What it says on the tin.

I want Christian women to stop being made to feel guilty over their sexuality. If they avoid sins like adultety, then they should feel ZERO guilt and no one should put it on them.

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Addison, Janitor of the craft table,

Men are men and women are women. Just human animals with a sexual drive to reproduce. There is no need to bring in your theological ideas to it

Ash, Samurai of the Irredeemably Moist,

True but God DID make a few rules on sex, just not as many as some churches CLAIM.

Andy, Trollop of Light,

God created man to have many women. Monogamous marriage is a modern invention.

Agree about not feeling guilty about sexuality, except it's more of a... do your own thing, mind your own business way.

Frankie, Clown of the Wildlands,

Well the ancient Hebrew word for adultery LITERALLY means to enter another man's wife. So therefore the ancient Hebrew word for adultery is consistent with polygamy. Well the bible does talk about a few things being sexual sins, like a man taking another man's wife, doing things with animals, close relatives, temple prostitutes mixing sex with worship of idols. However a lot of sexual things people do should be "mind your own business". The thing is God is merciful, and when we see people in sexual things TRULY out of bounds of God's word, the FIRST thing to do is to pray for them, rather than pointing the finger. I believe that only some forms of porn are sinful, such as forms where actions depicted violate God's Word. Over the years I struggled to figure out why I should call certain forms of erotica or porn a sin at all. I had to more and more stretch and twist arguments and definitions of words, but recently finally I broke and realized that some things depicted are sin, but not all. Of course porn depicting children is a serious sin. Of course we should not let a porn habits keep us from seeking real people for relationships.

Addison, Janitor of the craft table,

Who cares about the Hebrew. What about the Sanskrit? Or the Erdu or whatever.

Oh. It's just the christian piece of bullshit you keep repeating.

THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF GODS IN THIS WORLD because gods are an invention of man. Idiot.

Charlie, Elementalist of Wild Parties,

Because the Hebrew is VERY precise...if you do not consider the bible inspired then go ahead and do whatever sex you want, but that post is for people who DO believe the bible but MISTAKENLY THINK it tells them to be more restrictive on their sexuality than what it ACTUALLY teaches. So if you don't believe the bible this post isn't for you, it is for people who DO try to follow the bible.

Actually there really aren't thousands of gods, most of the world religions believe in one god or few gods, and the thousands or millions of gods are really just various emanations of just one god. I learned that within the last few months. True there may be thousands of actual gods, but they are really fallen angels and demons trying to steal worship from the God of the bible. In the Old Testament God over and over and over again tells His people to avoid idols and repent of it when they fall into worship of idols and strange gods. These gods are VERY real but they are leading people down a path of self-destruction with smooth and slick lies. They are limited in power, the God of the bible is infinite in power and the only God who us unlimited. I would like to see more Christians (including myself) reflect the fact that God has UNLIMITED POWER. Maybe more repentance on the part of Christians is needed, including myself. I see through the lies of the apostate and emergent churches, the typical traditions that contradict the bible, but I have my own weak spots to work on in other areas.