What it says on the tin.

Those apostate pastors who try to convince people they sin by refusing to attend their apostate churches, get over yourself. If there is no good godly church close enough to attend, then I ASSURE YOU, it is God's will to attend NO CHURCH, rather than these wretched APOSTATE CHURCHES. It is like spiritual FORNICATION. The primary, root meaning of fornication in the bible is religious prostitution, an apostate church is a WHORE instead of the Bride of Christ. Therefore entangling with an apostate church is SPIRITUAL FORNICATION!!!

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Rook, Ninja of the IT department,

If God raises you up, He'll make you a leader and give you a platform to speak. If you're ranting in pages like this, obviously His ears are deaf towards your nonsense.

Charlie, Merchant of Light,

I get specific answers to specific prayers, therefore God hears me.

Charlie, Merchant of Light,

I feel God may give me a greater platform soon, it may not look like what you might expect. What it is, looks like, and is like, is up to God, not YOU.

Charlie, Merchant of Light,

It is not your job to tell God what kind of platform I am to speak or not speak on. Why are you offended at what I say? Do YOU attend an apostate church and are loving it? What is the point of attending such a church. If the purpose of attending church is to help further spiritual growth, then attending an apostate church only stunts such growth.