What it says on the tin.

True no church perfect, we can't expect that in this life. However to me 501c3 is a big negative factor, or at least attitudes of churches to it, if they don't want it to change, is a deal breaker for me. When they start abandoning doctrines of the bible, also no good reason to submit to their authority.

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Aubrey, Sous Chef of Wild Parties,

Let me put this way, I heard a prophesy from a guy who predicted SO many things that have come to pass in great detail since 2016, 2017, and it looks like 2018 more things will come to pass, he had these prophesies starting in 2011-2012. Some of his prophesies say that 501c3 has spiritually compromised the churches and put them partially under the influence of Baal, even if they don't recognize or admit that. Churches must repent of their attitude towards 501c3 and attempt to get out from under it, taking advantage of Trump's signing away bad parts of it with executive orders from last year.

Harper, Soldier of Imagination,

Do you actually know the reasons they are not wanting it to change? Did you hear it yourself, or are you imagining it? And this Bible has been interpreted differently by so many different people. Who is to say who is right and who is not.

Adrian, Pirate of the Idealistic,

The bible is interpreted differently by many, true. Considering the Greek and Hebrew, and reading passages in context helps with accurate interpretation. However the basic doctrines of the Christian faith are CLEAR in the bible, such as the deity of Christ, the inspiration of the bible, the atonement for sins at the cross, the second coming, the indwelling Holy Spirit. For a church to deny or de-emphasize these EASY to interpret BASIC doctrines of the bible, is to start becoming apostate.

With many other things it is understandable that people wrestle with and debate with the correct interpretation of some bible passages.

Why they don't want to change? I don't fully know. Maybe some want to compromise doctrine to get bigger crowds, maybe more donations. The reason I think they don't want to change the 501c3 so that donors keep the tax deduction for donations and thus the 501c3 churches make more money. They trade the ability to speak out more clearly on some things for more money. Thus they are like Judas, betraying the Lord for more money.