What it says on the tin.

Is Jesus connected to all this ? Jesus , Latin term Je -Zeus , The Bible Tells me so .John 2:1-11 Snake worship you say ? Who has power over The Na-ga ? . There are many legends regarding the origins of the temple. of the serpent .Only one man on the face of The Earth can open it- It is Krishna - Christ - serpent Anantha will rise from the pit as soon as Rayel opens it. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss. They like the did Pastor Charlie will try to kill him, however first time he came he gave a sign he was struck on the heel , mistaken as meat , the second time he was crucified , this last time he comes as King . He will destroy them. Sinsinawa

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Peyton, Keeper of the Financial Services department,

Stupid. Jesus is from the Greek Iesous, which is from Yashuah in Hebrew. It means God-saves.

Bobbie, Dark Queen of Wild Parties,

You don't believe ? Read your Bible who has THE KEYS TO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT ?