What it says on the tin.

Repent of telling others to repent You're just being a bitch on behalf of your imaginary friend

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Dakota, Devourer of the Lonely,

Non-Christians are often so much more decent than Christians.

As Brett says, you're just bitching on behalf of your imaginary friend

Aubrey, Shepherd of the Wicked,

I will NEVER do that. I am telling apostate churches to repent. Like Jesus, I like to show unchurched people the grace and mercy of God to forgive their sins, but apostate Christians that are supposed to know better, and also churches that have all kinds of rules that are not biblical and are really strict, I point the finger and tell them TO REPENT REPENT REPENT. I will NEVER REPENT of telling others to REPENT. REPENTANCE IS BIBLICAL.

Aubrey, Garçon of Wild Parties,

Yep, totally a he-bitch

Aubrey, Shepherd of the Wicked,

So you WANT churches to have all kinds of strict rules and be stricter than God? You WANT Christians to abandon the basic doctrines of the Christian faith and have some mushy vague belief on some sorta something kinda spirit out there? You LIKE apostate churches? Then I shall pray for YOU to repent.

Harper, Observer of Musclebeasts,

You are the very reason I left the Christian church.

Dakota, Devourer of the Lonely,

...If you believe in divine coincidences, God chose "Shepherd of the Wicked" as your title.

Dakota, Devourer of the Lonely,

Who decides which church is an apostate church?

I think what OP is saying is that Christians should stop being bitchy.

Like how you are right now.