What it says on the tin.

Yes this is true -- They where innocent until you people deprived them of their right to grow up and experience life . Poor kids.... no no...I love my babies...oh my god...I feel so bad for them !! Two years later they come home from school and find you dead on the couch with a needle in your arm. it's not fair to the child that some women get to be mothers , and don't deserve to be and some that would be wonderful mothers don't get to be . I think a loving family that would give the child unconditional love and supply her needs would be far better than being placed with me, but at least with me she would still be taken care of. might have a tongue up her butt crack once or twice a week but at least she'd be taken care of.

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Bobbie, Sheriff of the Irredeemably Moist,

haha, good troll

Harper, Administrator of Space,

LOL I bet u would take GOOD care of them...

Nia, Bard of Musclebeasts,

And molesting children robs them of their radiant spiritual energy. WAKE UP YOU FOOL!!! The elites rape children partially to get their jollies, but also to siphon energy from the children to themselves to make themselves more powerful, and if they get enough power it would be the purpose of enslaving us all, and even possibly of overthrowing God in their demented minds of hopeless dreams. It is better to cultivate the spiritual energy of children, they could be radiant ringleaders in overthrowing the current spiritual darkness, become spiritual giants, but when they are robbed they start to go dark themselves.

Be wise and repent before the Lord. The globalist elites involved in this stuff can either repent or be thrown into the fires below.