings and do so in the name of Christ? If heaven is full of people who only had compassion for Christians and wasn’t moved by the pain of non-believers, then I wouldn’t fit in.

Thankfully, I know that the savior I read about was the same savior who was moved with compassion even for sinners and, instead of reveling in our demise, took our place so that we wouldn’t have to suffer.

There are only two types of Christians in the world today — those who see this destruction and are heartbroken because of the sorrow and pain suffered by thousands and those who see this and celebrate it because they feel that God was on their side and not their enemy’s.

Which one are you?

Alton, Herald of the Homeless,

I agree completely with this post. Now with ISIS, we must fight and defeat them. I feel sorrow that their evil choices have put them in the position to NEED to be destroyed by us. Having said that however, I have from time to time even prayed for people like that to find the Lord and repent. I have heard testimonies of people now believers that used to be part of groups like Hamas and such. I don't dance on the graves of dead Muslims, but when it comes specifically to people LIKE ISIS, I am not against military action to go destroy their ability to make war against us.

I certainly don't celebrate regular Muslims being killed that are not involved with ISIS. I heard with some information we froze some money up that was being passed to ISIS, further degrading their ability to make war on free peoples. I am opposed to many rules that conservative Muslims have, it reminds me of the Pharisees, but I believe in making war ONLY against extremists like ISIS and such groups.

If I speak hard things against emergent and apostate churches, I will keep doing so to try to shake them into repentance. People like that often need to be jarred to be woken up.