What it says on the tin.

The bible does not teach a flat earth. Those who think it does are misinterpreting some passages.

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Aubrey, Thief of Justice,

You can't have 4 corners on a sphere... or ends...

Think about that for a minute.

Adrian, Herald of the Rich,

In the biblical language 4 corners means 4 directions. One passage has people living on the 4 corners. If it means literally the corners of a square, how does that work?

Aubrey, Thief of Justice,

A flat square has exactly 4 corners. If you live on a corner, you have to be really careful.

Bobbie, Rockstar of the IT department,

Well the bible talks about the NATIONS being from the four corners of the earth. So therefore contextually the four directions fits a lot better than LITERAL corners on a square. The bible says God hangs the CIRCLE of the earth on NOTHING. EVEN IF you thought it was flat, then it would be a circle, NOT a square. Some claim it is a circle inscribed inside of a square, ok, then the entire planet would be a SQUARE, then why doesn't Isaiah say that God hangs the SQUARE of the earth on nothing.

Morty, Master of the Forgotten Lands,

Those who do don't read the Bible... or read anything at all.