What it says on the tin.

I am really uncertain if Antifa intends to start an armed revolt today or soon, or just mass protests with probably some rioting in the mix. Some stupid liberals say that conservatives saying that it MIGHT BE an armed revolt are a bunch of backwards hicks because oh that is not Antifa's plans, it is just conservative rhetoric, maybe those conservatives are hoping so because they are itching for a fight....well my response is that some of the evidence I have seen so far points to mass protests plus probably some rioting for the most part. Some of Antifa's rhetoric makes it EASY for me to believe they are capable of attempting an armed revolt, but maybe they don't have the numbers to pull it off and are smart enough to not attempt it. Here is the thing, I really do believe they desire to take over our government. I am actually thankful that they hate cops. Here is why, it means none of them will join police forces. This ensures that any encounter I have with the police will be peaceful and respectful. If an Antifa minded cop decides to harass me over my political or religious beliefs or even try to beat me or arrest me for such things, I PROMISE I will make things very difficult for that officer. In fact IF I start hearing of Antifa people joining police forces I WILL obtain my conceal carry. Police academies would be smart to screen out Antifa minded people if they started attempting to join.

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Dana, Alchemist of Good,

What good police officers have going for them is that they are currently unlikely to have Antifa members infiltrate departments. The Antifa hate police. I have heard chants from videos of Antifa protests where they chanted "the only good police officer is a dead police officer. More than likely Antifa members would become their version of the police if they fully took over the country. Let's just say I would work to restore the USA if Antifa took over. Antifa taking over would not be Antifa ruling he USA, it would be to replace the USA with the New World Order. Fighting to overthrow Antifa if it took power would be to fight to restore the USA as a nation, not merely replacing an illegitimate government with a legitimate one again.

Dana, Alchemist of Good,

For sure their long term goals are to take away our national sovereignty, even the dissolving of the USA, set up a New World Order with a communist economic system, take away our current Constitutional freedoms. (From reading Antifa material and hearing them speak, I get the impression that under THEIR government, the level of freedom you have entirely depends on how much you agree with them.) Let me re-iterate, Antifa taking over the government would make them and their enforcers VERY UNSAFE from people like me. Maybe more extreme and smaller groups if Antifa would like a more immediate armed revolt, but the larger group has a long term strategy to slowly take us over and then suddenly take away our nation and bring us into a Satanic New World Order.

Dana, Alchemist of Good,

I am of the opinion that this is not likely to be an armed revolt, not because Antifa people are against it, but because it won't work.

The respect and courtesy I normally show police officers would not apply to Antifa if they started joining police forces, unless they just acted like normal police at least and did their jobs like they are supposed to.