What it says on the tin.

This is not really anonymous. Any of us can be found. There is much bigger things happening. I don't understand it but something is coming. Something wonderful and scary.

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Harper, Alchemist of Generosity,

What is coming is that Trump and the people behind him are praying hard and working to bring down the elite globalist plans. The eye in the pyramid will have short term success at the very end of the age right before the return of Christ, but in the meantime its system is being dismantled and may have much more limited success in the world even before the Lord comes back many had previously thought. What is coming is that even top government officials, businessmen, even some church leaders doing evil in secret, many in HOLLYWOOD, engaged in abusing children and child sex trafficking, will be found out, exposed, and punished.

To be "Anonymous" one needs to be in favor of human freedom, even the Constitution, and opposed to globalist elites taking over the world to enslave all of us.

We are Anonymous, Sometimes We Forgive, We Never Forget, We are Legion, Expect Us.