What it says on the tin.

I believe demons are not fallen angels. I believe they are the spirits of the dead giants from the ancient world, or Nephilim, or Raphaim. Fallen angels are a different class of creature, more powerful and more dangerous, to be dealt with by asking God to rebuke them, whereas demons, we may rebuke directly using the Lord's Name and authority. Demons are actually part angel because the giants were part angel and part human. If you were to ask any 1st century Jew what are demons, he would say oh that is easy, spirits of the dead giants, it was assumed in the ancient world that was true. That belief started to change with Augustine, he was the first to introduce the "sons of Seth" theory of Genesis 6. Augustine was a genius and a spiritual giant, but had weak spots like any human being.

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Allison, Ranger of Light,

Rubbish. The Bible says clearly angels fell with lucifer and became demons. Can you check base your idiotic beliefs on real facts and cite verses if you think your interpretations can stand up to scrutiny? Get a 1st century jew to give an interview and even then in the ancient world they would say chemistry is witchcraft.

Dakota, Tour Guide of Darkness,

Ok now, the bible talks about demons, but NEVER calls them fallen angels, it talks about fallen angels, and NEVER calls them demons.

Peyton, Farmer of Evil,

The bible does say there are fallen angels, but it never calls them demons.

Peyton, Farmer of Evil,

Well I would trust 1st century interpretations more on biblical passages at least. Ancient did have some knowledge of science. Greeks and Egpytians theorized the earth was a globe, Greek fire ignited without a flame, an ancient Greek clock was found with intricate gears.

Peyton, Farmer of Evil,

The bible does NOT say fallen angels are demons. I trust 1st century interpretations more than many modernists.

Blaine, Tour Guide of the Wicked,

A demon is my sister ,finally I made bitch pay . An older boy told me to put visine in her coke I did I loved what happened too bad she lived.

Dakota, Tour Guide of Darkness,

More than likely she was influenced by demons to do something like that. Often we are tempted to call people demons because they act like demons, but that is because they are influenced by them, not an actual demon. However I am with those who theorize that when people take the mark of the beast, it will be a biochip that changes your DNA to turn you into a hybrid, a gibborim, it will inject fallen angelic DNA into your body and turn you into a transhuman monster. Thus these people's names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life from the foundation of the world, once they take that mark they will be unable to repent and are pre-damned while they still live.