What it says on the tin.

Here is an urgent warning to all pedophiles. The blood of Christ is available for the forgiveness of all sins. The power of God comes into anyone who places their faith in Christ to empower them to start overcoming all sins. If one becomes a believer and prays and works at it, they can overcome pedophiliac feelings. This is very difficult to impossible with secular therapies. However the power of God outweighs the power of secular therapies by magnitude of infinity. Here is a dire warning, if you entertain and enjoy these desires, or carry it out to act on it, you are feeding dark spirits. You are feeding into the Luciferian elites and the evil spirits and fallen angels that give them their power. You are feeding them which then once they gain enough power, you will be considered disposable to them or become their slave. Instead turn to faith in Jesus and use the power of the Holy Spirit to stop feeding these desires, and cut off the power of wicked spirits, cut off their food source and weaken them so they can more easily be defeated in spiritual warfare. Make the spiritual power of the elites an empty ritual instead some energizing force that threatens the freedom and safety of everyone on this planet. Repent, and wake up to what you are doing, and change course so that you can have victory.

The power elites molest and sacrifice children to feed their demons and fallen angels so they can gain more power back from them. Children have a radiant spiritual energy that the elites vampirize. The elites have dark spirits, not just demons around them and in them, but their own human spirits are utterly dark. All people, even these elites, could be radiant like a star with the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. What a tragedy of they do not repent, they could have an endless supply of godly spiritual power by the indwelling Holy Spirit, instead they steal the limited human spiritual energy from children. What wicked people. They must repent, or be thrown into a fire that will never go out. You rank and file pedophiles, you have faith in Jesus if you do not know Him, and repent, seeking the power of God to overcome your desires. Stop feeding the wicked system, if nothing else you will give these evil spirits more power to keep you enslaved in your personal life, but if the elites pass a certain threshold of power, you will become their slaves as well. These evil spirits have no mercy. They will crack the whip at your back and laugh at your pain. God has all the mercy and healing. Turn to Him.

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Frankie, Real Estate Agent of Arts and Crafts,

I believe there is redemption for everyone but only through Christ , any other method is not healing the soul , it is trying to heal the mind. But pedophilia is a preversion of the natural human values , it is a distortion of reality. People are not born wanting to have sex with children thats not a debate , the sick minds trying to push this agenda are fully aware of that. I hope society burns , all rich and poor , guilty and not guilty , be washed away from the face of this planet. Mankind was the biggest mistake ever to exist

Max, Sommelier of the Poor,

Actually God will never burn everyone guilty or not. In fact in Revelation there seems to be a removal of the redeemed from the earth before God's total and destructive wrath AFTER the Tribulation is poured out.

Redemption is through Christ. Your statement should be in this order "pedophilia is a perversion of natural human values, BUT redemption is through Christ". That is the correct order of those statements. Secular therapy can help pedophiles not act on their desires, but it really does not change them much. However the power of God can change those desires if people are willing to use it. The people at the top pushing this agenda will be brought down. Donald Trump has set things in motion that will unravel and expose the pedophile elites. Let me put it this way, some people may need to go to prison to repent. It might be the only way these elites can have a shock unto repentance and ultimately go to heaven.

Frankie, Real Estate Agent of Arts and Crafts,

Our hearts are tainted. The only way out of this Limbo we call Earth is either Up or Down. But as as long as you're here you will serve the Material God which is Money , Satan the king of all Lies , the Ruller of this World. And thats why there is a Satanic Elite , because you cant be rich and not serve the Higher Powers. There is a club , and people delve in the most depraved material pleasures one mind can imagine. They will never be saved. Never. They would rather burn than serve Christ.

The only way out is through the deprivation of material pleasure , thats why the great Gurus used to live in isolation , that why they had all of these rules , so they would stay away from the pleasures of flesh , Satan himself , the Snake in the grass. We are not in Hell thats not what im saying , we are in the Limbo. Each one of us chooses where we want to go. Up , or Down.

Max, Sommelier of the Poor,

You are promoting Gnostic Heresy, which the Apostles call the spirit of Antichrist in their epsitles, especially Peter and John. True extreme greed and doing evil to get rich, and getting rich for the purpose of controlling people is evil, but earning and saving more money is not evil. There is a the possibility that some of the elites might repent. The blood of Christ is powerful to forgive their sins if they choose it. I am not sure of the chances they will choose it, but if they do, all their sins will be wiped away. However if they do not, they may even burn hotter than some demons after the final judgement. God created the material world. It is not enjoyment of pleasures that is evil, but rather being out of balance. We should put God first and also help others in need. The elites are evil because the might have gotten rich through dishonest means, and even then, regardless, they have used and intend to use their extreme wealth to control and enslave the rest of humanity.

Frankie, Real Estate Agent of Arts and Crafts,

Am I though ? Just because i mentioned the word "Limbo" ? I dont delve into political bullshit , im just saying it how it is. Im just stating facts if you can afford being in this blog writting that you are in a way a slave to the system , which is unnatural. Every civilization is a mirror or Babylon , back when the fallen angels taught man how to wage wars against each other , build cities , speak languages , farm food , count the stars , alchemy , the list goes on. If you are born into this world you have to deal with this even if you dont stand for it.

Josh, Warlord of Time,

It's the law that traumatizes the kids - It's not the pedophiles . Today's society sex is so taboo - I heard a woman say if a man and woman have sex it's rape-- Genesis 1:28 God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. In other words he gave us Sexuality he wanted us to have sex . Leviticus 18:6-18 Law says don't do it with your near kin- sister cousin - so on . However Sarah was Abraham's half-sister. Kind of a double standard don't you think ? Now, don't get me wrong I am a pedophile - but if I stuck my winky inside a 6 year old it would rip her wide open and ruin her for life. That's not what a true child lover is about - I allow them to explore their sexuality without hurting them . You find me a bible Verse that condemns this and I'll pray and ask God to take the desire a way to this day I've payed that many times and the desire is still there . But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.does not appose Pedophilia -- because exploring something God gave you is not a sin Sex is not a sin - when the first law he gave us was to HAVE SEX .

Max, Sommelier of the Poor,

It is true many societal attitudes about sex are repressed. People need to be taught that sex is not evil, including kids. Sarah was not a child, she was a grown women. In ancient times teens got married, but TEENS, NOT PRE-PUBESCENT CHILDREN. Sex with teens is not pedophilia. The age of consent is 18 in my area. I do LIVE by those laws, but I am attracted to the shape of teenage girls. But I do not fantasize about younger children. Sarah being Abraham's half-sister was permissible at the time because the human genome had not yet deteriorated to make some forms of incest unacceptable. By Moses humanity had reached that point. Sarah being Abraham's half sister and having sex with a child is like comparing apples and oranges.

I don't mind encouraging children to explore their sexuality, but it is done in the context of NOT me doing sexual things with them. The last chapter of the Song of Solomon talks about a case of a betrothed sister that "had not yet grown breasts" and therefore was to be kept from her betrothed man until she was older. Her older sisters were to guard her until she was past puberty. That is what God says about pedophilia. I would not deny children the right to explore their sexuality, but I would encourage it apart from sexual activity with adults. The desire might be strong because evil powers are fueling it. Once the elites are taken down, including by using Trump as the spearhead to throw many of them into prison, and take away their power and their march towards the New World Order. I felt a general spirit of pedophilia over the land the Aleister Crowley released early in the 20th Century that greatly weakened on election night last year. It is continuing to weaken, but is still there because the elites are mostly still in their various positions. Once they are brought down this evil energy in the atmosphere will be broken.

That woman that called all sex rape is some ultra-liberal wacko. I would take it she is on the wacko leftist fringe of society, not to be taken seriously at all, but to be laughed at as a joke.

Sometimes when we pray it is more effective if we generally expect God to do what we are asking (considering that it might not be His will, but otherwise we should have a stronger expectation of it being done). That one passage from the Song of Solomon tells me it is not right for adults to engage in sexual acts with children.

The human genome started deteriorating first at the fall of mankind into sin, then after the flood when the water vapor canopy over the earth was suddenly gone. Thus eventually it was no longer safe to have children with your close relatives.

Max, Sommelier of the Poor,

The elites need to be brought down so that they may repent. Right now many seem convinced they can do a more successful repeat of the Tower of Babel mixed with a repeat of Genesis 6 (look it up, including Transhumanism in more modern forms) and actually overthrow God off His throne. God laughs at such plans and attempts. He moves a little finger and thwarts them instantly. I do pray many elites repent before it is too late, but any who have not by the Second Coming of Christ will very painfully find out how impossible it is to overthrow God. They will be thrown down from their thrones and the Lord shall be the government.