What it says on the tin.

In Revelation it talks about locusts coming out of the bottomless pit at some point and leaving the grass and trees alone, but tormenting men. This is not normal behavior for locusts, normal locusts don't attack people, but chew up all the grass and plants in their path. In Revelation these are demonic creatures sent to torment people that have taken the mark of the beast. I have heard a theory that I agree with, is that it will be some sort of bio-chip that yes indeed gives you access to economic activity, but also may change your DNA to turn you into a gibborim. In most modern bibles it is vague concerning this kind of thing happening to Nimrod, but in the Greek Septuagint it says "he BEGAN to BECOME a GIANT", so Nimrod was at first a regular human being, then some other genetic material was added to him that turned him into a gibborim after the pattern of the ancient giants before the flood, that were the products of fallen angels and human women mating. Most or all of these creatures are unredeemable, and at least for the msot part it is God's will for them to just be killed. The tribes that God told the ancient Israelites to kill entirely with no mercy were made up of these giants and other hybrid creatures.

The people who take the mark of the beast and have this happen to them do so fully of their own free volition, and thus after that point are pre-damned with no hope of repentance, and are destined to burn forever in hell. Part of their punishment on this earth is to be tormented by these human attacking, grass sparing locusts. Part of my concern is noticing a growing apostasy in the Evangelical churches to the point where many Evangelicals will be fully capable of taking the mark of the beast when he shows up. When you see an apostate Evangelical church, RUN away fast, even if they stamp the "we are bible-believer" stamp on top of various forms of wretched apostasy. They need to repent. Where do people turn when the places that are supposed to provide spiritual sanctuary become open portals to hell? The people of God should re-organize on better terms, and turn away from apostate churches and never respect the "authority" of apostate pastors and church leaders.

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Stevie, Sniper of Time,

The locusts are straight out of Revelation. So what is your point in criticizing my post? I will put it this way, had Christ not died and risen, EVERY SINGLE human being would go to hell FOREVER. Even my theory on some repenting after death relies on Christ paying for all sins. Sin DOES CONDEMN. I am NOT sorry for saying that even if people are offended. The grace of God is greater than sin and is available to forgive, but is sin did not condemn we would not NEED grace.

Dakota, Manager of the Satisfied,

Some Christians going around shouting hell fire and brimstone and think they represent God well. Jesus called the religious leaders of His day vipers and a brood of snakes or whatever because they condemned the people with laws, even laws from God.

Do you think you interpret the bible better than your evangelical churches? In revelation Jesus will remove their candlestick. He is the one who judges. Not you. And when you set yourself up as though your miserable opinion has any value, you are setting yourself up to be condemned by Him.

Interesting how God makes a point

Stevie, Sniper of Time,

Many times I seem to do a better job than many Evangelical. Not all but MANY.

Stevie, Manager of Wild Parties,

What in the heck does this post have to do with ME telling people they are going to hell. It is more about HOW God uses hyperbole to make His points. The ONLY PART of this post with people going to hell is those who take the mark of the beast, WHICH DOES make one unable to repent and therefore pre-damned. THAT IS WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES, therefore I DO NOT APOLOGIZE OR REPENT for saying that EVER. MOST EVANGELICALS believe and teach EXACTLY the same thing. I DO believe I have the interpretation of the ancient giants being hybrids correct. Some Evangelicals agree, others don't. Many modern Evangelical churches ARE compromising on the basic doctrines fo the faith, and therefore need to repent. Some are completely apostate. I do not decide when Jesus removes their candlesticks, BUT I CAN see when churches start moving away from the doctrines of the faith, and GOD wants me to warn others when I see it. I have named very FEW specific churches in my posts, merely am telling other to compare the churches they go to or are around to the bible. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME TELLING PEOPLE THEY SHOULD DO THAT!!! PERIOD!!! GET IT!!!! I TRY to make my opinions be of the bible, though no doubt imperfect, but since I am at least trying, how dare you call that miserable. If you are really a Christian, you need to repent of your attitude. I am saved by the grace of God and therefore will NEVER be condemned, corrected, all the time, but NEVER condemned. My coming the conclusion of ancient giants being hybrids WAS a result of God correcting me over years and even decades, I USED to be dead set against such a belief by the way. The bible says the spiritual man judges all things. I think the Greek there is in the sense of discerning or appraisal, God does the forgiving of sins or condemning, but WE ARE qualified to appraise. What kind of Christian are you anyway that you don't get this, or was your church so weak they never taught you these principles. Ha, your kind of Christian bothers me so much it isn't even funny. I feel more gentle to some poor girl involved in Wicca, to gently lead her to Christ, whereas to apostate Christians, I say YOU HAD BETTER REPENT REPENT REPENT!!!!!! NO APOLOGY PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER REPENT OF TELLING APOSTATE CHRISTIANS TO REPENT!!! WHEN I STAND BEFORE THE LORD HE WILL SAY WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!!! GET IT!!! AMEN AMEN AND AMEN!!!! FOREVER AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel more mercy towards a Christian caught in a sin than in apostasy!!! The mercy I show to apostate Christians IS warning them to REPENT...the ABILITY TO REPENT IS A MERCY OF GOD. If one finds oneself UNABLE to repent THAT is WHEN you should be VERY SCARED!!!!