What it says on the tin.

Several years ago I received a very powerful prophetic sign from God regarding human women. I had long thought that any sexual attraction to women was a sin. Therefore to fill in the gap I attempted to see if female angels could come to me for relief. One day I was very heavily tempted to call them down, but later that day I was out driving I suddenly noticed that car after car after car behind me, in front of me, and traffic on the opposite lane, all had the most gorgeous women driving, I even saw a few pretty ladies walking or jogging on the sidewalk. This continued for several miles of my drive. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said to focus on the human women, focus on the human women, focus on the human women. Later I found out two HUGE truths from the bible that blew me away, and showed me how RIGHT this sign was and that it was prophetic truly of God, and not some deception. First of all, I found out that the lust talked about in Matt 5:27-28 is referring to married or betrothed (engaged) women, and not any woman. In Greek they use the same word for woman or wife (gune), and which is being talked about is determine by the context the word is used in a Greek sentence. In Matt the context is adultery, and biblically if the woman is not married or betrothed, then it is not adultery. I get so tired of people playing fast and loose and defining terms beyond their biblical contexts. With the bible, context is KING, KING, KING. I said that three times because I felt that was just led by the Holy Spirit RIGHT NOW. The second part is a dire warning to those that would seek out sexual encounters with angels. I will bring up three passages from the bible to show how this is a horrible idea and a grave sin. I believe I found mercy for desiring these things in the past because I was ignorant of how horrible it was, partially due to the churches and pastors failing to teach good doctrine in this area, and also I have repented since then. The first is Genesis 6. I believe that DOES mean fallen angels taking human women as wives to sire children with them, creating "people" that were hybrids between angels and humans, often giants. This was such an abomination to God that He told the Israelites to kill entire tribes, combatants and civilians, men, women, children, and infants, also animals, wipe them all out without mercy, because otherwise their kind would replace the human beings created in God's image on the earth. These creatures were NOT in God's image, but rather the image of the fallen angels. God will not have that. God cannot have that if His purposes are to be fulfilled. The next passage is in Sodom, when those men wanted to rape the angels. I do believe that it is a sin for two men to have sex, but in THAT case I do believe that God was MORE angry about the part of the two men they wanted to have sex being angels, and that they were other men only as a secondary sin to the first part. In Jude when this is alluded to, the Greek word for going after "strange flesh" is LITERALLY "hetero", not "homo", meaning the men of Sodom were going after strange flesh in the sense of going after angels, rather then other men even though that is true. If God would have relented on destroying Sodom, I think the men trying to get with those two angels sealed the deal of their doom and destruction. It is well said that people who desire or succeed in getting sexual encounters with angels should repent, even for their own protection, and seek deliverance before forces of darkness lead them down a path of destruction. It is not a sin to be attracted to other people, but it is to seek out sexual encounters with angels. Even if an angel is shining brightly and is willing to be sexual with a human, it is either a fallen angel in disguise or may be in the process of falling. God forbid that I would tempt an angel of God to fall. GOD FORBID!!!! If I spoke with angels being tempted to fall I would consider it my job to convince them to resist and remain faithful to God if they will listen.

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