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I am going to discuss the subject of infant baptism here and some other related teachings some churches have on how one is saved. For years I had been against infant baptism, but now I am not so sure since a saw a video of a brilliant bible scholar quote some New Testament passages comparing baptism to circumcision. What I do NOT believe is that infant baptism spiritually regenerates the child. The claim of some is that the faith of the child's sponsors are on the child's behalf and therefore regenerates the child and saves it during baptism. This is not biblical anywhere. Sponsors can legitimately pray the child will have faith as it grows older, but the child is not immediately regenerated. What I have a big problem with is the way some churches make people think they are regenerated by infant baptism, and thus can lose their salvation just by avoiding serious sins such as murder, big theft, adultery therefore people think they don't need a living faith in Christ, and think as they grow up in the church their salvation is secure just by avoiding the big sins. This is a pretty good way to end up in hell. Many churches DO teach that children that were baptized should be taught faith as they grow up. This is a good way to ensure that they are TRULY saved. Here is the thing however, often many churches DEFINE faith as mental assent that a list of doctrines are true. This will not save. In the New Testament Greek every time it talks about having faith in Christ or believing in Him, it is much more than mental assent, it literally means "to trust in, to rely upon, to adhere to". So then therefore the kind of faith that saves is to TRUST in Christ, not merely believe He exists or mental assent to a list of doctrines about Him or other things of God. If people trust Christ then they are truly saved and spiritually regenerated. Whether or not churches practice infant baptism, they MUST teach people that faith in Christ MEANS to TRUST in Christ, if not they are risking leaving large numbers in their congregations unregenerated and in an unsaved state, no matter how many sins they avoid, big or small, or how many good works they do, or how often they attend church. If churches teach people to trust Christ for salvation the infant baptism won't get in the way of people being saved, but if people have false beliefs about infant baptism it make them wonder WHY they need to trust Christ if they think they are already saved.

We are in an age where many churches indeed need to repent. There is a prophesy that if they do not God is going to start causing the assemblies to break apart and even close down and have to find other means of assembling in more godly conditions.

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Charlie, Devourer of the Financial Services department,

This is true, that I believe that once someone is saved, they cannot lose it, but they can lose rewards for good works in heaven, and they can also face discipline in this life for sins in this life, starting out as gentle correction, then becoming more severe if more serious or obstinate. However if it is possible or you want to argue that it is possible to LOSE salvation once gained, then we need to first ensure that people are ACTUALLY getting saved. It does no good to warn people to avoid certain more serious sins or apostasy to keep their salvation if they were never saved in the first place. We should look at the biblical doctrines on how one is saved at all, then we can have the debate over whether one can do anything to lose it or not.

Estelle, Fashion Designer of the Financial Services department,

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Taylor, Attendant of Light,

It seems to me that demons would inspire people to think that faith in Christ = Racism. That is what Lucifer wants people to THINK, but a HUGE falsehood. The bible has many statements refuting racism. If some want to try to use it to justify racism, they are twisting scriptures.

Charlie, Devourer of the Financial Services department,

First you are pledging allegiance to stupid political correctness, then you seem to be praising racism. I hope you are being sarcastic on both. BOTH ARE WRONG. Extreme liberalism is WRONG AND the FAR RIGHT ARE WRONG. It isn't take one side to fight the other, both are WRONG. If you take one side over the other, you are already one the wrong side. I wouldn't doubt if this is a Hegelian Dialectic. Look that up to see what it is about.