What it says on the tin.

Tonight God gave me a word that a church being 501c3 is enough to get out of it and never return, unless they are repenting of it and excited that Trump is pushing to overhaul that system. Trump already (inspired by God) signed away some parts of 501c3 that are controlled by executive order and not Congress. We should pray he is handed legislation to sign bills fully repealing 501c3. It is God's will. Godly churches seek to get out from under 501c3 and to see the laws on it change, apostate churches love the 501c3 system. If you are in a church that loves the 501c3 system, get out. It is the ONLY reason you need to leave them. AMEN!!!

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Peyton, Devourer of Justice,

I get tired of people telling me that to be fully godly you need to attend a church service. THE BIBLE SAYS we SHOULD gather with other Christians, but NOWHERE does it say that it MUST be in a church building at a church service. Small groups to pray and study will suffice. When Revelations talks about the Whore of Babylon, it IS referring to apostate churches. If many churches are apostate currently then they are not fit for faithful Christians to attend, no matter how much that pontificate that we should attend their services. What GOD SAYS about this issue regarding the FILTHY WHORE "come out her MY people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues."

In the past the right order was to share the gospel with people and then encourage them to attend church to connect with other Christians and to grow spiritually. In our current age OFTEN the correct order is to share the gospel and then help the new believer search and search for a good church, if none in their area can be found, then to help them form or find a small group. If someone is an unbeliever in an apostate church then you share the gospel and then get them to RUN away from that church FAST, get them to leave and ABANDON THAT FILTHY WHORE OF A CHURCH. AMEN!!!. If one encounters believers inside the belly of the WHORE, then prophetically warn them to FLEE God's coming judgments. AMEN!!!

This post may offend many. I do not apologize. I do not repent. AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!