What it says on the tin.

As you can see , this blog contains the dirt of mankind just staring at you , pedophiles , murderous intent , sexual perversion. Its everywhere , especially in Anonimosity. Where these parasites feel safe writting what the demons in their heads tell them. Thats why the free net is full of this shit , thats why creeps like you meet in secret , make fancy orders and cults to hide from the world and bathe in filth. You ugly , ugly people. You should kill yourselves but i know you would never do that , the cowardice is a common sign of your kind. Because you all know what awaits you in the after life. You all know. So enjoy your time on Earth.

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Richard, Lord of the Irredeemably Moist,

I am not talking about lusting after pre-pubescent girls & boys. I am not a predator. And I condemn those who prey on innocent children, and rape/molest anyone who cannot give true consent.

But I do have internal issues with the lust of the eye. Both towards women and men. I do fantasize, sexually, about random people, and some very specific people in my life.

I do have normal interactions with other people, even those I find sexually attractive, and fantasize about. I have addressed some issues within myself, and have almost stopped masturbating completely. That was one of my ways I fantasized about being with certain people that I find myself attracted to.

But I still need to change...

That is also my comment from: "Arthur, Host of the Financial Services department"

Peyton, Clerk of Time,

Per Matt 5:27-28 lust is a sin more if you lust after a married or betrothed woman (maybe engaged or a serious girlfriend of some other man in the modern age). In Greek the word for woman is "gune" and means wife or woman depending on context. Since this verse deals with adultery, it means a married or betrothed woman ONLY. In ancient Hebrew the word for adultery VERY VERY VERY LITERALLY MEANS "to enter another man's wife" there is no other definition on ancient Hebrew for adultery. I strongly believe that Matt 5:27 is a re-iteration and paraphrase of the commandment against coveting your neighbor's wife. In interpreting the bible, context is KING, and it is also good to consider more precise meanings from the original Hebrew and Greek. In some Medieval English bibles that pre-date the King James, Matt 5:27-28 sometimes says "wife" instead of "woman". The translators then felt that was a good rendering of the meaning of that verse. As for lusting after other men, that is something to pray over to let the power of God work in you to diminish that attraction.

Arthur, Host of the Financial Services department,

He's talking about me. I lust after my cousin, and desire to make love to her. I lust after my wife's younger sister, and her sister's 2 daughters. I lust after women at my work. I lust after women in public. I lust after teenage girls.

And I want to have sex with a guy. I lust after men. I want to experience gay sex, and give oral sex to guys.

Other than that, I am pretty normal, and compassionate. And generous to others.

Adrian, Writer of Space,

I pity you. I really do.

Must be frustrating having your mind invaded by this filth every single day , everytime you meet a atractive person you cant help yourself but to feel that way.

I pity you , i pity that you cant have a Human connection without having demons whisper in your ears

Blaine, Alchemist of the Idealistic,

Being attracted to a woman is not a sin. Having said that, if it is excessive and throws you out of balance, you are not living a healthy life and should seek the Lord for a re-balancing. Matthew 5:27-28 is dealing with lusting after a betrothed or married woman, not ANY woman. The context is adultery, meaning you are dealing with an attached woman. Also the Greek word for woman, "gune" means wife or woman depending on the context of the sentence. In Matt 5:27 the context must mean a married woman because the subject is adultery. Could also mean betrothed, because in ancient Israel taking another man's betrothed counted as adultery. Lust does mean a desire to take someone, not just being attracted or turned on by them. The churches DO need to stop making people feeling guilty over normal sexuality that God programmed into us at Creation. God does want BALANCE in how we interact with others, but sexual attraction and sexuality is not a sin for single or married people. As for lusting after children, seek God's power to overcome and repent of that. If they are pre-pubescent it is not natural per chapter 8 of the Song of Solomon.

Blaine, Alchemist of the Idealistic,

Surely you speak not of my posts that men should be attracted to grown women (that is not perversion, but how God designed us), or that many modern churches need to repent of being tepid and lukewarm, or even apostasy, even many Evangelical churches, and surely not of defending this great nation against the likes of Antifa should they lose all sense of self-preservation and be stuped enough decide to attempt an armed revolt, that is not murderous intent, simply a desire to preserve this nation and our freedoms.

Secret societies can either repent or be thrown into fiery heat.

Adrian, Writer of Space,

I agree with what you said and wasnt speaking of your posts , just the general filth that you come by in this blog. Pedophiles , murderers etc. The people that would never dare to speak in public but come writting sad , sad shit on the internet after the come crawling home away from the public eyes.

Those are the parasites that need secret societies and cults to bathe in filth while on secrecy.

Peyton, Clerk of Time,

Oh I want them to come out of the woodwork, maybe we can help them to repent, and if those that refuse to repent and are involved in serious crimes, it may start things in motion in the spiritual realm that will lead to them getting caught and thrown into prison.

Blaine, Alchemist of the Idealistic,

True, but hopefully these child trafficking rings with the elites will be exposed and brought down. A man by the name of Mark Taylor has prophesied that Donald Trump's presidency is going to signal special tribunals to start bringing these people down, including the elite child trafficking rings. I think what we are seeing now with exposure of harassment and assault of grown women among actors and politicians will morph into exposure of child trafficking among such elites. The mighty have built and climbed towers and a high pyramid with a flat space on top hoping THEIR Messiah will land on top of it to top it off, only to be toppled off by the REAL Messiah. The ultimate final victory will be at the Second Coming, but in the mean time it looks like there will be a disruption of their plans and activities in the here and now.

Frankie, Soldier of the Hungry,

Ok, thanks.